Exclusive Ritual for Sharad Purnima/ Raas Purnima/ Valmiki and Meerabhai Jayanthi

Gita Govinda Path Puja and Homam

Solves Marital Issues, Attain True Love, Marital Bliss, Get 10-Fold Blessings of Vishnu Avatars for Immense Fortune, Success and Prosperity


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Gita Govinda Glorifies Love, Union, and Spiritual Ecstasy

Gita Govinda Homam

Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda is a profound poetry that explores Lord Krishna’s romantic exploits in Vrindaban. Also known as Rasa Lila, this Sanskrit collection of poem written by Jayadeva revolves around Lord Krishna’s mistress Radha, his gopis and other women who were milkmaids. The lyrical poetry consists of 12 chapters which is further subdivided into 24 divisions called Prabhandhas. The Prabhandas contain couplets that are grouped into eights called Ashtapadi. Jayadeva addresses Krishna in various names such as Govinda, Madhava, Hari, Keshava, etc., according to the circumstances of the poetry and hence the name Gita Govindam. It celebrates the love of Radha and Krishna – of their union, separation, anxious moments of wait for the loved one, explained beautifully in Jayadeva’s Gita Govindam.

Jayadeva was a musician in emperor Lakshmana Sena’s court in Odisha. One day, he had a divine visualization of the Yamuna River surrounded by four blue mountains. Under a tree, near the bank of the river, he imagined Lord Krishna playing the flute mellifluously. This vision thrilled Jayadeva that he composed the shlokas of Gita Govindam impromptu. It is said that Lord Krishna appeared in the poet’s form to correct certain words that Jayadeva was confused about.

This rare ritual, Gita Govindam Path Puja and Homam, will be performed on Sharad Purnima day which is an auspicious occasion which coincides with Rasa Purnima, Valmiki and Meerabhai Jayanthi.

Sharad Purnima is a full moon day in the month of Sharad, the month of Ashwin or Puratassi in Tamil, where the moon is seen resplendent and extremely magnificent. It’s also a day of rejuvenation and the Moon seems brightest of all the full moons ever.

Rasa Purnima is the day when Lord Krishna performed Rasa Lila, the dance of divine love with Radha and the gopis of Brindavan.

Valmikai Jayanthi celebrates the birth anniversary of one of the greatest saint who wrote the Ramayana and Mirabhai Jayanthi is observed to mark the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna’s ardent devotee Meerabhai who wrote 1300 poems in praise of the lord.

Significance of Gita Govinda Path Puja and Homam

Gita Govinda Path Puja and Homam is a rare ritual dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. The entire verses of Jayadeva when worshipped leads one to the path of love, devotion, spiritual ecstasy and absolute submission and also unites one with the supreme self.

Gita Govinda Path Puja and Homam

Solves Marital Issues, Attain True Love, Get 10-Fold Blessings of Vishnu Avatars for Immense Fortune, Success and Prosperity

Lord Krishna is the ‘Poorntam Purushottam Brahma’ which means the supreme male personality of god, and Shree Radha is the supreme ‘Para Shakti’, who is the soul and life breadth of Lord Krishna. Gita Govinda Path Puja and Homam invokes the two supreme energies for endless love, harmony and peace. It bestows a suitable life partner for those seeking true love in life. It endows a happy married life and solves all problems related to marriage. If facing problems in love life this ritual can be done for blessings of the divine couple. It can unite true love as the love between Radha and Krishna is a highest form of devotion. Gita Govinda Path Puja and Homam can also bring blessings of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu because its verses sing glory of the incarnations for absolving karma, reaping huge fortune, achieving success in all ventures, seeing development in chosen tasks, prosperity and salvation.

Gita Govinda Homam

Benefits of Gita Govinda Path Puja and Homam

It solves marital problems and unites separated couples.
Offers a suitable life partner.
Grants success in love life and helps to achieve goals.
It brings love and harmony in the life of estranged married couples.
Gives marital bliss and everlasting bonding in life.
Invokes happiness, peace, love and joy in all relationships.

Rajagopalaswamy Temple Puja
Removes Adverse Effects on Children, Gives Prosperity, Marital Bliss and Peace

Gita Govinda Homam

Rajagopalaswamy Temple is situated in Mannargudi in Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity lord Rajagopalaswamy is an aspect of Lord Krishna. It is one of the important temples of Vaishnavites known as Dakshina Dwaraka or Southern Dwaraka. The Chola kings contributed much to the design and construction of the temple. Haridra, the temple tank was a river once and is considered one of the largest temple tanks in India. The temple tower is huge at 154 feet and has 11 tiers. It’s intriguing that the Azhvaars have not sung the praise of the lord, denying the temple a Divya Desam status and to date, it remains an ‘Abhimana Stalam’ or favorite spot. It is believed that Lord Krishna appeared in 32 different forms in front of two rishis in this temple. A puja to Lord Rajagopalaswamy or Vasudeva would bless devotees with happiness, and prosperity in life, removes adverse effects on children, cures ailments of cattle, and bestow a happy wedding and peace.


 Mira Bai Idol
Divine Gift That Emphasizes the Significance of Krishna Bhakti

Gita Govinda Homam

The idol of Mira Bai is a beautiful piece that can adorn your interiors. Mira Bai was a Rajput princess who lived in Rajasthan, India in the 16th century. She was a great follower of Lord Krishna and a notable exponent of Prema Bhakti or devotional love for Lord Krishna. She has sung many songs in praise of the lord who she cherished in her heart and looked upon as her consort. The beautiful princess had to encounter many threats to her life but was saved by Lord Krishna. She miraculously disappeared inside the temple by merging with her Lord. Be a proud owner of the Mira Bai idol which can constantly remind a devotee of the importance of Krishna Bhakti.

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