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Mercury Pooja—Swirl in Positivity!

Why Mercury Pooja?

Mercury is the chief intelligence bureau in the world of planets. He not only bestows his natives with the power of intelligence but also wraps them up with positivity in whatever they do or wherever they are!   To surge your best in the waves and pools of positive energy and cleverness all around you, Mercury of Lord Budha is your only solace!

Who is Lord Mercury?

Lord Budha or Mercury is the intelligence quotient of every human being who corresponds to your presence of mind, instantaneousness, communication powers and your creativity. All these are the tools to positive living, after all! In a nutshell Lord Budha or Mars entitles you with credits to intelligence and positive vibrations in you.  

Benefits and Significance

If you have a strongly placed Budha in your Birth Chart, no wonder why you master the art of communications and creativity. 

Stay High on your Communication Lines!

Did you know writers and those associated with the field of communication are the blessed natives of Mercury himself? If you want wonders to work through your career and you yearn to sail on positive waves, it’s time to get connected with the master of communications.