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Tulsi Vivah: Path of Bliss, Bless Intelligence, Strengthens Mind, Body,
Dispels Fear, Death Fear, Complexes in Life

Lord Krishna Sahasranama Maha Homam

Bless Supreme Consciousness, Self-Realization, Special Knowledge,
Potentialities, Remove Negativity, Pains in Life

Scheduled Live on November 26, 2020 @ 6:00 PM IST

Lord Krishna Sahasranama Maha Homam – Bless Unique Traits, Neutralize Pains, Obstacles, Bless Immense Knowledge, Arts and Craft, Quality Life, Abundance of Prosperity

Lord Krishna is the supreme cosmic power of Gokula, a supreme deity in the form of Bukti Cult, a Principal Guru, is worshiped in the form of Homam chanting Lord Krishna Sahasranama chanting 1000 Names of Lord Krishna bless all with Entrepreneurship Qualities, Integrity, High Life Values, Innovation and Creativity, Intelligence and Visibility, Clarity of thought, Ability to Manifest, High Productivity, Ease of Being with Good Health, Wealth and Abundance of everything in life.

Worship of Lord Krishna with 1000 Unique Names is worshiping the supreme personality of the universe who is the master of Sixty-four qualities of Life Attributes which are unlimited, prominent, incomparable, ethical and moral values, is a highly powerful cosmic time to connect Lord Krishna the spiritual energy seeking his blessings with complete faith will invoke Lord Krishna divine and enchanting graceful presence to bless you for all your prayers gets your life goals fulfilled, is a wonderful life-changing fortune which only means to devotees everything in life to possess for happy living, supreme-being, supreme state of mind, abundance, peace and prosperity.

On this day worshiping Govardhana the Cattle on this auspicious time which is Lord Krishna’s favorite will get the blessings of Lord Krishna who is Lord of Progenitor, is a protector of cattle as an integral part of his duty “Dharma” brings huge benefit to the universe satisfying Devas, Saints and Sages, Pitrus and ancestors who was fulfilling the cosmic emergence of Lord Brahma the creator of the universe, protecting the ultimate truth of Dharma for life existence.

Chanting Krishna Sahasranama 1000 Names of Lord Krishna with Sudarshana Chakra Puja and performing auspicious Lord Krishna Sahasranama Maha Homam invoke the cosmic power of activation of Lord Krishna and his consort Goddess Radha and worshiping on this auspicious time Goddess Tulsi (Basil) plant invoke spiritual vibration get rid of all bad karmas including Sin of Killing a Brahmin and in the prayers Lord Krishna with Goddess Radha with the cosmic energy of Tulsi Devi is very happy to abide in every home blessing all with abundance of livelihood, incomes and gains from trade and business, positive energy, promoting money-lending business for productivity and farming, fertility, agriculture and harvesting crops, retaining knowledge and strength, being courageous, Solving Pitru Dosha, Graha Doshas, Remove Evil Spirits, Enemies, bless generation to flourish, boosting goodness, good fortune, abundance of living, treasures of world and unending prosperity.


Significance of Tulsi Vivah and Legacy of Lord Krishna

Goddess Tulsi is considered as consort of Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Krishna or Lord Bala Krishna and the cosmic rites of Goddess Tulsi is elaborated in the scripture Padma Purana. She is also worshiped as another incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Tulsi holy basil plant was so close to Lord Vishnu, devoted, finally was married to Lord Vishnu.

Significance of Tulsi plant to Lord Krishna is a symbol of Purity and Spirituality. Lord Krishna as Lord Vishnu married Goddess Tulsi as “Lord with Sixty Four Qualities” fond of Purity as Quality in Everything, is one of the Sixty Four Qualities, who is adorned with Necklace of Vaijyanti Beads, one of the favorites of Lord Krishna is a energy of Attraction, Soothing, Gain control of desired person, intangible sense of soul of purity, positive intentions, invoking spiritual power, peace and prosperity everywhere.

This day is highly suitable of invoking the blessings of Lord Krishna to perform this auspicious Homam seeking the blessings chanting 1000 Names of Lord Krishna bless all with Purity, Devoted, Spiritually bounded, venerating the Mother of Earth with realistic worship, an energy of protection, bestowing with principles of duty the Dharma, remove depression in life, activating the power of competing attitude, faith in deeds, empowering self with embodied soul. Here the term marriage denotes Oneness of embodied Soul with Power of Lord Shiva, brings peace, prosperity, liberation from birth death life cycle, simplicity, attain the path of Salvation.

Krishna-Sahasra Traits

Lord Krishna is the god head of Enjoyment as he is the supreme enjoyer, engage loving with his devotees to pass time and Goddess Radha is the absolute truth for this Supreme Lord who have appeared to fulfill every desire of Lord Krishna to his pleasure potency.

Acquired Knowledge of 64 arts in 64 days – Master of Life Attributes like Music Dance and Craft, Art of Using Weapons, Vedic Sadhanas, Constructive pattern of Self-Profile, Self-development and Supreme Personality

The sacred knowledge of Lord Krishna is Powerful and Insightful. It helps you to lift and inspire to lead a fruitful life, filled with wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment.

Lord Krishna is Source of Demigods and Sages. He is the origin of Entire Creation of the Universe.

Lord Krishna is the original personality of God Head and in other incarnations he is the original source and Fountain Head of Lord Balaraman, Lord Narayana, Lord Vishnu

Lord Chaitanya Maha Prabhu is another form of Lord Krishna himself, is a supreme personality, appearing as Lord Krishna devotee to teach the universe to gain powerful energy and enlightenment in life chanting the holy names of Lord Krisha:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare

Lord Krishna appeared once more in the form of a devotee to taste depth of love which Goddess Radha had for him and said Goddess Radha love depth is quite high than mine and also said that Goddess Radha’s pleasure of love is something more than Ten million love times higher than mine.

Lord Krishna is fond of two things, Goddess Radha and the other one is flute. The love of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha is of very high quality and sacred. The only way Lord Krishna can be conquered is by true love and affection.

Lord Krishna symbolize self-consciousness, blissfulness, beauty, victory, glory, destroys craving, ignorance, ego, selfishness.

Lord Krishna have expressed his unending desires in life that many have expressed that I am the source of transcendental bliss and all derive pleasure from me. But have raised a question who could give me a pleasure where I am longing and remain happy forever. He said a person who is having qualities of more than hundred times than Lord Krishna should be in a position to extend the pleasure to my mind, which I am Still Searching in the Universe.

Sudarshana Significance

According to ancient mythological story, Lord Vishnu holds in his Index Finger was given by "Guru Brihaspati", has the power of 108 serrated blades with a jagged edge, which is used as a mystical weapon capable of imitating Shadow Emulation Techniques, immediately paralyze the shadow of the enemy on the spot. Lord Vishnu has used Sudharshana Chaktra to cut the corpse of Goddess Sati into 51 pieces which was scattered and thrown all over place in the universe giving rise to 51 Sakti Peeth. Secondly in the epic Mahabarata Lord Krishna was instrumental in killing King Jayadratha son of king Vridhakshatra, who killed Arjuna son Surath, in the ensuing battle. Lord Krishna used Sudharshana Chakra to project an artificial Moon enabling darkness showing a Sunset in the battle field. King Jayadratha mistaking this sunset came out of his protection to celebrate Arjuna’s defeat. Lord Krishna at this instant restored back the natural Sun moving the Sudharshana Chakra from its artificial position to reveal that it is day hinting Arjuna to take on Jayadratha, who killed Jayadratha on the spot. Also, another instant Lord Krishna killed Sisupala invoking Chakra, which means Lord Krishna using his intelligence had used the energy of Sudharshana Chakra gave him all success. On this worshiping Lord Krishna with Sudharshana Chakra Puja Bless all Success in Life, Ward-off Evil forces, Enemies, attain methods for overcoming potential threats and risks from evil forces in an effective manner, gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom, Boost Stability, Remove Misfortunes, Purify Mind, Body and Soul, Gain Peace and Harmony.

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  • Boost Self Knowledge, Clear Understanding of Scientific Information, Universal Matters
  • Brings Competitive Advantage, Long Term Success over Competitors
  • Bless Positive Attitude, Invoking Good Ideas, Dynamic Competitive Knowledge
  • Enrich Love and Affection with Spouse, Boost Fertility, Bestow Family with Children
  • Bless Boon for Childless, Good Health, Remove Curse, Sin, Bestow Wealth, Prosperity
  • Remove Enmity, Evil Spirits, Bless Divine Traits, Enrich Good Deeds, Devotion to God

Auspicious Homam, Temple Puja Invokes the Blessings of Lord Krishna, Bless Absolute Truth, Knowledge, Pure Self

Lord Guruvayurappan Temple Puja
Bless Supreme Personality, Immortality, Imperishable Goodness, Bestow Abundance of Everything, Ultimate Happiness

Lord Guruvayurappan is popularly called “Little Guruvayur” is the premier temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa in Chennai, who is the prime deity in this temple. Little Guruvayurappan is worshiped as Lord Krishna is another form of Lord Vishnu. The deity Guruvayurappan denotes Lord of Guru, Protector of Universe as Brihaspati, Lord of Devas, Lord of Wind and “Appan” denotes as Father of Lords. The deity is said to be worshiped by parents of Lord Krishna, by Lord Vasudeva and Goddess Devaki, who is an ultimate manifestation of Lord Vishnu, was later worshiped by Lord Krishna himself, who is another incarnation of Lord Vishnu blesses all with self-realization, self-esteem, supremacy, divine principles, cherish family, desired spouse, boon for childless couples, brings unity, leadership traits, remove evil spirits, restore Dharma, bestow wealth, material prosperity.

Lord Udupi Krishna Temple Puja
Bless Early Marriage, Peace and Harmony in the Family, Remove Curse, Sin, Bless Long Life, Cure Disease, Bestow Happiness

The abode of Lord Udupi Krishna is said to abode status of Heaven the Vaikuntham as he is called the supreme personality of Godhead, as the lord at the request of his devotee Sage Madavacharyar, Lord Krishna took the abode in this temple. This is the temple which healed the Sins of Moon Chandra who carried a curse by Daksha, worshiped Lord Udupi Krishna clearing all his sins blesses all with high thoughts, remove curse, sins, doshas and splits bestow wedding bells in the family, good understanding between husband and wife, Attain long life, wealth and prosperity.

Energized Lord Krishna Idol
Invokes the energy Simplicity, Focus on Deeds, Cure Disease, Brings High Income and Gains, Abundance of Prosperity

Lord Krishna Idol are energy of spiritual well-being, bless disciplines in life, purification of physical body, mind and spirit, Purifies the home and office, brings prosperity, goodness around you, stable mind, stability in thought and action, positivity, remove evil energy, enmity and tussle, bestow high wisdom, wealth gains and unending prosperity.


Silver Package
USD 145.00
  • Lord Krishna Sahasranama Maha Homam
Platinum Package
USD 191.00
  • Lord Krishna Sahasranama Maha Homam
  • Lord Guruvayurappan Temple Puja
  • Lord Udupi Krishna Temple Puja
  • Energized Lord Krishna Idol