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Bagalamukhi Homam

Dasa Mahavidya Series of Homam with Kundalini Awakening (Tantra)

Sixth of the 10 Mahavidya Series of Homams

Bagalamukhi Homam opens 
Ajna chakra and Invokes Mars

Scheduled LIVE on: 17th January, 2017 from 6 PM to 11 PM IST


Vedicfolks is performing Bagalamukhi Homam – Ajna Chakra and Mars invocation on the most auspicious day of Panchami thithi. 

The wisdom goddesses

The Dasa Mahavidyas are also called the wisdom goddesses. Maha denotes great and vidya signifies knowledge. The origin of these goddesses is rather a very interesting story. Daksha Prajapathi, the father of Sati, had organised a huge yagya for which he did not invite Lord Shiva, the consort of Sati. The king considered his son-in-law as someone uncivilised because he sat in graveyards and dressed like a beggar. Shiva refrained Sati from taking part in the yagya but she was stubborn. Shiva compelled her and Sati insisted that she must go.  She was furious and her eyes turned red and bright and limbs trembled.

Seeing her fuming, the Lord closed his eyes and opened them. To his horror, there stood a fearful form before him that changes itself and becomes old her graceful self disappearing. She develops four arms, her complexion turns dark and her hair becomes messy, her lips are wet with sweat and her tongue lolls out and moves from side to side. She is unclothed except for a garland of severed heads and she wears the half moon as a crown. She sparkles like million rising suns and the whole world reverberates with her shattering laughter. Seeing this, Lord Shiva tries to flee the scene but is stopped by the ten forms at ten different exit points. These ten aspects came to be known as Mahavidyas.

The wisdom goddesses manifest themselves in different stages of consciousness. From fierce to calm, these incarnations are revered by tantric practitioners all over the world. Eighth of Dasa Mahavidya, Goddess Bagalamukhi is believed to have a crane face as per Vedic texts. It is symbolic of her trait of being focused on her objective while waddling in the water. She has the undisputed power to protect those who worship her by controlling their enemies from harming them in any manner; thereby turning failures into achievements and defeats into victories.

The appearance of eighth Mahavidya is rather interesting. Once, a huge storm erupted over the universe. As it threatened to destroy and destruct, Lord Vishnu called on Maha shakti who appeared on the Haridra Sarovara, a pond in Saurashtra region. The sky brightened with stars, the entire area lit up with her divine presence and was called ‘Veer Ratri’. The day was Tuesday and Chaturdashi. She was so appeased by the prayers of the gods and she calmed the storm and her favourite colour is yellow.

Of the ten Mahavidyas, Bagalamukhi is a powerful mahavidya who has the power to paralyze any evil soul and thus she is well known for protecting her devotees from evil powers.  She strengthens planet Mars which eventually mitigates problems between married couples. It brings profit for law firms and professions like real estate and agriculture.

The Bagalamukhi portrayal presents her as a goddess with a golden complexion dressed in yellow. She sits in a golden throne in the midst of an ocean of nectar full of lotuses. A crescent moon adorns her head. She is seen adorning fine jewelry and also wears Champaka blossoms. 

Kundalini Awakening - This Mahayagya Opens your Ajna Chakra 

Vedic Astrology - Mars will be strengthened in the horoscope which enables the individuals to handle bigger responsibilities in a better way. This strengthening will rule over your courage, siblings, cousins, fixed assets like land, agriculture, real estate business, mining, legal issues etc. 

Bagalamukhi has very powerful siddhis which destroys all evil powers in an individual’s life. Bagalamukhi puja can be carried out to get protection from intended or unintended negativities. Her devotees are granted with immense courage and legal problems will be sorted out if Bagalamukhi Homam is performed.

The tantric aspect


Baglamukhi appears wearing yellow clothes and is said to have a golden complexion which marks peace and prosperity; she is seated on a lion’s throne. She has control over life and death. She is also said to be a form of ‘Brahmastra’ and is popularly called ‘Bramhastra Roopini’. She’s the weapon to destroy the enemies of the universe. She has the capability of paralyzing the evil forces; protection is one of the responsibilities of Bagalamukhi. She is also said to have excessive magical powers.

Baglamukhi gives solutions for all sorts of legal problems, adverse incidents, and anticipated misfortunes. She also brings prosperity, stability and blesses longevity. She exists in the form of immense power, supremacy, and dominance thus she grants confidence and courage to her devotees.

The mahavidyas are said to be tantric goddesses and sometimes she is depicted as sitting on a corpse that symbolizes the beginning of a new life for the spirit. Most of the wisdom deities are associated with such cadavers and hence their mastery over extreme tantric rituals is quite obvious. Like all other mahavidyas, Bagalamukhi exhibits both positive and negative virtues. 


Goddess Bagalamukhi


Baglamukhi gives solutions for all sorts of legal problems, adverse incidents, and anticipated misfortunes. She also brings prosperity, stability and blesses longevity. She exists in the form of immense power, supremacy, and dominance thus she grants confidence and courage to her devotees.

Bagalamukhi Homam significance

Performing Bagalamukhi Homam facilitates an individual gain ability to create a strong influence over others. Baglamukhi homa is ideal for winning court cases, and brings success in interviews. It ravages the pessimistic environment around you. Your career will be upgraded and business will flourish with enormous profits.

Baleful outcomes of sorcery, curses, black magic etc. will be sabotaged. Afflictions of Mars will be mitigated. Real estate business will make a huge fortune in the favourable dasa of Mars. Family disputes will be sorted out and family’s economy will go back to its normal condition.

Ajna chakra’s specialty

This chakra is also called as third eye chakra which offers a spiritual insight of the future. When a person opens this chakra he can obtain desires that motivates his life to move forward and one’s perception can be clear and exceptional. His life will be propelled in many directions.

This chakra has a holistic nature, when opened will activate both the parts of brain. Thus one can find success in legal problems and other serious issues in his life since his comprehending level increases. Worshipping Bagalamukhi opens Ajna chakra which transcends time and this will enhance their spirituality. Third eye chakra gives wisdom and increases conscience which leads to betterment in an individual’s life.

Bagalamukhi Homam Benefits

Removes the effects of black magic
Annihilates curses
Frees one from legal problems
Gives eternal knowledge
Removes Mars’ malefic effects
Family disputes will be settled
Brings fortune for buying fixed assets

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