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Diwali: Lights Up Positivity, Fearless Power,
Bless Heavenly Vibrations, Removes Fear of Untimely Death

Lakshmi Kubera Homam

Lakshmi Kubera Homam Boost Glories of Wealth, Bless Supreme Spirit, Universal Self, Path to Heaven

Scheduled Live on November 14, 2020 @ 6:00 PM IST

Lakshmi Kubera Homam - Blesses Material Abundance, Fulfilling Life, Remove Evil Energy, Gain the path of Treasure to Heaven, Attain Salvation

Lakshmi Kubera Homam is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera. Both are providing wealth and fortune to one’s life. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera are “Wealth Supremes”. Performing Lakshmi Kubera Homam with 108 Silver Coin Archana for Goddess Mahalakshmi symbolize gems and treasures, fortune and wealth abundance brings you enlightenment to ensure abundance of wealth, joy and happiness, prosperity in one's life by improving the financial situations in life. This Homam provides peace and harmony in life and diminish critical situations in business. Lakshmi Kubera Homam overcome malefic effects generate regular flow of income. No matter how many losses or failures, you have suffered in life, this sacred homam when performed bring auspiciousness, even the worst of your times can be changed into best times. This sacred ritual automatically create devotion inside you for Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi, blesses positive energy in you, grants comforts and luxury in life, win lotteries, earn enormous wealth, make your future generation to grow well in all spheres. Both Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera blesses devotees with prosperity, happiness, remove all obstacles and troubles, remove enemies, evil eye, bad chant, curse of women, build confidence inside you, bestow instant results, name and fame, raise your status in the society, fulfilling your desires in life, bless you with family bondages, happiness, good health, wealth and prosperity.

Lakshmi Kubera Homam Vrat on the Auspicious Time of Diwali

This day is auspicious to observe fasting (Vrat) two golden purposes. One being Goddess Lakshmi Vrat and the second one being the auspicious KedaraGauri Vrat where Lord Kedara is Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri is Goddess Parvati, blessed all devotees on this day with Boon, Removes Curse, Ignorance, Ego, Greed, Jealous, darkness in life, Clear unethical thinking, practices, bestows huge wealth abundance, unending prosperity. The Gods and Goddesses practiced this day as very auspicious and observed fasting with severe penance and sacrifice for attaining the desired boons and energy of celestial well-being:

Goddess Parvati observed fast on this auspicious time, Lord Shiva gave left part of his holy body to Goddess Shakti in the form of Ardhanaareeshwarar.

On this day devotees observe a day long fast to restore the celestial blessings and pleasing the divine Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

This is an auspicious time when Lord Vishnu was blessed as Lord of Vaikuntha Loka, being his celestial abode accompanied by his consort Goddess Lakshmi.

Lord Brahma has gained his importance as Ultimate Reality and Creator of Supreme Reality of Existence.

Brungi Rishi gained his power of energy of life existence after worshiping Lord Shiva and Goddess Paravti

Relieving of Curse of Lord Brahma to Guard of Eight Directions, Dispelling the Sins

Two celestial energies in the form of young vaisya girls by name Bagyavathi and Punyavathi also were blessed with lots of wealth, Good Fortune, Abundance of Happiness, once they continued with following the Vrat on this auspicious energy day.

Legacy About Diwali

Once a Demon King Narakasura have received a boon from Lord Brahma that only his mother have the powers to kill him. Narakasura's mother is said to be Goddess Bhudevi Mother of Earth and the father is Lord Varaha another form of Lord Vishnu. In his early life Narakasura was called as Naraka and was pious. But his evil company with Demon Banasura made him to follow his footsteps turning him into misdoings and have earned a title to his name as Narakasura. He misused his powers brought all the kingdoms on earth under his domineering control. His Asura attitude turned his eyes to Heaven where even Lord Indra was overpowered and had to flee from the heaven. All the Demigods, Devas and Sages led by Lord Indra took shelter under Lord Vishnu and asked him to relieve all from the clutches of the evil Demon Narakasura. Lord Vishnu with his divine blessings have assured them that he will bring an end to the demon very soon. He then took the form as Lord Krishna who left to Pragjyotisha the place where the demon lived with his wife and defeated demon king Narakasura. This day is celebrated as Diwali. But before his death Narakasura took a boon from his mother Satyabhama that this day would be celebrated with Colorful lights, joy everywhere, wanting to bring back pleasant days back like heaven.

Lord Kubera Guardian of Northern Direction, God of Wealth

Lord Kubera is called as "Kuvera" or "Kuber" or "Kuberan", is the lord of Wealth. He is the prototype of God-king, the incarnation of all that is divine of wealth and wealth equivalent. Lord Kubera is Lord of Prosperity, Wealth, Heavenly Hidden Treasures of the Universe. He is said to be the Lord of Yakshas and Kinnaras and ardent devotee of Lord Shiva who have secured endless blessings of Lord Shiva for all the wealth of the Universe. He is the celestial glory and supreme powers of Treasures of Fearless Splendor. Once Lord Balaji another form of Lord Vishnu has borrowed money for his marriage from Lord Kubera and it is believed that his debt is being repaid to Lord Kubera by the devotees on behalf of Lord Balaji. Many devotees worship Lord Kubera with Lord Lakshmi on this Diwali day to get the blessings of both divine force.

Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity

Goddess Lakshmi the goddess of prosperity is believed to be born under the divine blessings of Lord Vishnu who have evolved from the Great Milky Ocean while churning the divine energy famously known "Samudra Manthan". Observing fasting and Performing Goddess Lakshmi Puja after the sunset is always blessed with permanent prosperity and is said that you will be blessed with permanency of Goddess Lakshmi living with you in your home at the time blessing you with Permanent Prosperity, Strong Fertility, High Fortunes and Good Luck, Ever green Good health, Praisable Knowledge, Courage and Strength, Expanding Progeny, Wealth and Finance, Abundance of Income and Gains, Power of Attainment and Fulfillment.

  • Lord Kubera precedes Goddess Lakshmi as a deity of Wealth, by 1000 years.
  • Lord Kubera is a deity from Vedic Period, Goddess Lakshmi is from Puranic Period
  • Lord Kubera is a keeper of accounts and distributes wealth, Goddess Lakshmi is Archetype of wealth, which is being distributed
  • Kubera is a King by birth, Goddess Lakshmi originated from Samudra Manthan, being Puranic.
  • Lord Kubera is a God of Wealth, Goddess Lakshmi is Goddess of Fortune.
  • Starting with Ganapathy Puja, Punyaha Vachanam, Maha Sankalpam for Devotees, Kalasa Puja
  • Lord Vishnu Puja with his consort Goddess Lakshmi
  • Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati Puja
  • Recitation of Sri Sukta Hymns - A composition of 15 verses where all life desires are fulfilled by Goddess Lakshmi's blessings
  • Chanting of Mahalakshmi Moola Mantra for attaining different aspects of wealth and prosperity

|| Om Aim Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Swaha ||

  • 108 Silver Coin Archana for Goddess Mahalakshmi
  • Chanting Maha Lakshmi Sahasranamavali - Debt free life, free from financial burdens
  • Performing Kumkum Archana Goddess Lakshmi to please her and attain her blessings
  • Goddess Lakshmi Ashtotram to praise and hail Goddess Lakshmi with different names
  • Chanting Ashta Kubera Moola Mantra to attain the blessings of Lord of Wealth for endless prosperity
  • Poornahuti Offerings to Lord Vishnu, Goodess Lakshmi, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and Lord Kubera and attain the blessings of all the divine force for long life, welfare and well-being unending material abundance, all round prosperity

Lakshmi Kubera Moola Mantra

Om Yakshyaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaaya
Dhanadhanyadi Padayeh
Dhana-Dhanya Samreeddhing Me Dehi Dapaya Swaha

Om Sreem Kreem Aum Kubera Lakshmi
Kamala Daveenyai Dhanakashinyai Sowaha

  • Wealth Multiplication, Bless Peace and Harmony, Remove Hurdles, Ignorance
  • Bless with Beauty, Acquire Divine Qualities, Bless Happiness, Prosperity
  • Turn Depression to Prosperous Life, Remove Karmic Effects and Dosha's
  • Removes Obstacles and Troubles, Offers Good Health, Great Care & Safety
  • Attain Success in Business, Accumulate Wealth Gains, Improve Personal Gains
  • Bless Good Luck, Happy Family, Removes Poverty, Sins, Enemies, Curses in Life
  • Empower Knowledge and Enlightenment, Remove Conflicts and Friction

Auspicious Homam, Temple Puja Powerful Blessings of Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity, Bless Treasury of Wealth

Goddess Ashta Lakshmi Temple Puja, Chennai
Remove Negativities, Bless Prosperity, Fulfill Desires

The specialty of this temple is performing Puja to Goddess Lakshmi with her Eight Forms namely, are Adi Lakshmi, Dhana Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Santana Lakshmi, Veera Lakshmi, Jaya/Vijaya Lakshmi, Vidya Lakshmi. Goddess Mahalaksahmi with her consort Sriman Narayanan (Lord Vishnu) bless devotees to fulfill the life desires. Performing Puja shall clear all invisible obstacles, trouble and hurdles in life and will be blessed with eight aspects of achievements in life called "Ashta Siddhis" and eight aspects of wealth in life called "Ashta Aiswaryam", bestows Good Health, Fertility, Child bearing, Ever Food Grains, Unending Wealth in Life, Material Abundance and Prosperity.

Lord Kubera Temple Puja
Bless Wealth, Prosperity, Remove Evil Energy, Selfish, Greedy, Clear All Debt Crisis, Bestows Intelligence and Wisdom

Sri Lakshmi Kubera Temple in Chennai is very auspicious would bring all prosperity throughout your life period. Here Lord Kubera is the guardian of wealth and Kubera puja is performed to have stable wealth, where Goddess Lakshmi ushers wealth to all devotees. Performing Puja in this temple recover losses, restore lost wealth, ensures all prosperity to the devotees. The temple is powered with energies of Lord Lakshmi Ganapati, Lord Kuberalingam, Lord Selva Muthukumaran, Lord Yoga Anjaneya and Planetary Lord Navagraha, solving all Graha Doshas, bless to clear all problems in life.

Energized Lakshmi Kubera Coin
Bless Good Fortune, Clear Obstacles in Life, Attain Fulfillment, Bestows Self-Realization, ensure abundance of wealth, joy and happiness

Energized Lakshmi Kubera Coin is a Puja Coins which eternally carries the energies of Goddess Lakshmi Moola Mantras, Ashtothara Lakshmi Namavali, Ashta Kubera Moola Mantra brings home divine spiritual well-being, wisdom, wealth, fortune, light energy, positive vibration, fertility, productivity, never ending prosperity.

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  • Lakshmi Kubera Homam
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  • Lakshmi Kubera Homam
  • Goddess Ashta Lakshmi Temple Puja
  • Lord Kubera Temple Puja
  • Energized Lakshmi Kubera Coin