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Pavamana Homam

Invite Purity

Who is Lord Pavamana?

Pavamana refers to a cluster or clang of Gods who can negate your sins and bring in positivity and purity in your life. The clang refers to Lord Vishnu, Lord Hanuman, Lord Agni, Lord Soma and Lord Bharati. These Gods are worshipped for a mandala – a time period of 45 days and in a kalasha – a holy sacred pot.

Why Pavamana Homa?

Whenever it becomes mandatory to negate the sins that you’ve acquired and also to invite prosperity and purity into your life – you must consider involving yourself in a Pavamana Homa. In most of the cases, this Homa is recommended by the astrologers as a remedy according to the person’s horoscope.

Benefits and Significance of Pavamana Homam

The sookthas and purity involved in this Homa is accompanied by the Rig Veda. It contains 7010 mantras which is why it is referred to as Pavamana. Therefore, to invite purity into your life, consider performing this Homa.
Assistance from Vedic Folks
We at Vedic Folks are proud to possess the most authoritative experts who have the knowledge and ease to invoke these powerful radiations of the clang of Gods, who can give power to out away your troubles.
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Even though there are fixed timings to conduct such Homas, your horoscope will be analyzed by our Vedic Astrologers, according to which the time slots are arranged.

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