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 Rakshoghna Sukta Homam

Powerful Vedic Ritual for Protection of Wealth, Health, Assets & to Remove Vastu disorders



Rakshoghna Sukta HomaHow Rakshoghna Sukta Homa Can Be Effective

The Rakshogna suktam will invoke this form of Lord Vishnu and it’s very appropriate to perform the ritual to Lord Sudarshana. The powerful lord is the destroyer of evil and bestower of noble attributes like knowledge, stability, vision and material prosperity.   

Protect Wealth, Health, Assets & Remove Vastu disorders with Rakshoghna Sukta Homa

The Rakshoghna Sukta is a series of powerful mantras that protect you and all your belongings from damage. The powerful mantras remove obstacles, miseries, fulfill worldly desires and ward off evil effects of planets. It also safeguards your home from Vastu complaints thereby giving peace and tranquillity. The prayers are addressed to deities like Agni, Indra and Soma to ward off evil spirits that cause havoc in your life. The hymns are so overpowering that it can even protect a foetus inside a mother’s womb.

In this homa, Vedicfolks will also invoke Lord Sudarshana, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu holding the Sudarshana Chakra and his consort Vijayavalli, a form of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore invoking these supreme deities not only procures wealth, but also ends sins, evil and sorrows of all sorts.

Benefits of Rakshoghna Sukta Homa

  • Rakshoghna Sukta Homa removes all obstacles and miseries.
  • It protects your wealth and assets and helps you grow in abundance.
  • It also keeps you healthy, shielding you from illnesses that are tough to cure.
  • If you have any Vastu afflictions in your home, this homa will be a great remedy for you.
  • Lord Vishnu is invoked in the form of sudarshana chakra can bestow you with wealth, nullify sins, remove sorrows and grant moksha.
  • It can even ward off evil spirits that cause mental disturbances in your life.

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