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Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

Obtain Power, Energy & Vitality to Fight any Difficulty


Significance of Vimshati Bhuja avatar of Hanuman

Vimshati Bhuja Anjaneya Swamy is that avatar of Lord Hanuman, who possesses 20 arms. It is one of the most revered and cherished aspects of the commanding Lord Hanuman. This avatar of supreme Hanuman is regarded as the most vital one. In this embodiment, Hanuman is the epitome of energy and strength. The mighty Lord Brahma, who created the entire universe, also fears this aspect of Hanuman. Sapta Rishis also bow down to Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman and his immense powers. Evil monsters and demons used to thunder by the name of this incarnation of Lord Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman, in this aspect, disseminates stamina to his ardent devotees to fight any catastrophe and evolve with utmost bravery. The 20 bhujas or arms of Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman signifies twenty different energies. Those who want to attain regeneration and the power to beat all life's obstacles should cherish Vimsathi Bhuja Hanuman Avatar with supreme perseverance and dedication.

About Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

In Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam, an arrangement is set to adore this great avatar of Lord Hanuman. A fire lab is lit, and priests chant mantras and shlokas in admiration of Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman.

Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

Following shloka is primarily chanted in proceedings of Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman Homam:

“Khadgam Khetaka Bhindhivala Parusham Pasa Trisuladruman|
Chakram Sankha Gada Phalankusa Sudhakumbhan Halam Parvatam||
Tankam Pusthaka Karmu Kahi Dhamarun Yethani Divyayudha|
Nevyam vimsitabahubischa dhadhatam hanumath prabhum!”|| 

Boons of Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman Homam

Here are a few major windfalls of Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman Homam:

  • Vimshati Bhuja Hanuman Homam brings the supreme blessings of the mighty Hanuman in his Vimshati Bhuja avatar.
  • This Homam brings an aura of energy, vitality and freshness to tackle any bitter instance or situation of life.
  • This Homam brings peace and abundance to life.
  • It brings joy, prosperity and endless glory to life.
  • The Homam adores life with fortune, material wealth and endless profusion.

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