Baglamukhi Jayanthi Special

Baglamukhi Mahavidya Maha Homam

Relieve Malefic Effects of Mars, Remove Curse, Destroy Sorrows, Bless Supernatural Beauty, Success in Endeavors, Good Health & Opulence

Scheduled Live on May 1, 2020 At 4 AM IST


This event has been completed.

Please visit this link to perform individual Bagalamukhi Homam

Bagalamukhi Jayanti

Goddess Bagalamukhi Jayanti takes place on the Ashtami of Vaishakha Shukla on 1st May, 2020, apparently the appearance day on this earth, one who abodes in Haridra Sarovar (Turmeric Ocean).  Once a great storm was disturbing the universe and was destroying all the creations. Lord Vishnu found disturbed and performed severe penance to appease Goddess Tripurasundari on the shores of Turmeric Lake, "Haridra Sarovar". All Gods and Devas assembled in the Saurashtra region and prayed. Goddess Tripura- sundari got appeased with Lord Vishnu's austerities and prayers of others, given rise from the lake her manifestation in the form "Goddess Balagmukhi", to calm the storm and restore Dharma. This day is celebrated as Bagalamukhi Jayanti, is benefic for life, a development, give rise to growth, augments an increasing trend.

Goddess Bagalamukhi

Goddess Bagalamukhi or Bagala was once called as Valga which later became Vagla, then finally "Bagla", is the eight form, out of ten Mahavidyas, a tantric deity, known as "Pitambari Maa", is goddess of wisdom. Goddess Bagalamukhi the controller of the universe using cosmic energy, loves everyone. Goddess Bagalamukhi presides in charming through the sunbeam of purity and prosperity,  in yellow attire, represents the sun god gracefully, blessed with strong determination of Lord Vishnu. She is also called as " Devi of Stambhana", one who control and paralyze the enemies.

Another Legacy of Goddess Bagalamukhi

Another Epic says Goddess Bagalamukhi has to defeat Demon Madan, who started overpowering human and murder people. In order to take control of the demon Goddess Bagalamukhi grabbed the tongue of the demon in her hand and demoralize his powers. Madan the demon, before he was killed, requested a boon that he be worshipped when people worship Goddess Bagalamukhi and was blessed with a boon for his transformation and respect on her and to her devotees.

Goddess Bagalamukhi Moola Mantra

Om Hleem Bagalaamukhi Sarvadushtaanaam Vaacham Mukham Padam Stambhaya Jihvaam Keelay Buddhim Vinaashaay Hring Om Swaha

Goddess Bagalamukhi Homam in 2020

It is auspicious to worship on this day, as Goddess Bagalamukhi is very shrewd and intelligent stood at the root cause for sustaining the power of consciousness, to protect the divine cosmic energy to balance the supreme power of omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. She is described as "Dwi-Bhuja" two hands, holds a club in her right hand to defeat the demon and used her left hand so diligently, pulling the tongue out of the demon, only denotes, the heights of intimacy to devotees, to destroy the evil spirits. This homam brings to an end the influences of weakness of planet mars, evades the obstacles, injuries, blood loss, infectious disease, bad habits, inappropriate social behavior. Also it removes and cures the curses of maternal uncle who suffer from greed, lust, pride and enmity. This homam invokes auspicious beginning, wedding bells, buying assets, house-swearing, name and fame, honor, respect, celebrate off-spring, new ventures of toxicant substances like pesticides, farming, stone works, ornaments and decoration works.


  • Relief from grief, sorrow and mental fatigue, bless with life sustainability
  • Reverse adversity, rescue from captivity, bless courage and strength
  • Protect financial losses, make quick rise, bestow with abundance of wealth
  • Prevent disease, psychological disorders, enhance stability and healthy life.
  • Relief from adversities and enmity, bless family well-being, sync bondages
  • Invoke faith, courage and strength, remove fear and danger

Here are the other Added Auspicious Rituals for the day


Swarna Akarshana Bhairava HomamSwarna Akarshana Bhairava Homam - Attracts Wealth and Abundance

One of the most powerful gods for blessings of money and gold is the Swarna Akarshana Bhairava. The words Swarna Akarshana means gold attracting and this form of Lord Shiva – Bhairava is not fierce but peaceful. He is worshipped for abundant wealth and prosperous life. This form of Lord Shiva is also called Aabathdaaruna Murthi which means that this lord gives a helping hand in times of crisis. Performing of Swarna Akarshana Bhairava Homam not only gives success to the individual, but also fulfils all wishes in life that leads to enlightenment.


Mars Homam -  Baglamukhi HomamMars Graha Shanti Homam - Removes Financial Hitches, Improves Relationships

Mars Graha Shanti Homa is performed to pacify the planet Mars. Mars is a marker of vitality, imperativeness, property, declaration, forcefulness, roughness, aspiration, quality, contentions and clash, energy and craving. It is one of those planets that give extremely noticeable positive or negative results. Mars homam helps to reduce clashes in the married life by improving relationship and also helps to overcome financial difficulties to live wealthy life.