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Prasanna Hanuman Avatar Homam

Promotes Peace of Mind, Happiness & Grants Moksha


Significance of Prasanna avatar of Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is one of the most cherished and celebrated deities. Shiva Purana states that Lord Hanuman is one of the supreme in carnations of the powerful Lord Shiva. And, mighty Hanuman himself has nine major manifestations. His first avatar is admired as Prasanna. In this avatar, Lord Hanuman is depicted with a mace facing downward direction in one hand and symbolises Abhaya mudra in the other. The mace, as well as the Abhaya position, exemplifies peace and tranquillity. One can attain great momentum and truce in life by admiring Hanuman in this avatar.

Prasanna is the most peaceful and warm embodiment of the commanding godhead Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is primarily known as the courageous and ferocious one, but in this aspect, he demonstrates calmness, alliance and concentration. In this aspect, Lord Hanuman bestows happiness and growth in life. He keeps all the evil energies and negative elements away, filling life with ultimate tenderness and profusion. It is the most revered manifestation of Lord Hanuman for attaining eternity and deliverance. King Vijaya also worshipped Prasanna Hanuman and did penance to liberate his bondings

About Prasanna Hanuman Avatar Homam

In Prasanna Hanuman Avatar Homam, a full-fledged setup is arranged to execute a fire ritual for the mighty Hanuman. A sacrificial fire is lighted and rituals to cherish and please mighty Prasanna Hanuman. Mantras are chanted in admiration, and shlokas are intonated.

 Prasanna Hanuman Avatar Homam

Following shloka is primarily chanted during ritual’s proceedings:

"Anjaneyam Atipatalalanam |
kanchanaadri kamaniiya vigraham||
paarijaata taru mula vasinam|
bhavayaami pavamaan nandanam||" 

Boons of Prasanna Hanuman Avatar Homam

Here are a few prominent boons of Prasanna Hanuman Avatar Homam-

  • Prasanna Hanuman Avatar Homam is an auspicious ritual that will bring an aura of positivity and bliss to your life.
  • This Homam assists in fighting misfortunes and wards off evil energies.
  • The pious fire ritual adores life with warmth and glory.
  • It intensifies harmony and abundance, bringing immense stability.
  • The fire ritual assists in accomplishing endeavours and grants success in them.
  • The powerful Homam also guides salvation and liberation from all the material bonds.
  • It assists in gaining self-awakening powers raising consciousness and perseverance levels.

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