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Rudram Chamakam Homa—Be Granted with What you Ask For!

Lord Shiva, the decider of Earth, revealed his divine form and presence to the world to help accomplish and make his devotees’ dream come true. It is said that Lord Shiva grants to his devotees, whatever they ask for, no matter how complicated the wish is. He blesses you with the following:

  • Blessings that you ask for
  • Eternal Happiness
  • Family well being
  • Career satisfaction
  • Leadership
  • Successful in endeavors and
  • Peace, health and prosperity


What is done in Rudram Chamakam Homa?

Rudram is the divine syllable or mantra that is dedicated and chanted to Lord Shiva. Chamakam comes from the word “Chame” that is recited with the Rudram. Lord Shiva is decorated with Bilva leaves, a kind of leave that divinity is said to outpour in. He is offered with Prasad. He is appeased with the chanting of Rudram by a group of sacred priests, with which his presence is felt and he ultimately blesses his devotees with what they ask for—sincerely! 

Japas or mantras are recited accordingly for each Homa by a sacred group of priests who are   authenticated, devoted and sincere. It is essential that a Japam (mantra) is spelled rightly for the right effect. And, our group of expert priests makes sure that they perform the Homa in the authentic and traditional way with the right syllable for the right effect!

It is known to spiritual people that at the end of every Homa, sacrificial ghee (clarified butter), clothes   and other divine things are offered to the fire—Agni Devatha. Once the fire swallows all these divine offerings, it bestows the people assembled for the gathering and the performer with all that they ask for. It is believed that Lord Shiva is present all over virtually and blesses and grants your wishes in person!

What Will I Receive?

Rudra Chamakam Homa—Be Blessed with What you Ask For!

If you perform this Homa, you will be blessed with whatever you ask for by Lord Shiva. Your deep and sincere prayers are but alone the only way to make your dreams come true by offering prayers to Lord Shiva! 

After performing the Homa, we will send over the Prasad (vermillion/sacred ash). If you are able to attend the Homa, you will be given the Prasad in person, or else this will be sent over to you. Please be informed that it might take 4-7 business days for your Prasad to reach you.

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