Ardhanarishvara-HomamSoma Pradosham Special

Ultimate Worship of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati's Union

Sri Ardhanarishvara Homam

Resolves Relationship Problems, Destroys Hardships and Malefic Planetary Dosha, Ensures Happiness and Prosperity


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Lord Ardhanarishvara is one of the 64 Manifestations of the Absolute Reality Parashiva


Sri Ardhanarishvara is a composite form of Lord Shiva and Parvati, a half-male and half-female merger from the centre. This form also has other names such as Ardhanarisha, Ardhanarinateshwara, Ardhagaureeshwara, Gaureeshwara, Naranaari, Parangada, Ammiappan, etc. The right half of Sri Ardhanarishvara depicts the lord and left represents the Devi. The form strikes a perfect balance of male and female as one. Called Purusha and Prakriti, Ardhanarishvara symbolizes the all-pervasive and all-enduring nature of Lord Shiva. The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad explains that the form split into two to unite and proliferate to produce life. The Puranas like Shiva Purana, Vishnu Purana, Vaayu Purana, Skanda or Markendeya Purana have mentioned the origin of Ardhanarishvara.

According to Shaiva Siddhanta, Lord Ardhanarishvar is one of the 64 manifestations of the absolute reality Parashiva, the highest aspect of Lord Shiva. The scriptures portray various instances about this unique form of Lord Shiva that is a quintessential balance between male and female energies of the universe. They complement each other and are inseparable and need to remain that way to maintain an equilibrium in the universe. This union, according to Vedic experts, is essential for the universe to procreate after Pralaya or the great cosmic dissolution. The unity though contrast each other, also seem to match because Purusha is passive and Prakriti is an active force. The former is static consciousness or potential energy while the latter is dynamic kinetic energy.

A story in the Puranas reveal that Sage Bhringi, a true devotee of Lord Shiva refused to worship the lord along with Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva encompassed Parvati within self to become Ardhanarishvara.

If you’re looking for a day to cleanse your Karma then nothing like choosing Pradosham time. Pradosham falls on the 13th day of the lunar fortnight – Trayodashi. If a Trayodashi falls on a Monday, then it’s the day of Soma Pradosham. The day is auspicious for worship of Lord Shiva and Soma means Moon. Lord Shiva is the overlord of the Moon and has the celestial body neatly tucked in his matted hair. The Moon rules Monday and signifies impact on an individual’s emotions, feelings and thoughts. Worshipping Lord Shiva on Soma Pradosham calms the mind and helps attain ultimate bliss. If Planet Moon is afflicted in the chart, then Soma Pradosha ceremonies strengthens Moon to give you good results.

Sri Ardhanarishvara Homam will be performed on Soma Pradosha day which is auspicious as it confers favorable results, and strong mentality to get out of difficult situations easily. You can overcome sorrows, experience joy, enthusiasm, peace and solace. Invoking the lord’s consort, Goddess Parvati on the day is significant as she controls the Moon.

Significance of Ardhanarishvara Homam

Sri Ardhanarishvara Homam is the ultimate offering made to the powerful divine couple with dual energies of Purusha and Prakriti. The homam bestows blessings of both Lord Shiva and Parvati for peace, joy and prosperity. The powerful union of the dual deities ensures blessings of respect, affection, harmony between husband and wives and help to restore their cordial marital relationships. Sri Ardhanarishvara Homam on Soma Pradosham day removes Karma of the past and present, all types of planetary afflictions and curses, etc. Soma is Moon and the blessings of the day help to mitigate psychological disorders, and boosts mental health. The divine couple when invoked on the day remove relationship problems between couples and members of the family.

Sri Ardhanarishvara Stotram


Dhammillakaayai Cha Jataadharaaya Namah
Shivayai Cha Namah Shivaaya||


Krutasmaraayai Vikrutasmaraaya Namah
Shivaayai Cha Namah Shivaaya||


Hemaa~Ggadaayai Bhujagaa~Ggaadaaya
Namah Shivaayai Cha Namah Shivaaya||


Samekshanaayai Vishamekshanaaya Namah
Shivaayai Cha Namah Shivaaya ||


Divyaambaraayai Cha Digambaraaya Namah
Shivaayai Cha Namah Shivaaya||


Nirishvaraayai Nikileshvaraaya Namah
Shivaayai Cha Namah Shivaaya||


Jagajjananyai Jagadekapitre Namah
Shivaayai Cha Namah Shivaaya||


Shivaanvitaayai Cha Shivaanvitaaya Namah
Shivaayai Cha Namah Shivaaya ||


Etatpathedashtakamishtadam Yo Bhaktyaa Sa
Maanyo Bhuvi Dirghajivi
Praapnoti Saubhaagyamanantakaalam
Bhooyaatsadaa Tasya Samastasiddhih||

rinateshvarastotram Sampoornam||

Sri Ardhanarishvara Homam

Resolves Relationship Problems, Destroys Hardships and Malefic Planetary Dosha, Ensures Happiness and Prosperity

The Sri Ardhanarishvara Homam mitigates malefic effects of planets and also removes bad influences from your life. If you encounter hardships or impediments, the ritual helps overcome them. This wish-fulfilling ritual improves health to ensure your long life. It invites auspiciousness and positive energy. It addresses to relationship problems in the family and makes sure couples lead a happy and prosperous life. With the divine grace of the heavenly couple achieve success, wealth, spiritual enlightenment and happiness.


Benefits of Ardhanarishvara Homam

  • Removes past sins and bad karma.
  • Helps to achieve peace, prosperity, protection and happiness.
  • Fulfills all wishes.
  • Gives peace and harmony between spouses and enhances family relationships.
  • Achieve spiritual upliftment.
  • Receive divine blessings of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.

Sri Ardhanareeshwarar Temple Puja
Solves Relationship Issues, Allays Kalathra and Sarpa Dosha and Gives Child, Marriage Boons


Sri Ardhanareeshwarar Temple in Tiruchengode, near Salem is a famous temple of Lord Shiva which is situated atop a hill 1900 feet above sea level. The main deity, Ardhanareeshwarar is called Umai Oru Baagan, Ammaiappan, Mangaiappan, etc., is 6 feet tall wearing robes of partly male and partly female. A puja in this temple helps to improve unity between couples, and if the couples are divorced a reunion is made possible. The lord’s grace removes problems and trauma in family relationships. The powerful form of Shiva also alleviates Rahu - Ketu dosha, Kalathra dosha and Sarpa dosha. Lord Ardhanareeswarar grants improvement in business and trade, bestows child and marriage boons, boosts mental health and prosperity.


Energized Brass Shiva Linga
Powerful Symbol for Protection, Prosperity & Growth


A very powerful symbol of Lord Shiva, the lingam is a representation of the union of a primordial energy of the Shakti with divine consciousness that is Lord Shiva. It connotes a column of light that has no beginning or end. An energized Shiva lingam which is 2 inches in size, has the power to radiate positive vibrations around you of peace, harmony and oneness. It can also be used as an instrument of mediation and the energy from it transcends one to the realm of bliss and spiritual revelation and growth. It gives prosperity, protection and contentment.

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  • Ardhanarishvara Homam
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  • Ardhanarishvara Homam
  • Sri Ardhanareeshwarar Temple Puja
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  • Ardhanarishvara Homam
  • Sri Ardhanareeshwarar Temple Puja
  • Energized Brass Shiva Linga