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Chamundeswari Maha Homam

Shine Bright in Career, Business, Reduce Complications, Avoid Major Risks & Fulfill All Wishes


Chamundeswari Maha HomamGoddess Chamundeswari Fulfills All Desires & Aspirations

The Chamundeswari Temple in Mysore is another power seat of the fierce form of Shakti. It is one of the 18 Maha Shakti Peethas and known as Krouncha Peetham where the goddess’ both ears fell. Since the deity slayed demons Chanda and Munda, she earned the name Chamundeswari. Goddess Chamundi is the goddess of Devi Mahatmyam and one of the sapta matrikas who is worshipped in her own right unlike the others that are worshipped together. She is also referred to as jaya durga, the one who ensures victory in all your tasks and stands by your side during tribulations. She’s closely associated with Kali, another powerful form of Parvati. People throng her temple as they believe that she fulfills their desires and aspirations.

Shine Bright in Career, Business, Reduce Complications, Avoid Major Risks & Fulfill All Wishes

This powerful homa addresses problems of overcoming fear of negative forces and helps to manage difficult situations in life. Experience peace of mind if planets are malefic as the goddess removes all such issues when invoked. The homa also eliminates doshas and karmic issues to live a better life. Obtain success in all tough tasks and live a life that’s healthy, wealthy and prosperous. The ritual eradicates serious curses, potential threats and removes barriers or obstacles by fulfilling desires of the devotees. The mantras of Chamundeswari Devi enhance the strength of body and mind. She helps boost intellectual abilities and also the talents and skills to shine in career and business. The ritual demolishes all harmful plots of enemies as they become powerless while acting against you.

Kalabhairava Puja: The Bhairava associated with Chamundeswari Devi is Kalabhairava. This fierce form of lord Shiva helps to conquer time, grants materialistic comforts and also grants blessings of good future prospects. One can avoid unnecessary hassles, improve performance in every aspect of life. It guarantees success and prosperity. It protects against diseases and various other ailments.

How Chamundeswari Maha Homa Can Better Your Life on Chitra Pournami

  • The Chamundeswari Homa brightens career and business and helps you to achieve success.
  • It removes barriers and obstacles by fulfilling desires of devotees.
  • Destroy all types of enemies to the core like serious curses, major threats etc.
  • Reduce complications in life and earn good health, wealth and prosperity.
  • Eliminate all doshas like that of planets and also karmic issues by invoking Goddess Chamundeswari.

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