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Tara Pooja—Rescue from the Troubles of Life!

Goddess Tara, believed to be the female incarnation of Buddha, is a stature of peace and wisdom.  She made her presence feel in this divine world to bless the human lives with the following:

  • Eternal Happiness
  • Relief from sorrows of life
  • Peace of mind and prosperity
  • Calm and composed living
  • Trouble free life for the woman gender
  • Peace, health and prosperity


What is done in Tara Pooja?

Tara, also known as the Green Goddess, is naturally very beautiful herself. She is dressed with simplicity and offered with Prasads. Buddhist mantras and vedic syllables are chanted to make her calm and beautiful presence available to her devotees. Her presence by itself will provide the devotee with peace of mind through their life spans. All that you ask for is serenely and beautifully given away to you!

Japas or mantras are recited accordingly for each pooja by a sacred group of priests who are   authenticated, devoted and sincere. It is essential that a Japam (mantra) is spelled rightly for the right effect. And, our group of expert priests makes sure that they perform the pooja in the authentic and traditional way with the right syllable for the right effect!

What Will I Receive?

Tara Pooja—Ask and she will give!

If you perform this pooja, you will be blessed with a peaceful and serene life, which is a dream to many others! Stability in life and the patience and calmness in decision making will be an excellent attribute. 

After performing the Pooja, we will send over the Prasad (vermillion/sacred ash). If you are able to attend the Pooja, you will be given the Prasad in person, or else this will be sent over to you. Please be informed that it might take 4-7 business days for your Prasad to reach you.