Jupiter Transit 2022 Special

Achieve Multifold Boons of Jupiter Lords, Brihaspati and Dakshinamurthy

Lord Brihaspati Homam &
Lord Dakshinamurthy Homam

Wipe Out All Problems in Life, Accomplish Academic & Professional Success,
Good Luck, Fortune, Gain High Profits, Seek Jobs Abroad & Attain Marital Bliss


Scheduled Live Stream on April 13, 2022 @ 6PM IST


How Jupiter Transit 2022 Influences Various Aspects of Your Life

Jupiter is the most significant planet of Vedic astrology. When it favours a specific zodiac sign, it helps one to become rich, wise, cultured, authoritative, liberal and generous. The planet will transit Pisces on April 13,2022 at 4.57 PM from Aquarius. It will remain in Pisces till April 22, 2023. The transit of Jupiter may impact the various zodiac signs in a different manner.

Aries – Jupiter will move into the 12th house which signifies foreign land, expenditures and losses. It also signifies spirituality. Though financially, matters look fine, it’s advisable to not indulge in legal battles, but gains through property and land are likely. You will achieve comforts and luxury and also good harmony.


Taurus – Jupiter will transit the 11th house for you which is the house of income and gains. You will receive good opportunities at the work front and therefore expect salary hike. You will click with your boss and maintain good relations. You will get sudden inheritance and windfall of money but don’t indulge in any unpredictable business. Health may suffer as problems related to shoulders, digestive system and lethargies may bother you. On the personal front, your will enjoy a good rapport with kids and love or life partner. Singles will find a partner and lovers may tie the nuptial knot. There will be harmony all over for you in all relationships.


Gemini – Jupiter will transit the 10th house of your horoscope which signifies career and profession. The movement helps to increase your income and promotion chances are likely. Earn great respect and fame and for job seekers good opportunities will knock on your doors. There will be an increase in income, your health will be good and all ailments will be cured. Jupiter will influence your fourth house of comforts and personal life to sustain harmony and peace.


Cancer – Jupiter moves to your 9th house of luck and fortune. Your career will be upbeat and your rapport with your boss will be good. You may have to make long trips frequently for official purposes. Through hard work you will climb the ladder of success. Financially it looks good and you money flow will increase. You will be fit as a fiddle as your health will support you for all the tasks ahead. All relationship issues will be solved and the future of your love life looks bright.


Leo – For Leo natives, Jupiter will move to the 8th house which represents uncertainty and transformation. Not much to be said about the career front and you leaning towards spirituality is on the cards. There’s a chance you may be interested in occult, mysticism, etc. Jupiter will sharp vision will look into your second house of wealth and family and therefore your wealth status will be high. Take care of your health. Your family life and bonding will be good.


Virgo – For Virgo, Jupiter will transit the 7th house of marriage and partnership. It’s the right time to invest in business partnerships in terms of increase in revenue or profit. Financially speaking, the time looks average for money inflow and stay alert while making investments as losses may incur. You may face overweight issues so it’s advised to watch your diet and exercise. Marital life looks good and long standing problems will be solved.


Libra – For Libra natives, Jupiter will transit the 6th house of debt, disease or enemies. The planet will aspect your 10th house of career and profession and therefore it may create great work opportunities for you. You may be a winner all the way and you will earn fame and respect. Financial aspects are also sound. You will face problems due to health especially digestive system, liver or stomach and therefore take precautions. Your family life may not be favourable and there are some hurdles in store. Unnecessary arguments will take place so be patient and tolerant.


Scorpio – For Scorpio natives, Jupiter will transit the 5th house of education and intellect. The transit looks extremely bright and will give good results. Expect good profit and income as the planet influences your 11th house of income and gains. You will have cordial relations with your bosses and chances of promotions are also bright. You may see profits in your financial dealings with an increase in income and revenues. If you were suffering from any ailments for long, then now is the time to be in the pink of health. Your personal life as Jupiter is ascendant here and if you are single, marriage is on the cards. Love life too looks bright.


Sagittarius – Jupiter will move to the 4th house of comforts, happiness and luxury. The planet will influence your 10th house of career and profession. You will earn good respect, name and fame in your career front. With promotions, your salary will increase and all issues will be sorted out. You can find good growth and success during this transit. Financially, this period is good and property investments are likely. your health will improve but take care of your mother’s health. There will be peace and harmony in the family and environment in which you live.


Capricorn – Jupiter will transit your 3rd house of efforts and communication. You need to put an extra effort in order to be successful and accomplish goals in life. Achieving luck in finance may require hard and work but you may get enough to sustain life. As far as health is concerned, you may develop throat problems, knee and shoulder pain but don’t worry, you will be alright. In personal life, good harmony and bonding with family is surely possible.


Aquarius – Jupiter will transit the second house of wealth and family. It will be a good period for you as your career graph rises and chances of promotion likely. You will gain respect and applause at work. Financially also it will be favourable time as there may be an unexpected inflow of money. Your health will be good but be cautious as there are chances of injury to you. Nothing to worry about your personal life and there will be harmony everywhere.


Pisces – Your first house is where Jupiter will take position which is a very comfortable one for the planet. Your career will peak to a new high and you will gain good respect and admiration in your work. The period will enhance your knowledge and wisdom resulting in growth and success. Financially, it is a favourable time and it will help to increase your accumulated wealth. Certain health issues may trouble you so a little care is needed. Personally too, you will manage all matters well with your efficiency and skills. Enjoy marital bliss and all problems will be solved.


* To enhance your life during this Jupiter transit period, Vedicfolks will carry out two powerful homam to Lord Brihaspathi and Lord Dakshinamurthy on the day.

Lord Brihaspathi Homam

Solves Family Disputes & Imparts Power, Rank, Authority, Profits & Fortune

In Vedic astrology, planet is termed as Guru or Brihaspati. It is said that Lord Shiva blessed Brihaspati by allotting a place in the solar system, when Brihaspati as a sage appeased him. Jupiter is also known as Guru, the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces. Brishaspativar, Guruvar or Thursday is an auspicious day for Jupiter. There’s a saying that just a glance of guru over the native will remove all problems and bring lot of peace and stability in life. He also bestows religious merit and spiritual beneficence. Lord Brihaspati Homam grants an aesthetic life, good health, spiritualism and wealth. A ritual to Brihaspathi (Jupiter) reduces doshas and karmic issues. It provides cure to all physical discomfort, blesses with progeny, valour, good education and longevity.

The planet is also responsible for success and also is synonymous for excellence. He is the master teacher having great wisdom, desire and sanguinity. It augments health, cures ailments, wards off sins and also helps gain strength, long life and valour. When Lord Brihaspati is pleased he grants blessings of progeny to the childless, bestows good values and great academic success. Jupiter homam stabilizes family life and solves disputes in domestic life. It enhances noble qualities and motivates you towards righteousness. It helps to establish cordial relationships with father and other elders in the family.

Benefits of Lord Brihaspati Homam

  • The homam removes Guru Dosha and negative impacts of other planets.
  • Get enormous business profits and fortune.
  • Removes obstacles in life to accomplish success in all endeavours.
  • Furthermore, this homam plays a key role in getting peace of mind from various problems in life.
  • Helps to become a scholar in life by enriching knowledge of a person.
  • Achieve success in all matters and fulfill all desires.
  • Spruce up your creative skill & strive for excellence.
  • Attain good luck, fortune and prosperity.

Lord Dakshinamurthy Homam

Offers Excellence in Education, Wisdom, Best Solution for Career Growth & Marital Bliss

Lord Dakshinamurthy is a manifestation of Guru or Planet Jupiter having the aspects of Lord Shiva that blesses natives with perfect marriage at appropriate time, peace of mind, education and success in career. Dakshinamurthy Shiva is a kind teacher who is portrayed as Yoga Dakshinamurthy, Veena Dakshinamurthy and Vyakhyanamurthy. He is the ultimate awareness, wisdom, and symbolises all types of knowledge viz. yoga, music and wisdom. If Guru is favourably placed in the chart, your marriage life and career will be at its best. Lord Shiva in the form of Dakshinamurthy dispels darkness of ignorance and boosts supreme consciousness and also leads one to salvation. It brings enlightenment and positivity.

The Dakshinamurthy homam fetches blessings of Lord Shiva and facilitates excellence in studies and education. It also grants wisdom, knowledge and intellect. It provides self-empowerment and self-knowledge. The planet advances your business or work and shows positive results for higher education, research and degrees, etc. those in the teaching profession like teachers, professors and scholars can perform this homam to augment their income and skills. Also, this ritual can be performed before exams for being successful and for growth in profession or business.

Benefits of Dakshinamurthy homam

  • Provides professional and personal stability.
  • Obstacles in path of success are removed.
  • Removes hurdles from the path.
  • Provides harmony and peace of mind.
  • Malefic effects of planets are minimised.
  • Financial problems are solved.
  • Relief from other malefic effects of Kala Sarpa dosha.
  • The unmarried get their life partners and the unemployed get job.

Alangudi Dakshinamurthy (Guru) Temple Puja alleviates Jupiter Dosha, Fulfills Desires &
Grants Academic & Career Excellence

The Alangudi Abathsahayeswarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a very important shrine for worship of Lord Dakshinamurthy or guru. This temple is also called the Guru Stalam for the powerful blessings of Dakshinamurthy. Special ceremonies are conducted in the temple for Guru or Jupiter. Masi (a Tamil month) Thursday is considered very important and propitious for Guru prayers. People throng the temple during Jupiter transit for beneficial blessings. Those suffering from the negative influence of Rahu and Ketu can also find relief in this temple. A puja in this temple remove the bad impact of snake planets, negates ill-effects of planet Jupiter, helps to achieve excellence in academic field, and career and job related matters and also for the blessings of Lord Shiva as Dakshinamurthy (Guru).


Energized Jupiter Amulet Puts You on Right Path, Confers Business Success, Positivity and Happy Marriage

The energized Jupiter amulet will contain the holy ashes of the homam for the day dedicated to gods Brihaspati and Dakshinamurthy. When you wear the amulet with the string attached on your neck, wrist or waist it enables you to absorb positive energies of the rituals. Also you get the blessings for a removing all bad aspects from your life. All conflicts and major ailments are eliminated and you achieve a proper direction, wisdom, intellect and harmony. You can look forward to a great career, success in business and a happy married life.


Basic Package (For One Devotee)
USD 99.00
  • Lord Brihaspati Homam
  • Lord Dakshinamurthy Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Lord Brihaspati Homam
  • Lord Dakshinamurthy Homam
  • Alangudi Dakshinamurthy Temple Puja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 191.00
  • Lord Brihaspati Homam
  • Lord Dakshinamurthy Homam
  • Alangudi Dakshinamurthy Temple Puja
  • Energized Jupiter Amulet