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Purva Ashada Nakshatra

and Jala Devata Homam


Significance of Purva Ashada Nakshatra

Purva Ashada Nakshatra is one of the influential stars in the Vedic astronomy area; the nakshatra denotes an invincible or indestructible star. The nakshatra is represented by an elephant tusk, a fan or a winnowing basket; these symbols represent the power to ward off negativity by sheer will and courage. The symbols represent that no matter how difficult the situation is, one must keep improving and coping.

Jala devata is the mighty deity linked with Purva Ashada Nakshatra; he is the Lord of defied waters. Venus is the planet which encircles this nakshatra, and Vishnu is the Trimurthi linked with the star. Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio are the pads of this nakshatra, and Saggitarius is the zodiac sign which primarily comes under this nakshatra.

Purva Ashada Nakshatra Homam

Boons of Purva Ashada Nakshatra

Following are the major benefits linked with Purva Ashada Nakshatra-

  • People born under Purva Ashada Nakshatra are courageous to tackle any situation.
  • The people with this star are also very good at handling finances, maintaining money and stabilising lending and borrowing matters.
  • The people with the nakshatra are quite good at adventurous activities, particularly the ones involving water.
  • This nakshatra blesses people with great spiritual and mental health. They undergo healing, mediation and revitalisation quite effortlessly.
  • The nakshatra is quite favourable for marriage and related activities.

Banes of Purva Ashada Nakshatra

Here are a few major names linked with Purva Ashada Nakshatra-

  • People with Purva Ashada nakshatra are not calm and relaxed enough to beat strenuous situations.
  • This nakshatra does not favour people in executing or completing things.
  • The people born under this nakshatra sucks at activities, including diplomatic and tactful behaviour.

If you are born under Purva Ashada Nakshatra’s effect, then make sure you know all the elements linked to it. To make the most benefits out of your star, get a Homam done for yourself. The Homam will help you align with your nakshatra making you fetch maximum windfalls of your star. In the Purva Ashada Nakshatra and Jala devata Homam, we will execute worship of mighty Jala devata so that only the positive aspects of this Homam reach you.