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Ultimate Sbeenupreme Ritual To Cut off Karma from Roots & Attain Adishrishti (Primeval Lord)

Scheduled Live On May 28, 2018 @ 6 PM IST
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Adishrishti – The Paramatma Who Has Powers In Unlimited Quantity

Adishrishti is the lord who is saguna because he possesses all divine qualities like omniscience and also he’s nirguna because he has no imperfect qualities that are animalistic in nature like destructibility, grossness etc. 
He is the purest of all, free from corruption, has all powers in potentially unlimited quantity.  The cosmos follows a unique cycle of re-creation and re-absorption called the anadi shakthi which is the non original creation or that which is beginningless (e.g. Ishwara) and mahapralaya which means the great dissolving of the universe.
This is a periodic cycle as the universe degenerates and re-emerges from the subtle state of matter called Prakriti. But beyond all this before the periodic cycle of the universe began, there was at the very beginning an Adishrishti, an original creation, who till the end, will remain. To understand the nature of this great Purusha, one must know of his five great attributes like satyatva, jnanatva, anandatva, anantatva and amalatva.

Bad karma – A Terrible Weed That Needs To Be Plucked Out From Roots

Karma need not always be bad, it can be good too. If you do good deeds, it will bring joy and goodness to you, if you commit evil, then the consequences will be dreadful. Karma is the method of teaching of god.  This karma has a very deep past — it has it implications even with your very first soul. You have taken birth on this earth only after a series of such births in your past life. Even ancestral karma can affect your life. But one need not fear karma. Yes, we as human beings must pay for all wrong actions but god has shown the way to ease all the tension i.e. through techniques and good actions dedicated to god and humanity at large. The Adishrishti Homa is the best and unique method to eliminate karma in its earliest manifestation.  

Attain Adishrishti (Primeval Lord) Who Is Superior to Karma

God is the real maker of the universe, who has made innumerable beings and worlds for them to dwell. Among the worlds, some are filled with happiness and hardly there’s sorrow there – heaven. The world full of sorrow is called hell and that realm where happiness and sorrow are found in equal measure is the human world. But what one must understand is that all these worlds are equally governed by the law of karma.
The purest form – the Paramatma or the primeval lord is superior to Karma as he controls the actions of all worlds. We need to know that nothing can control the Paramatma. The Srimad Bhagavatam, the crest jewel of Vedas, establishes Lord Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is Bhagavan which means having full of six opulence – Rich, strong, famous, beautiful, most renounced and most knowledgeable. Even Lord Brahma accepts Lord Krishna as the ultimate god. Ishvarah Paramah Krishnah – He is the supreme controller.

Adishrishti Homam Powerful Spiritual Route to Realise Godhead & Gain Moksha

The Adishrishti Homa deals with the root of karma. It plucks out the root cause of karma from its core. Lord Krishna told Arjuna that our soul passes through 84,00,00,00 species in order to get a human body to live. These species may be born as cockroaches, dogs or lizards or any other living creature. But one cannot fix the number of human births the soul takes to change because it depends on the karma.By performing the Adishristi Tantra Homa we remove the root cause of your negative karma so that you can have all the bliss and peace. The accumulated karmic baggage, inherited in the course of previous life, sometimes plays a far greater role than the genes that you inherited from your parents.
Since the effects of karma may be experienced immediately or at some later time in the life of an individual or it may accumulate and show up in subsequent rebirths. The homa is a pure, supreme spiritual route to realise Supreme Godhead and attain salvation (Moksha)

How Adishrishti Homam Can Be Important In Your Life

•    The Adishrishti Homa plucks out the root cause of karma from its core.

•    The Adishristi Homa does not allow a living individual to accumulate karma anymore and liberates him from the shackles of life and death

•    The homam is a pure, supreme spiritual route to realise Supreme Godhead and attain salvation (Moksha)    

•    Helps to eliminate sins in an efficient manner so that you or your posterity don’t have to bear the consequences

Special Rituals to add more Power to Adishrishti Homam


Adishrishti Homam - Narayana Kavacha PujaNarayana Kavacha Puja - Acts as a shield and protects you against evil energies

In the Bagawatha Purana there’s a passage dedicated to Lord Narayana called the Narayana Kavacham. This acts as a protective shield to those befallen with misfortunes, oppression, tension, diseases, panic or alarm, negative influences of the planet or any other social impacts etc. The mantras of Narayana Kavacham are so powerful that elements will bow down before the person who chants the mantras. It removes doshas of planets, sins, gives abundant wealth and Moksha.


Adishrishti Homam - Jagadamba PujaJagadamba Puja - The divine Mother blesses you with wealth and knowledge

Like Narayana, Goddess Jagadamba is female energy from which all beings arise. She is the mother of the whole universe. She is even the mother of the trinity gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. She’s a conglomeration of Chandika, Adi Parasakthi, Bhavani, Durga etc. A Puja invoking Goddess Jagadamba bestows you with wealth, salvation, knowledge, relief from diseases and helps you purchase vehicles.