Ultimate Pradosham Special Ceremonies to Lord Shiva

Lingodhbhava Murthy Homam and Somaskanda Murthy Homam

Protects From Evil, Solves Marriage Delays, Removes Negativities, Uplifts Relationships, Gives Child Boons, Ashta Aishwaryam, Love and Peace


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Lingodhbhava and Somaskanda – the Magnificent and Merciful Appearance of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva’s iconic representation is Lingodhbhava murthy, the no-beginning or end form that has found mention in the Kurma Purana, Vayu Purana, and Shiva Purana. Lingodbhava is the Vishwaroopa form of Lord Shiva which means it’s a highly magnificent and universal incarnation. Those worshipping this form of Lord Shiva can get rid of their bad habits like ego, jealousy, selfishness, hatred, lust and anger. The Lord blesses with good knowledge and wisdom and also gives all kinds of prosperity in life.

When Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma were engaged in an argument as to who is superior of the two, Lord Shiva appeared as a column of light without any origin or end. Brahma assumed the form of a swan and flew towards the sky while Lord Vishnu in the form of a boar flew downwards towards the zenith. Lord Brahma after a futile search declared he found a flower that had fallen from the top of the fire column. Lord Vishnu however accepted defeat. From the fiery column, Lord Shiva appeared with thousands of arms and legs, with the sun, moon, and fire as his three eyes, cursed Brahma that he would never be revered in any temples. This appearance of Lord Shiva is found in the west wall of temples, in the rear niche of the sanctum that enshrines the main deity inside the sanctum sanctorum.

Somaskanda Murthi is Lord Shiva appearing with his son Skanda (Subramanya) and Goddess Parvathi. Somaskanda refers to the inclusion of the names of Shiva, Uma and Skanda. Lord Vishnu venerated this form to beget a son. Somaskanda Murthi is seen in most of the Shaivite temples of Tamil Nadu and some temples in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The lord is taken in a procession during Brahmotsavam and other festivals. Having a darshan of Somaskanda during temple processions is considered holy and also brings prosperity to the household.

Lord Somaskanda is a merciful form of Lord Shiva who removes obstructions and grants wishes to devotees. The lord also bestows a good progeny with good fortune.

Significance of Lingodhbava Murthy and Somaskanda Murthy Homam

Lord Lingodhbava is the column of fire that symbolizes the removal of ego from the face of mankind and also that the source of creation has no beginning or end. This source is omnipresent in the cosmos cutting across the galaxies and the limitless cosmic ocean. Invoking Lord Lingodhbava can cut off one’s bad qualities like ego, anger, jealousy, hatred, etc.

Lord Somaskanda is the lord who appears with his consort and Lord Skanda, and therefore the ritual to Lord Somaskanda reaps tri-fold blessings of Lord Shiva, Goddess Uma (Parvathi) and Lord Skanda (Muruga).

Lingodbhava Murthy Homam

Protects From Evil, Removes Fear, Gives Sound Health and Ashta Aishwaryam

Lingodhbhava Murthy 2023

Lord Lingodhbava Murthy Homam gives the devotee a turning point in life. It also protects from evildoers and other adversaries or natural calamities. The homam removes the fear of enemies and saves devootes from past life sins and the negative effects of the planets. It ensures power and happiness besides improving family relationships and mental fitness. People who want to see success in business and profession can perform the ritual which also endows with sound health and Ashta Aishwaryam. The worship elevates the devotee to high positions in life and grants relief from debt burdens and poverty. It also gives academic excellence, spiritual wisdom and also the benefit of worshipping all the nine planets. A person can attain continuous prosperity in following births, and also peace and tranquility.

Lingodhbhava Murthy 2023

Somaskanda Murthy Homam

Solves Marriage Delays, Removes Negativities, Uplifts Relationships, Gives Child Boons, Love and Peace

Lingodhbhava Murthy 2023

Somaskanda Murthy Homam removes obstacles that hinder success and prosperity. When a person is riddled with problems that surface suddenly without being aware, then the Somaskanda Homam comes to the rescue. It effectively restores broken relationships and the ritual is the perfect remedy for those who have not got the right partner and also addresses marriage delays. It also brings back lost love and blesses married couples with children. Lord Somaskanda bestows a congenial relationship between husband and wife, and a successful married life. He is the god of mercy and compassion and protects from all evils. The goddess grants Sowbhagya i.e., luck and fortune to women and solves all their problems. Lord Skanda denotes perfection and he sees to it that the devotees are perfect in every which way. He removes all types of negativities and hurdles, and planetary affliction can be solved. Worshipping Lord Somaskanda endows with wealth, love, beauty, a life partner, progeny, fame, peace, and spiritual enlightenment.

Combined Benefits of Lingodhbhava Murthy and Somaskanda Murthy Homam

Removes fear of enemies and bad effects of malefic planets.
Grants protection from harmful sources and saves from sins.
Removes adverse effects of planets from horoscope.
Enhances family bonding and bestows power and happiness.
Improves mental and physical health to a great extent.
Gives success in business and profession.
Endows with Ashta Aishwaryam, peace and well-being.
Enhances relationships and helps to proliferate lineage.
Women are blessed with all types of Sowbhagyam.
Blesses with love, family unity, fame and happiness.
Married couples can be fortunate as they are rewarded with intelligent and prosperous children.

Tiruvarur Somaskanda Temple Puja
Removes Obstructions, Brings Good Fortune, Prosperity and Fulfills Desires

Lingodhbhava Murthy 2023

The Lord Thyagaraja shrine in Tiruvarur is popular for Somaskanda Murthy, a divine manifestation of the lord featuring Shiva, Uma and Skanda (Subramanya). According to the temple history, the Somaskanda image was worshipped by Lord Maha Vishnu. The presiding deity has been revered in the seventh century Tamil literary work called Thevaram. The temple consists of more than hundred smaller shrines, and 365 Shiva lingas to represent the days of the year. Worshipping lord Somaskanda or Thyagaraja is said to uplift life of devotees. The main deities in the form of linga are Vanmikanathar and Thyagrajar or Somaskandar. The former was derived from ant hills and is believed to be Adi Lingam of the temple. There is an emerald lingam for which pujas are performed during fixed timings. The Lord Somaskanda form is said to be merciful, and puja to the lord removes obstructions in the life of devotees, grants wishes and brings prosperity to the family. Worshipping this form can also grant a good progeny with good fortune.


Energized Stone Shiva Linga Worship
Grants Protection, Abundance, Fortune and Contentment

Lingodhbhava Murthy 2023

A very powerful symbol of Lord Shiva, the lingam is a representation of the union of a primordial energy of the Shakti with divine consciousness that’s Lord Shiva. It signifies a column of light that has no beginning or end. An energized Shiva lingam has the power to radiate positive vibrations around you of peace, harmony and oneness. It can also be used as an instrument of meditation and the energy from it transcends one to the realm of bliss and spiritual revelation and growth. It gives prosperity, protection and contentment. The stone linga helps to remove depression, negativity and fear. The energized symbol of worship is a healing instrument that brings balance to the body, mind and spirit. The stone linga when meditated upon can also activate the seven chakras, bring abundance and fortune into the household. Place the Stone Linga in your puja alter, apply holy ash or sandal paste and worship it daily for supreme blessings of Lord Shiva.


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  • Lingodbhava Murthy Homam
  • Somaskanda Murthy Homam
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  • Lingodbhava Murthy Homam
  • Somaskanda Murthy Homam
  • Tiruvarur Somaskanda Temple Puja
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  • Lingodbhava Murthy Homam
  • Somaskanda Murthy Homam
  • Tiruvarur Somaskanda Temple Puja
  • Energized Stone Shiva Linga Worship