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Sri Vasavi Kannika Parameshwari Homam
Overcome Physical and Mental Problems 
Sri Vasavi Kannika Parameshwari is the goddess of kula devatha of the Arya vysya community.  She was born into the family of Kusuma Sresti, the king of Vysyas in Penugonda and his consort Kusumamba. They were devotees of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Though the two led a peaceful and happy life, they were anxious to have children.
Their guru, Bhaskaracharya suggested they perform Puthra Kameshti yagya and the couple was asked to consume the prasad. In a few days, Kusumamba conceived and finally gave birth to twins, a boy and girl, Virupaksha and Vasavamba. 
Vasavamba during her young days was a lover of art, music and architecture and was philosophical in her character. She grew into a beautiful woman and that was the time King Vishnu Vardhana spotted her and fell madly in love. Of course, God of Love’s (Kamadeva) arrow did the trick. The emperor was much older, already married and belonged to a different caste stood as a stumbling block and Kusuma Sresti disliked the alliance. Vasavamba too preferred to remain a spinster and lead a simple life without showing interest in worldly desires. When Kusuma Sresti denied the emperor’s proposal, he was angry and sent his army which was defeated by the former’s army. 
Vasavamba an Incarnation Of Adiparashakthi
In the mean time, Vasavamba was very upset due to the conflict in the kingdom and decided to give up her life by jumping into the sacrificial pyre and also urged others to do so. This is to prove the superiority of the community and uphold the rights of sanctity.  
The people realised that she was no ordinary mortal and asked her to show her true self and she manifested in her real form as Adiparashakthi or Maha Shakthi, blazing and radiant, hotter than Agni, the Fire God, who just couldn’t accept Her. She then cooled down and entered the pyre followed by the others and were transported to Shiva Loka. 
The goddess’ life reveals that non violence is best method of protest and that status of women needs to be defended at all times. She came to be known as Sri Vasavi Kannika Parameswari. 
Significance of Sri Vasavi Kannika Parameswari homam
The goddess stresses the virtues of love and character. She also signifies the importance o f art, music, education and dance. She protects her devotees from worldly temptations and preserves human values and traditions. 
Benefits of Sri Vasavi Kannika Parameswari homam
Overcome physical and mental problems
Clears obstacles in the path
Clears all negativity and removes stumbling blocks
Eliminates bad karma and doshas
Very helpful for women to retain their glory
Upholds Dharma or Righteousness
Helps attain Moksha, cycle of birth and death.

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