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Exclusive Rudramsha Series of Homam for 12 Rashis/ Zodiac

Maha Rudra Homam

Resolves Deep-Rooted Negative Karma, Dispels Critical Health Conditions, Enhances Positivity and Success


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Rudras - The Decision Makers of a Soul’s Journey after Life

Maha Rudra Homam 22

Rudramsha or D11 or Edkadamsha chart foretells the final chapters of the life of a person. This divisional chart has 12 houses ruled Rudras including Lord Maheshwara. All planets in Rudramsha, whether malefic or benefic, lead to destruction as the study of the chart throws light on the factors responsible for the same. The most important aspect here is one’s karma. Rudras decide whether a soul has to be reborn or has to attain moksha. If karma is good, and there’s no necessity for rebirth, then Maheshwara acts to grant the soul moksha, otherwise, the Rudras decide the destiny of the departed soul.

Moreover, if a person is in his last stages of death, certain rituals to appease the Rudras can avert or postpone the end of life. Studying the Rudramsha chart in an extensive manner helps to predict the causes for the death of an individual. Also, if a person is very critical, the ritual helps to postpone death, it can heal the sick and bestow peace and tranquility.

Our in-house chief astrologer Dr. Navnit J. Krishna can predict your fate by deeply analyzing your D11 or Rudramsha chart and suggest remedies to safeguard or protect your life. In the third of the series, Lord Maha Rudra Homam will be performed to Lord Maha Rudra, the decider of your destiny and the powerful lord of Vedic astrology.

Significance of Maha Rudra Homam

Maha Rudra Homam aims to cleanse the internal spiritual channels of a person and tries to pluck out deep-rooted karma that harms a person’s life. This is done by invoking Lord Maha Rudra, one of the many forms of Lord Shiva’s energies.

Mantra for Maha Rudra Homam

Om Aim Aim Mano
Vanchita Siddhaye
Aim Aim Om

Maha Rudra Homam

Resolves Deep-Rooted Negative Karma, Critical Health Conditions, Enhances Positivity and Success

Maha Rudra Homam is an effective method to cleanse previous birth karma at the root level, and other harmful disorders. The homam to Lord Maha Rudra offers relief from unexpected troubles, overcomes serious illnesses, and conquers death. Lord Maha Rudra eliminates fear of death and even has the power to cure life-threatening illnesses. The ritual enables a person to acquire success and enhances the positivity in the surroundings of your living. It cleanses and rejuvenates the environment by allowing surplus inflow of prana or life force into the ecosystem. The lord when invoked ensures good health and prosperity.

Maha Rudra Homam 22

Benefits of Maha Rudra Homam

  • Delays death and protects from lethal diseases.
  • Resolves relationship problems.
  • Relieves a person from negativity, evil and unnecessary problems.
  • Protection from external forces.
  • Creates cordial atmosphere at home and place of work.
  • Overcomes debts and other financial liabilities.
  • Helps to achieve success and prosperity.

Rudrakoteeswarar Temple Puja
Removes Worries, Confusions, Cures Diseases and Grants Marital Bliss

Maha Rudra Homam 22

Rudrakoteeswarar Temple is situated in Velukkudi in Thiruvarur district. Sage Vasishta performed yagna and chanted the Rudra mantra one crore times, therefore the lord came to be known as Rudrakoteeswarar and the place got the name Velvi Kudi where Velvi in Tamil means yanja. Over the years, the place got the name Velukkudi. Chola king Kulothunga who was suffering from leprosy bathed in the temple tank, prayed to Lord Shiva for five Pradosha days and got cured of the disease. This west-facing temple is also graced by Goddess Komalambika. Puja to Lord Rudrakoteeswarar relieves devotees of worries and confusions in the family. Prayers also give longevity to the ‘mangal sutra’ (marital sacred thread) of women. Separated couples will be blessed with happy reunion.


Energized Rudra Yantra
Prevents Sudden Deaths, Suffering, Confers Success, Prosperity and Fulfills Desires

Rudra yantra is an intricately designed tool used for the worship of Lord Rudra, a howling form of Lord Shiva. Worshipping the Rudra yantra bestows relief from troubles and problems of the material world. It can be placed at the entrance of the house to prevent evil energies from entering. The yantra dispels fear especially of ghosts, negativity of planets, accidental death and diseases. It helps to overcome death, suffering and chronic illnesses. It creates a favourable environment for peace and happiness. Rudra yantra also eliminates negative karma, sins and negativity, supports achievement of desires, gives prosperity and success in life. For worship, place the yantra in puja altars, treasure boxes or any other clean space.

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  • Maha Rudra Homam
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  • Maha Rudra Homam
  • Rudrakoteeswarar Temple Puja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
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  • Maha Rudra Homam
  • Rudrakoteeswarar Temple Puja
  • Energized Rudra Yantra