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Sheetala Devi Homam

Cure Disease, Courage and Strength, Remove Mental Agitation


Goddess Sheetala Devi has the power of purification, the disease reliever, a close friend and invisible Doctor of this day, cure disease spread instantly, is a good forecaster, identify the ways and means to cure the incurable disease. Beyond belief, cure diseases, even doctors cannot. Goddess Sheetala has the power and pride bless the wailing mothers and children's by giving relief permanently. Performing homam is the remedy for all sufferings and pain, prevent from damaging their awful life of children's, parent's and married couple's.

Goddess Sheetala Devi Mantra


Namami Sheetaladevi Rasbhastha


Marjani Kalshopeta Shurpalankrut Mastaka ||


Recite this Powerful Sheetala Devi Mantra 108 times for getting cured of infection diseases like Pox and Skin infection.



  • Bless good health, prevention from distress disease
  • Deter painful diseases namely pox, measles, bless comfort
  • Remove the fear of deadly fever, incurable plague, gain blissful wonders of life
  • Protection from God of Skin, Remove blood inflictions, unending skin disease
  • Save from Complications of digestion sensitivities, fatigue, liberate from misfortunes
  • Grind Halt hurdles, burdens, complications, bless purity and prosperity

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