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Goddess Shoolini Durga Homam

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Goddess Shoolini Durga Homam Bless Stable Mind, Body, Positive Traits, Relieve Misfortune


Goddess Shoolini Durga Homam

During the time of Narasimha Avatar, an enraged Maha Vishnu was uncontrollable.  Lord Shiva took the form of Sarabeshwara (a Yazhi bird with human body and eagle’s wings) to calm Him. In the wings are Goddess Shoolini Durga and Pratyangira Devi.


Goddess Shoolini Durga protects her devotees from all misfortunes. She rescues you from enemies and protects wealth and assets. She controls the mind and physique. She gives plenty of knowledge and wisdom and blesses your children. She appears immediately to the call of her devotees. She is difficult to approach but through rituals like homam, one can get closer to her. She cures all types of fever that includes body imbalance.


Legacy of Goddess Shoolini

Goddess Soolini Durga is the principal and unique form of Goddess Durga Affiliated to Goddess Adi Parashakti and the other forms are Goddess Devi, Goddess Shakti, is the Divine Mother of Earth, whose Abode is Mount Meru or Mount Kailash which is the center point of Physical, Metaphysical, Spiritual Universe said to be the highest point of Sanctity and Divine Energies which has a Deep Spiritual Significance which is the Cosmic Axis, the Center point of the Universe, which possess True Nature, Holy Lake, Cosmic Wind Energy, High Power of Well-being.


She is honored, praised with different names as Dhuruvi, Shivrani, Shulini Devi, Saloni Devi. She is also said to be the Queen of Mountain Himalayas and the Consort of Lord Sharabeshwara another form of Lord Shiva in a fierce form appeared in the universe with the blessings of Lord Shiva, to control the ferocious form of Lord Narasimha to protect the universe and to control the Anger, Ego, Domineering Attitude of Lord Narasimha who was turning as a threat, who changed almost to an uncontrollable energy of destruction.


Lord Shiva took the form as Lord Sarabeshwara, a part bird and a part lion. Goddess Shoolini took her abode in the right wing of Lord Sarabeshwara and she was called as Goddess Shoolini as her appearance is in black complexion is another form of Goddess Durga, known as Goddess Shoolini Durga.


Goddess Shoolini Durga Moola Mantra


Om Shreem Hreem Srowm Dhum

Jwala Jwala Shoolini

Dushta Graha Hoom Phat Swaha


Goddess Shoolini Durga Homam

This Homam helps one to get rid of depression and all other problems related to the psyche. It removes fear, anxiety and tensions. If you face setbacks with regard to factory, business and jobs this homam is most ideal to seek the blessing of Goddess Shoolini Durga. Goddess Shoolini Durga Homam helps you when there are obstacles in path, when you feel miserable for not being able to achieve all that you want and you are left depressed of being subjugated, and need the power to defend yourself to achieve your desired goals.


Benefits of Goddess Shoolini Durga Homam

  • Provides peace and tranquility to the mind
  • Negates the effects of weak planets
  • Impedes all negative energies
  • Gives immediate results
  • Very beneficial to growing kids
  • Cures body and mind imbalances


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