Chitra Pournami – Exalted Sun, Moon Deliver Positivity,
Enhance Temperament, Good Vibes

Chitra Gupta Homa Makes Your Income Grow,
Negates Karma, Sins, Dismisses Kethu Doshas

Satyanarayana Puja Ensures Success, Wealth, Fulfills Desires

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Chaitra Purnima or Chitra Pournami is an auspicious day of full moon. On this day, the sun is in an exalted state in Aries and the moon is also very powerful owing to its full nature and therefore the two together have a profound effect on Earth, paving the way for a spiritual seeker to attain the ultimate.

The day is so significant that one can not only dissolve karma by their deeds but also attain salvation or moksha. The moon’s energy is high on this day, dedicated to Chitra Gupta, the subordinate of Lord Yama. The lunar month of Chitra and the star Chitra align on this day, with the full moon in full splendour, to make this day a highly significant one. The full moon signifies good vibrations and positive energies. It has a direct effect on the attitudes and sentiments of people enhancing energetic temperament and creativity.

Chitra Gupta, the official book keeper of Yama, manifested on this day when Parvati created him from a picture or Chitra gifted to Her by her consort Shiva. It’s also a day when an enraged Azhagar, brother of Goddess Meenakshi enters the Vaigai River. Chitra Pournami, is also known for the famous Gajendra Moksham tale when elephant Gajendra who was Indradhyumna in his previous birth got moksha.

Chitra Gupta Homam

Chitra Gupta Homa – Suitable For Business Strategists For High Income, Negates Karma, Kethu Affliction, Sins

Revering Lord Chitra Gupta on Chitra Pournami is very valid as this is the deity that decides whether a soul needs to go to hell or heaven depending upon the karma and decides the fate in proportion to a person’s actions on earth after death. He also has the power to bring out one’s inner strength, and help us find the path that our inner consciousness seeks. This day is important for those who are involved in business ventures as a detailed account of earnings and expenses are written and submitted or dedicated to the god. Chitra Gupta Homa can also be performed by those having kethu affliction in the birth chart. The homa also bestows with removing poverty and illiteracy.


Chitra Gupta Mantra

Masibhajan sanyuktacharsi twam mahitale.
Lekhi katni hasta chitragupta namostute.
Chitragupta namostubhyam lekhashardayakam,
kayastha jatimasadaya Chitragupta namostute.

What Impact Can Chitra Gupta Homa Create For You

  • The homa can absolve affliction of Planet Ketu
  • Abolish Karma related problems from life.
  • Natives of Ketu ruled stars like Ashwini, Magha and Moola can perform this homa.
  • People involved in business ventures can benefit from this homa.
  • It helps in attaining Moksha and absolve sins.
  • It also grants the benefit of removing poverty and illiteracy
Satyanarayana Puja

Satyanaryana Puja - Accomplish Wealth, Success, Eliminate Woes

Lord Satyanarayanan is a manifestation of Maha Vishnu, the one who symbolizes eternal truth. The Ekadasi tithi and the Purnima thithi are the perfect settings to perform the puja, the puja involves undertaking a fast and reciting the katha of the lord. The Prasad is offered as neiveidya an offering to the lord, it is then distributed among the devotees present.


The Satyanarayana puja helps to get rid of all woes, overcome barriers, negative energies and grants success in all your efforts. It helps acquire wealth and prosperity and ensures harmony in family life. It protects from evil eye and doshas, fulfill dreams or desires.

Auspicious Temple Puja, Energized Yantra - Invokes Blessings of Lord Chitra Gupta

Special Chitra Gupta Swamy Temple Puja - Eliminates Ketu Effects, Grants Progress, Upholds Good Karma

Chitra Gupta Swamy temple is situated in Kanchipuram and is the only temple in India dedicated to the book keeper of heaven. This is an ancient temple and the statue of Chitra Guptawas found buried underground until it was discovered in the year 1905. Since then the temple was renovated and has found its glory among the locals. On Chitra Pournami day, a special puja is held to seek the blessings of the lord whose ruling planet is Ketu. Ketu is known for its harmful tendencies and those suffering from malefic effects of Ketu can benefit from the trials and tribulations of the planet. Other natives also can receive blessings for progress inbusiness commitments, nullify karmic effects and preserve good karma, eradicate illiteracy and poverty.

Energised Ketu Yantra - Mitigates Serious Problems, Doshas Uplifts Health,Prosperity

A malefic Ketu in the natal chart means various hurdles in life. Ketu Yantra forms kaal sarp dosha with Rahu and causes severe disappointments in life like sudden accidents, and unseen tragedy etc. Planet Ketualso forms bad yogas when it’s associated with other planets. The planet forms kaal sarp dosha with Rahu and the Ketu yantra helps in neutralizing the effects of snakebite and severe ailments due to venom in the body. This yantra is also very effective in solving litigation problems, sudden losses, bone diseases, fear of death, etc. It bestows one with good health, wealth and prosperity. For those wanting success in business front, this is the right one to choose. It also grants victory over enemies.


Basic Package(One Devotee Only)
USD 99.00
  • Chitra Gupta Homam
Gold Package(Upto 6 Devotees Only)
USD 175.00
  • Chitra Gupta Homam
  • Satyanarayanan Puja
  • Chitra Gupta Swamy Temple Puja
Platinum Package(Upto 10 Devotees Only)
USD 191.00
  • Chitra Gupta Homam
  • Satyanarayanan Puja
  • Chitra Gupta Swamy Temple Puja
  • Ketu yantra