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54 Forms of Ganapathi Series of Homam –11/54

Bala Ganapathi Homam

Prevents Obstacles, Enemies, Negative Energies, Protects Children, Obtain Fortune and Success in all Undertakings


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Bala Ganapathi the Child-like Form is Harbinger of Happiness

Bala Ganapathi is the child form of Lord Ganesh. He is also known as Heramba or Lambodara. Bala Ganapathi represents one of the five integral elements of nature - Earth.

Bala Ganapathi is usually depicted as a golden hued plump child with four arms. He has a large elephant head and a pot-bellied body. He is illustrated holding a laddu (sweet dish) in one hand and a modaka (dumpling) in the other. He is also shown holding a goad and a noose.

Bala Ganapathi is the embodiment of innocence and purity. He is also a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Devotees believe that worshipping Bala Ganapathi brings happiness, good luck, and success in all undertakings.

Vedicfolks will help you in the successful performance of Bala Ganapathi Homam. This Homa ritual is an important part of our Ganesha Series of Homam. It will illuminate your life with the endless blessings and aura of powerful Lord Ganesh in his child avatar.

Significance of Bala Ganapathi Homam

Bala Ganapati Homam is a sacred and highly powerful ritual performed to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha in his Bala incarnation for immense blessings. This Homam helps to overcome all obstacles and brings good luck.

Bala Ganapathi Homam is devoted to Lord Ganesh in his child avatar. Thus, this Homam plays a crucial role in reinforcing children's health. From boosting intelligence to rewarding children with sound health, Bala Ganapathi Homam attracts wonderful boons.

Lord Bala Ganapathi Mantra

Om Gum Ganapathaye Namas Sith thi Thaya Swaha


Karastha Kadali Chootha
Panasekshuka Modhakam l
Bala Soorya Prabhakaram
Vandeham Bala Ganapathim ll

Bala Ganapathi Homam

Prevents Obstacles, Enemies, Negative Energies, Protects Children, Obtain Fortune and Success in all Undertakings

Bala Ganapathi Homam 22

Bala Ganapathi Homam holds an intimate relation with nature's five primordial elements, especially earth element which signifies fertility and abundance. He also blesses devotees in receiving healthy and fulfilling agricultural yields. It also helps in purifying the body and keeps all the wicked energies away. Worshipping Lord Bala Ganapthi soothes the mind by keeping it tension-free. The homam is a blessing in disguise for children as it helps them in growth, sharpens intelligence and checks their bad conduct and habits. An individual can earn immense abundance and bliss with this supreme ritual. This young form of Lord Ganapathi is quick to respond to the devotee's call as being brisk and full of energy is His nature. He can be approached easily and gives blessings like the development of skills, intelligence, and good habits in children. He protects children in need, keeps them in sound health and provides happiness and harmony to all.

Bala Ganapathi Homam 22

Benefits of Bala Ganapathi Homam

Brings good luck and fortune.
Helps to remove obstacles and negativities from one's life.
Cherishes devotees with boons of a healthy progeny.
Assists in attaining success and prosperity.
Blesses the devotee with good health and longevity.
Help in the successful completion of projects and ventures.
Endows peace, prosperity, and happiness.
Boosts consciousness and spiritual awakening.
Guides towards liberation, self-awareness, and high virtues.

Puliakulam Mundhi Vinayakar Temple Puja
Removes Hurdles, Despair, Confers Auspicious Beginnings and Success

Bala Ganapathi Homam 22

Puliakulam Mundhi Vinayakar Temple is located at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Munthi Vinayakar, the main deity of the temple is made of a single granite stone, which was found after a meticulous search, and is said to be the biggest in the whole of Asia. The statue weighs 14 tons and is about 10 feet in height. People consider it auspicious to seek the lord’s blessings before embarking on a journey. He also removes obstacles from every endeavor and grants success to his devotees. Mundhi Vinayaka is worshipped with 16 different rituals, 108 litres of milk, butter, coconut, sandal powder, cheese and turmeric. He holds a nectar pot in the trunk and is royally seated on a Maha Padma or lotus flower. Devotees visit the temple in large numbers to absorb the divine power of Lord Vinayaka. A puja in this temple removes hurdles and gloom, ensures auspicious beginnings of work, renewal of energy, wisdom, success and gives agricultural productivity.


Energized Navadhanya Ganesh Idol
Removes Planet Dosha, Rewards With Fitness, Wealth Abundance, Peace and Prosperity

Bala Ganapathi Homam 22

Navadhanya means nine types of grains that are needed to sustain life. This form of Ganesh is also called Annapurna Ganesh. The grains that are used in the making of the idol represent the navagrahas or the nine planets that impact the various aspects in the life of man. Bengal gram – Jupiter, Guru or Brihaspati, Black sesame – Saturn or Shani, Horse gram – Ketu, White beans – Venus or Shukra, Rice – moon or Chandra, Black gram – Rahu, Chick peas – Mars or Mangal, Wheat – Sun or Surya and Green gram – Mercury or Budh. Navadhaniya Ganesh is placed near the entrance of the home or the puja altar for appeasing the nine planets of Vedic astrology. The lord removes planetary afflictions and limitations, and blesses with fitness, wealth, success, peace and abundance in all endeavors. This idol can also be gifted to near and dear ones as a token of love.


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  • Puliakulam Mundhi Vinayakar Temple Puja
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  • Puliakulam Mundhi Vinayakar Temple Puja
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