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Auspicious Panguni Uthiram Ceremonies

Moon and 27 Nakshatra Maha Homam

Negate Severe Mental Issues, Personality Disorders, Get Booming Life, Happiness and Fulfill Desires


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Why Panguni Uthiram is Important?

Moon and 27 Nakshatra Homam will be performed on auspicious Panguni Uthiram. The day is observed as Kalyana Vrata Day as it is the day when Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati. Lord Vishnu married Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Brahma was wedded to Goddess Saraswati on this day. The other wedding ceremonies that took place on this day are, Lord Indira married Indrani, Agastya married Lobhamudra, Lord Muruga married Devasena, Lord Rama married Mother Sita, Lord Krishna married Jambhabhati and Kamadev married Rathi. In southern parts of India, especially in Tamil Nadu, people throng Lord Muruga temples to perform puja and seek blessings.

The names of the 27 nakshatras are 1. Ashwini 2. Bharani 3. Krittika 4. Rohini 5. Mrigashirsha 6. Ardra 7. Punarvasu 8. Pushya 9. Ashlesha 10. Magha 11. Purva Phalguni 12. Uttara Phalguni13. Hasta 14. Chitra 15. Swati 16. Vishakha 17. Anuradha 18. Jyeshta 19. Mula 20. Purvashadha 21. Uttarashadha 22. Shravana 23. Dhanistha 24. Shatabhishak 25. Purva Bhadrapada 26. Uttara Bhadrapada 27. Revati

Moon Signifies Happiness, Femininity, General Well-Being and Beauty

Moon is an important planet in Vedic astrology. It is the significator of the mind and the senses, the indicator of the mother, and females in general. It denotes general well-being and happiness, femininity and beauty. It relates to the memory, mind and eyesight. In Vedic astrology, the moon or Chandra, is married to 27 lunar mansions or nakshatras. It is said that the moon visits the 27 wives after which the sidereal cycle, which means the rotation of the planet or moon in relation to the stars.

Worshipping the moon relieve one from sorrows, helps to cure mental affliction, radiate happiness and also very it’s also effective in answering prayers of devotees.

Significance of Chandra/ Moon Homam

Chandra Homam is ideal one for those who want to recover from the bad effects of moon dosha. Try to divert your energy to some other matter and perform rituals like Chandra Homa to avoid unwanted problems. It also makes feasible ways for strengthening the moon to obtain positive energies. The yagya brings to your life favourable moments and removes any personality disorders. Moreover, one can keep health issues away with this homam. This yagya will be organised specially for those wanting to do it individually. Vedicfolks’ expert priests will perform this powerful homam by chanting special mantras for you to experience optimum results. In addition, one can receive strong positive energies to avoid mental agony and other health disorders.

Chandra/ Moon Homam

Dispels Severe Health Issues, Personality Disorders, Fulfills Desires and Expect Favourable Outcomes

The Chandra Homam eradicates the malefic effects of the moon and trounces negativity. It provides you with a positive atmosphere as all worries, health problems and hurdles are resolved. One gets mental calm, pleasure and learns to control the emotions. It fulfills all desires and increases your confidence level. It also grants peace and harmony and overcome all types of personality disorders. One can get relief from body ailments connected to the digestive system, mental order, chest and lung related complaints etc. experience good intuitions and wonderful social life by performing the ritual.


Significance of 27 Nakshatra Maha Homam

The ancient Vedas have cited benefits and importance of performing Nakshatra homas. A Nakshatra is one of the 27 divisions of the sky and each covers 13 degree and 20 minutes of the zodiac. Astrology has a direct influence in our lives. The placements of planets in our natal charts at the time of birth have a direct bearing on your future. A person is born into a particular nakshatra or constellation on his date of birth called Janma Nakshatra. According to Vedic scholars, since there are nine planets and 27 nakshatras, each planet controls three stars. The planets when they enter into a particular constellation create a positive or negative impact on the person and therefore performing rituals help to eradicate doshas or other destructive imbalances in your life.

27 Nakshatra Maha Homam on Panguni Uthiram

Neutralises Negative Effects, Bestows Booming Life, Confidence and Reshapes Destiny

Nakshatra homam has a direct effect on our personality, destiny, past, present and future, our thoughts, instincts and so on. It overhauls our lives and relieves us of all planetary errors or doshams. For a booming life, it is better to do this puja once a year on the birth star. It provides inner strength and confidence with desirable results.

Our Vedicfolks priests understand the requirements of the scriptures that have revealed that the Nakshatra homam and other ceremonies help neutralise the malefic effects of the planets to which the rashis and stars belong and also achieve optimum results from the same. One gets inner strength and confidence along with desirable results.

Combined Benefits of Moon and 27 Nakshatra Maha Homam

Neutralises the negative effects of Moon.
Removes problems afflicting the mind.
Removes personality disorders that relates to the state of mind.
Expect favourable situations to occur that makes you happy.
It gives a calm and soothing effect on the mind, body and soul.
The ritual removes the negative effects of Mars, Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart.
Maintains prosperity of an individual throughout.
Builds inner strength and confidence.
Janma Nakshatra shapes up your attitude, physical appearance and future.
It also determines destiny, thought process, instinct and subconscious aspects.
Nakshatras play an important role in destiny.
Pacifying Nakshatras leads to positive Karma.
Bestows with good improvement in quality of life.

Mahalingaswamy Temple Puja
Abolishes Sins, Horoscope Defects, Bestows Happy Marriage, Prosperity and Fulfills Desires

Mahalingaswamy temple is situated in Thiruvidaimaruthur near Kumabakonam in Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Mahalingaswamy and his consort is Goddess Bruhat Sundara Gujaambal. The shrine is also a Shakti peetham of the goddess and a Chakra Maha Meru was installed here. This ancient temple was built by the Chola kings. Performing ‘ashwamedha pradakshinam’ is said to be very auspicious for receiving all benefits. The lord is a self-manifested form and special pujas are conducted in the temple to remove sins caused due to Brahmahathi, betrayal, felling trees, abortion problems, etc. There is a separate shrine for Goddess Mookambika where people worship for child boon and safe delivery. Lord Mahalingaswamy resolves issues related to insanity, mental illnesses, depression and ‘nakshatra dosha’ or horoscope defects. Those who wish a happy marriage and long for child boon can worship the lord of the temple. The puja in the temple also grants prosperity, and fulfills all desires.


Energized Moon Yantra
Eliminates Psychological Disorders, Moon Dosha, Balances Emotions, Rejuvenates and Boosts Relationships

Soundarya Lahari Homam

The moon yantra is a square shaped copper yantra having circular and star-shaped designs in the centre. It is also etched with many mantras in the centre. The yantra bestows positive results for those suffering from diseases of the chest, lung infections, tuberculosis, diarrhea, depression or other psychological issues. Moon yantra bestows positive energies of the moon by removing any dosha related to the planet. By worshipping this yantra, emotions can be balanced, brings about improvement in strained relationships, for a peaceful life, increases intuition powers, one is blessed with a beautiful, good natured and loving partner. The yantra rejuvenates and ensures peace and tranquility. The yantra has the powers to attract a balanced and harmonious physical, cognitive and spiritual state of mind.