Chandika Devi Vedicfire Rituals

Allay Sorcery, Witchcraft, Ease Pain & Quell Inerasable Doshas
Scheduled Live On December 3, 2018 @ 6 PM IST

This event has been completed.
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Goddess Chandika is a powerful, vicious form that manifested from the combined energies of all gods in heaven including the Trinities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. She being an exceptional fiery splendour, when she laughed the three worlds quaked, the oceans shook, the earth shuddered and mountains staggered. Worshipping this divine power on Tripura Bhairavi Jayanthi gives relief from all kinds of resistances. Goddess Chandika saves her people from all sufferings and negative pressures.

Chandika Homa - Bestows Success In All Matters

Chandika Homam The Chandika Vedicfire ritual to this stupendous force is considered to be a solution to all ills. It propitiates the mighty goddess Adi Parashakti and expresses one’s gratefulness to her. Before the start of the ritual invoking the God of Wisdom Lord Ganesha is mandatory and therefore Vedicfolks has organised the Sri Vidya Ganapathy Homa. This ritual grants success during testing times, removes obstacles, bestows wealth and prosperity.

The Chandika Homa grants success in business and other ventures, it gives success in education, clears legal tangles, makes job recruitment easier etc. It has the power to cure disabilities like mental disorders and severe afflictions, also to stave off problems due to malefic planets in birth chart, clear vasthu complaints and so on.Chandika Devi homa gets rid of spirits like Brahmayaksha and Gandharva dosha besides removing negative energies like sorcery, voodoo and witchcraft.

How Chandika Homa Impacts Your Life

  • To overcome problems in business and find success in it
  • To make losses into profits and achieve success in all endeavours
  • To attain health and longevity, find cure for physical abnormalities, mental disorders etc
  • To ward off malevolent planetary disturbances
  • To keep off ill effects of sorcery and witchcraft
  • To be victorious in matters related to job recruitment, legal disputes, exams etc.
  • Enhances healing and spiritual growth
  • Protects from negative energies, evil spirits and ghosts

Chandika homam 1Devi Saptashloki Parayanam

Devi Saptashloki Parayanamis the seven verses addressed to Goddess Chandika that’s part of Devi Mahatmyam.It’s a very popular prayer that showers wealth, excellent memory, removes hurdles, fine health, knocks out troubles from life and also gives a good family life.

Devi Sookta Parayanam

Devi Sookta Parayanam is a prayer to the goddess to remove difficulties, fear, sorrow, poverty and troubles besides granting fortune, intelligence and immense happiness.

Chandika Moola Mantra Japa - Clears Problems of Malevolent Planets

It lifts the veil of ignorance, and it consists of seed sound that helps to gain knowledge or consciousness. It invokes all the three forms of the universal Mother Shakthi namely Mahasaraswathi, Mahalakshmi and Mahakali. By invoking the deities, we plead with them to come into our lives and fulfill all our worldly and spiritual desires immediately.

How Chandika Moola Mantra Japa can be useful to you

  • It eradicates all types of negativity like evil eye and black magic
  • Checks malefic effects of negative planets
  • Prevents bad luck and setbacks due to enemies etc.
  • It helps build will power and confidence
  • Grants victory in all matters
  • Neutralises ill will between people, turns foes into friends
  • Gives happiness, abundance and prosperity   

Tripura Bhairavi Puja - Bestows Four Goals of Life

Chandika Homam 2She is one of the Dasa Mahavidyas and a consort of Lord Bhairava, a fierce form of Lord Shiva. The word Bhairavi means one who is fearless, who vanquishes fear of death, and one who is awe inspiring.

Goddess Tripura Bhairavi is also known by various other names such as Chaitanya Bhairavi, Nitya Bhairavi, Kamaleshwari Bhairavi, Bhuvaneshwar Bhairavi, Siddh Bhairavi, Sampadaprad Bhairavi, Kaleshwari Bhairavi, Kamershwari Bhairavi, Rudra Bhairavi, Bhadra Bhairavi and Shatkuti Bhairavi.

She blesses those with great moral qualities and punishes the wrong doers. She grants radiance, articulates expression, eliminates fear and ghosts.


What you gain from Tripura Bhairavi Puja

  • Bestows four goals of life – enjoyment, wealth, recognition or liberation
  • Attain courage and valour
  • Ease out pains, afflictions and all problems
  • Bestows devotees with perfect health and wealth
  • Achieve supreme consciousness & intelligence
  • Get wealth, fame, respect & happy family life
  • Takes away disease, sorrow, darkness and death

Kushmanda Bali - Provides Comforts In Life

Chandika Homam 3Kushmanda Bali is performed after the yagna before ‘purnahuti’ which is sacrificing a whole ash gourd (Kushmanda) in the fire which is said to please Goddess Kushmanda who bestows the worshipper with a divine sparkle, frees them from afflictions and provides all comforts in life. 


She also showers wealth and health blessings. The ash gourd which is round in shape represents the universe and the goddess controls the movements of the entire solar system. 



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USD 133.00
  • Chandika Vedicfire Ritual
  • Tripura Bhairavi puja
  • Chandika Moola Mantra Japa
Chandika Platinum
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  • Chandika Vedicfire Ritual
  • Tripura Bhairavi puja
  • Chandika Moola Mantra Japa
  • Pratyangira Devi Temple Pooja
  • Energised Goddess Durga Statue

Silver -

Chandika Vedicfire Ritual – It grants success in matters related to business and finance, clears all impediments and ill fortunes.

Tripura Bhairavi puja – A puja to Tripura Bhairavi bestows goals of life, gives blessings of wealth, fame and perfect health.

Chandika Moola Mantra Japa – The recital of Chadika Moola mantra eradicates all types of negative forces related to black magic and grants victory in all endeavours.


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