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Pradosham: Lord Natesha sacred energies Get rid-off Arrears,
Sins, Cure Disease, Bless Long-life, Earn Wealth, Good Deeds

Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam

Good Fortune, Master Arts, Music, Dance, Boost Intelligence,
Creativity, Relieve All Debts in Life

Scheduled Live on February 09, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam – Bless Totality, Wholeness, Natural Perfection, The Self, Infinite-being, Eternal Truth, Absoluteness, Timelessness, Remove Impurities

The auspicious Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam on this day to Lord Natesha or he is popularly known as Lord Nataraja is another form of Lord Shiva, is a divine dancer who always encompassed with a circle around him, is a sacred symbol of cosmos, which signifies when anything is in motion, the most natural formation is in the form of a circle which is an energy of activation an exuberance of creation, the dance of creativity, self-created from the eternal bliss of stillness, is said to be the Lord Natesha energy lavishly abundant in creativity, blesses all with bountiful vitality, plentiful all over, profusion growth in abundance, extravagance, quality with great quantity, lavish supply, uplifts new inventions, productivity, developments in great quantity, luxuriant, exuberant in vegetation and he is said to be a circle of creativity with least resistance.

Chanting on this day Lord Natesha Sahasranamavali attain blessings of Navagraha planets, the moon, the sun, as everything is in the shape of a circle happens by self, is a cyclic nature is a movement of notion indicates wholesome energy of totality of the universe as a whole in which each individual is part of living-being, is protected with transcendental self, oneness with compassion, intelligence and other attributes embodies with the concept of humanity in a more spiritual way or beyond regular physical realm and removing energy of ego and ahamkara from the mind process, bestowing living-beings primarily with linking of biological rhythms for the life existence in the form of:

  • Five sense organs namely eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin
  • Five motor organs namely organ of expression, organ of grasping, organ of motion, organ of emission, organ of elimination of waste
  • Five subtle-element namely hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell
  • Five gross elements for life existence namely space, air, fire, water and earth

Performing Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam and chanting Lord Natesha Sahasranamavali blesses all with supreme reality, who is Lord Natesha in the form of Lord Shiva himself, bestowing with super-consciousness, being pure, quality of being-consciousness-with bliss, set the path for ultimate consciousness, attain wisdom, superior intelligence, creative, progeny, bestowed with children, family and fruit of goals under the divine principles of divinity, clear power of vision, auspicious understanding, thinking, performing good deeds, enrich life with major changes with unique forms, by nature or function, achieve goals of life with absolute truth, attain higher-self, pure consciousness, self-realize, score all matters of knowledge and awareness in life by the blessings of the creator, Lord Brahma, wisdom by Goddess Saraswathi, protection by Lord Vishnu, wealth by Goddess Lakshmi, end to birth-death life cycle by Lord Shiva, fertile by Goddess Parvati, and will be blessed and surrounded with good health, wealth in abundance and prosperity.


Bhauma Pradosham period is devoted exclusively to worship Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Natesha and Goddess Parvati in the form of Goddess Sivakami, is very auspicious during pradosha three-hour time period being 1.5 hours before sunset and 1.5 hours after the sunset, a twilight period, from the time of sunset to the beginning of night. At this time period Lord Shiva is said to be very happy in the form of Lord Nataraja, dances in a very happy mood, is pleased by worshiping reducing all ill-effects of misfortunes and inauspicious planets, bringing energy to the body and mind, energize health, cure all disease, where our mind and body becomes energetic and powerful, blesses all with worldly pleasures, wealth, comfort and good health.

At the time of Bhauma Pradosham observing fasting is very auspicious and according to skanda purana, once there lived a poor widow Brahmin lady with her son in a village. She goes for alms with her son, noticed one day an injured Prince Dharmagupta of Vidarbha. The enemies have attacked the prince father, taken away his kingdom and killed the king. The queen felt ill and also died. The brahmin lady understood that the prince was also been attacked and left alone and she adopted and brought up the prince. Soon after the prince injury got cured went to a nearby dev temple with her son where she came across a Sage by name Rishi Shandilya, who knew the prince and told that the prince is son of King of Vidarbha. The sage advised the brahmin lady and both children to observe fast on Pradosham day to overcome their present crisis. Both children underwent fasting on Pradosham day. As the Days were passing out, the boys have also grown and matured. One day while the boys were in a near by forest noticed some Gandharva girls. While the brahmin boy came back home, the prince Dharmagupta started talking with one of the Gandharva girl by name “Anushumati” and both were liking each other to marry. On the succeeding day when the prince came back to see the girl, her father knew that he is the prince of Vidarbha kingdom. Lord Shiva was in their immediate vicinity have told the father of the Gandharva girl to get married to the prince of Vidarbha. After this with the blessings of Lord Shiva took the help of Gandharva army and weapons have conquered his nation Vidarbha. Finally, the prince realized that his success after so many years could only have taken place due to his devotion to Lord Shiva and fasting on Pradosham day.

Chanting Lord Natesha Sahasranamavali and performing Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam on Bhauma Pradosham day eliminate health disorders, get rid of debts, remove pains in life, improve economic condition, will not face crisis till hundred births, will be blessed with honor, courage and strength, peace and satisfaction in the family, liberated from the birth, death life cycle, prevent untimely death, bestows with longevity, win legal hurdles, brings good prospects, high income and gains, abundance in all, prosperity.


Lord of Cosmic Dancer: Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Nataraja dance in the cosmos with intelligence, where Lord Shiva is said to be “nothing”, “which is not” or that “which is not in any form”, is an empty space, is a formless, shapeless cosmic energy, is said to be the cosmic dancer an act which emits energy of creation and by the act of dancing, everything happens in the universe.

Lord of Creation: Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati have personified an energy of sacred “Big Bang”. At the time of massive bang, the single conscious energy being Goddess Parvati in the form of Goddess Shakti manifested into two. One part being the consciousness and other being the matter, including the non-living elements. Under the energy creations of living and non-living elements, the uncontrolled Goddess Shakti has manifested into various creations too, due to the presence of control of consciousness, which is nothing but an energy of Lord Shiva. So, each energy is said to be the couples of each other and without Goddess Shakti, the control of Lord Shiva has no significance and without Lord Shiva the uncontrolled Goddess Shakti has no significance and concept of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti is applied in every aspect of creations.

Lord of Samhara: Lord Shiva as Lord Amirthagateswarar, in his sacred manifestation as “destroyer of death” and his consort Goddess Paravati in the form of Goddess Abhirami, where Lord Shiva once have saved life of a strong young devotee, Sage Markendeya from death. In this legacy Sage Markandeya was blessed by Lord Shiva to remain at sixteen years of age, is an eternal blessing, have earned the name to Lord Shiva as "Kala-Samhara", one who is said to be the "destroyer of kala”, the time, too.

Lord of Protection: Lord Shiva is represented in various forms of Symbols namely, Nandi the bull, the sacred tiger skin victory of divine force, the sacred thread represents purity of thought, words and deeds, the crescent moon of godliness adorns as an ornament represents an overall spiritual personality, stood greatly the mighty holy ganga river in his matted locks of hair who released then into seven streams, the polyvalent and rich trident counteracting with several related poisons or an immune to remove negative qualities boosting spirituality, the shield of Lord Shiva protects everyone in the universe is a powerful protection of virtue saving all from hardship in life, the spear of Lord Shiva protects all from will, bestows good deeds, knowledge, destroying evil and ignorance, the staff of Lord Shiva is the one signifies “the moment of death” and the citron of Lord Shiva is full of fruitful seeds for cyclic rebirth.

5. Lord of concealment: The dance of Lord Shiva has a given a sense of interpretation representing five activities the creation, the preservation, the destruction, removal and concealment, the grace. These are the celestial activities of Lord Shiva, which are carried out by other cosmic energies silently. The first four are concerning to evolution of the world and the fifth is path for salvation. These activities are observed in the form of Panchabhuta the space, air, fire, water and earth and the dance of Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Natesha keep up the life of the energy of the cosmos and protect the seekers of liberation with grace.

Lord of liberation: Agamas are the definite and concrete objects were practiced in the daily life of people which was emanated from the energy of god which signifies in the life of human in three forms namely the self, the soul and the bonds. Agamas have originated from the energy of Lord Shiva, fell in the ears of Goddess Shakti and spread through the universe where agama is elaborated under three syllables where ‘a’ den0tes knowledge, ‘ga’ denotes liberation and ‘ma’ denotes removal of bonds. Agama came to be known in existence, liberates the soul from bondages, cause realization of the supreme-self, ultimately into an bliss of eternal.

Lord of Apasmara: Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Natesha the lord of dance, performed the energy of tandava, the cosmic energy of dance, in order to suppress the energy of demon Apasmara who managed to crush the demon under his right foot liberating the world from the fear of ignorance and from a disease of the brain by name epilepsy which causes a person to turn violent and become unconscious. The act of the demon is to turn as a dwarf who has a name called Muyalakan who depicts himself in Anjali mudra holding demons face, body of an infant. The demon is destined as immortal who cannot be killed as knowledge need to be preserved who is in the form of knowledge by himself, Lord Shiva remain in this form forever as Lord Natesha, to realize the truth of knowledge to the universe, suppressing ignorance, ego and injustice.

Lord of Circle of fire: Lord Shiva is represented as Circle of fire who represents the cosmos, especially in the form of consciousness. This form of Lord Shiva is an all-derived form of Mahakala the “lord of great time”. In the image of Lord Natesha, represents knowledge, the art and science in which application of knowledge takes place in the forms of natural and systematic methods of agamas based on the energy of cosmic force through observation of reality, identification of absolute truth with kundalini shakti and soulful cosmic power which is resident within every being and within each one of us at a very micro level and Lord Natesha’s dance is not just a symbol of proclamation which has got the birth of the universe, the maintenance, the dissolution, soul’s hidden desires and path leading to Salvation.

Lord of timelessness: Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Natesha is an uncreate who does the dissolution and re-birth, is a timeless energy of space completely filled with matters, holds the seed of creation, aims at the act of creation or procreation. On the other hand, at the moment of death, the force of cosmic time plays its role with greater intensity and whatever pain and sufferings to take place will happen in a cosmic time of microsecond, where nothing of the past in the form of sustaining energy remains in you. This happens when death moment around the corner, have no choice where suffering take place and ends quickly, is also one of act of Lord Shiva, in addition to his prime duties.

Lord of Infinity: Lord Shiva is endless, limitless, an eternal energy of infinity. He is also revered as unending expansion or without limits. Lord Shiva does not have a form. He is an infinite divinity from whom everything has come in and everything has gone back and dissolves into him and he is revered as a space of consciousness. He is consciousness of bliss, an innocence and bestower of being rational, impartial and dispassionate. He has no forms, yet he is in all forms, where the whole world is in motion in a rhythm of auspiciousness of all things innocently and intelligently. He is never a beginning nor an end but infinite expansion and a loveable energy.


Bhauma Pradosham Vrat is very famous and auspicious; the aspirant is worshiping Lord of eternal bliss Lord Nataraja or Lord Natesha is another form of Lord Shiva. Fasting on this day builds life with self-consciousness, self-realization and chanting Lord Natesha Sahasranamavali on this day will get the blessings of Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Natesha seeking his endless form of creations, maintenance, preservation, dissolution and path of salvation. The devotees of Lord Natesha to follow a strict vegetarianism, self-abstaining from all kinds of pollution, physical and mental pleasures. Fasting on Lord Natesha Sahasranama Homam chanting the Vedic Lord Natesha Sahasranamavali, should be strictly adhered to and

  • Fasting is complete only after offering water to Lord Natesha after sunset
  • Avoid solid food on the day of Lord Natesha Sahasranama Homam
  • Devotees of Lord Natesha to take fruits, tender coconut-water, butter-milk and pure milk and strictly to avoid non-vegetarian food with no garlic, no onion ingredients
  • Recitation of Lord Natesha Stotra, Rudram, Chamakam, Lord Shiva Kavacham, both in the morning and evening, keeps you positive with knowledge, intelligent, awareness, good health, set the path to the abode of Lord Shiva, attain salvation.
  • Visit Lord Shiva or Lord Nataraja Temple on the day of Pradosham, seek the blessings fulfilling good fortune, protect from negativity, bless debt free life, good health, wealth, prosperity.
  • Starting with Vinayaka Puja on Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam
  • Punyaha Vachanam on this Bhauma Pradosham, an auspicious cleansing of body, mind and soul
  • Maha Sankalpam for Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam devotees
  • Invoking the presence of Lord Natesha in the form of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma in the Kalasa
  • Kalasa Puja, invoking the energies of Lord Ganesha for beginning the Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam
  • Lord Nataraja Puja with his consort Goddess Parvati venerating the energies of Murtis and Devatas
  • Lord Natesha Puja invoking the presence with his divine consort Goddess Parvati
  • Sacred Puja to Lord Shiva symbol of shield and protection
  • Chanting Lord Nataraja Moola Mantra Japa
  • Recitation of Lord Natesha Sahasranamavali, 1008 Names of Lord Nataraja
  • Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam, the fire ritual
  • Auspicious Puja to Lord Natesha, energizing god of external bliss and lord of infinity
  • Purnahuti – Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam, attain completion
  • Sacred Ash, kumkum, sandalwood prasadh of Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam for divinity, spiritual well-being, enlightenment.
Moola Mantra

Karacharana Krtham Vaakkaayajam Karmajam Vaa,
Shravananayanajam Va Maanasam Vaaparaadham,
Vihitamavihitam Va Sarvametatkshamasva,
Jaya Jaya Karunabdhe Shri Mahadeva Shambho

Combined Benefits
  • Gain spirituality, creative abilities, dedicated mind, remove sufferings, pains
  • Remove Stress, fear of death, overcome anxieties, dis-abilities, attain confidence
  • Remove ill-effects, disease, discomforts, clear negative energies, win over enemies
  • Bestow intelligence, fulfilling all life desires, wealth, prosperity, attain Moksha
  • Bestow life with total solution, creative prospects, fruitful results, perfection in deeds
  • Bless good fortune, abundance of goodwill, name and fame, remove all debts, sins
Temple Pujas

Lord Thillai Natarajar Temple Puja, Chidambaram –
Empower Power of Determination, Good health, Cure Disease, Bestow Abundance in Everything, Prosperity

In this temple, 'Thillai' means, 'Lord Shiva'. Chidambaram Nataraja Temple is located in Chidambaram, has mystical roots surrounded by sacred energy of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence in association with Lord Nataraja another form of Lord Shiva. It is the abode of Thillai Koothan - the Lord of Dance) where Lord Nataraja invokes positive vibration that oscillate with the cosmos energy of universe. He is honored as a cosmic dancer, performs 'Ananda Tandava', to entertain Sage Patanjali and Sage Vyakrapada. Performing auspicious Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam and chanting Lord Natesha Sahasranamavali along with this temple puja on this day bless devotees to attain absolute truth, auspicious purity, self-awareness, profound enlightenment, removing poverty, sins, bad karmas, bestows mastering of music, arts and dance, skills and talents, bestows generation and cycle of creation, positive energy, beauty, elegance and grace, controls mind, body and soul, relieve anxiety, ego complex, bless material abundance, prosperity, liberate from the path of birth and death life cycle, attain salvation.

Lord Chidambareswarar temple puja, Chennai –
Attain self-control, immense power, cure mental, physical disorders, bestow unending wealth, prosperity

This temple is located in Chennai is dedicated to Lord Chidambareswarar (Nataraja) and divine mother Goddess Parvati in the form of Goddess Umaiyambigai, is revered as Panchabhuta Sthalam, representing the space elements of life existence namely earth, air, fire, water and space, which was built by Lord Nataraja devotee and Lord Nataraja depicts in an dancing posture with the auspicious name Lord Chidambareswarar one who is facing east with his consort Goddess Sivagami for fertility, spirituality and infinite path of attaining salvation. Performing auspicious Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam and chanting Lord Natesha Sahasranamavali along with this temple puja on this day blesses all with self- consciousness, love, grace and affection, liberating body, soul from sins and evil effects, blessing higher education, job prospects, universal awareness, bonding family and friends, profits and gains from materialistic world, control, righteous direction of life in a structured path, bestowed divine and spiritual life, enrich wealth, abundance in all, prosperity.

Energized Lord Chidambaram Chakaram Yantra -
Bestows all life desires, attain awards and achievements, creative thinking, bless knowledge, positivity, abundance of wealth, prosperity

Energized Lord Chidambaram Chakaram Yantra is an auspicious energy of Lord Natesha placing it in the house and office boost self-knowledge, wisdom and intelligence, cosmic energy of Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Natesha destroys all evil energy in life, remove ignorance, brings energy of radiance in the minds of devotees. On this day energizing Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam and chanting Lord Natesha Sahasranamavali blesses all with peace, good health, enlightened atmosphere, mutual growth and understanding in the family, prevent differences, conflicts, bestow strong relationship, removes enmity, create profitable ventures, income, gains, wealth and property, abundance in prosperity, attain salvation.


Silver Package
USD 145.00
  • Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam
Platinum Package
USD 191.00
  • Lord Natesha Sahasranama Maha Homam
  • Thillai Natarajar Temple Puja
  • Lord Chidambareswarar temple puja
  • Energized Lord Chidambaram Chakaram Yantra