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Pavamana Homam

Invoke Purity, Negate Sins and Karmas, Remove Darkness, Bless Wisdom, Sound Mind and Health, Bestow Prosperity


Lord Pavamana

Pavamana is a spiritual word where "Pavam" denotes "Sin" and "Mana" means to "Negate". It is believed that this sacred cosmic power is a remedy for Birth Chart astrological remedies of Malefic planets. The miracles powers of group of gods bring an end to all the sins in life, bless positive energy and prosperity, unlocks the treasures of the world. Worshipping the divinity Gods of heaven give us good results in life, cancels even traces of our sins. Reformation of our soul through the sacred rituals to get rid of our sins offering prayers to Gods and Goddesses through a powerful Homam invoking the cosmic powers of Lord Vishnu, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Bharati (Goddess Saraswati), Lord Somadeva (Lord Shiva), Lord Agnideva (God of Fire) and Goddess Ganga (Goddess of Sacred Water) gives us Purification, Knowledge and Cleanliness.

Significance Of Pavamana Gods And Goddesses

Lord Vishnu - Lord Vishnu is the universal god of preserver and protector, who quickly dive to earthly planet of existence, if it is found under evil threats and confusions. He is the Lord who is the result of goodness, clears plentiful of our sins and forgive from misdeeds. His first Avatar as Lord Vishnu is the one who forgives our sins to one who worship him. He is called as "SahishNuh".

Lord Hanuman - Hanuman Chalisa gives pleasure of fulfilled life, attracts infinite grace of Lord Hanuman. Committing sins and getting into the cosmic cycle of birth and death is because of our sins. Hanuman Chalisa helps to get rid of the sins and bad karmas which is committed in past and present birth.

Goddess Bharati (Goddess Saraswati) - Goddess Saraswathi is known as Goddess Bharati, who is goddess of eloquence, existence and mother of Vedas. Goddess Saraswati in the form of Goddess Bharati, is the daylight dispelling darkness, the destroyer of our sins.

Lord Somadeva (Lord Shiva) - Lord Somadeva has been imparted with the sacred knowledge of "Sarvoktagama", by Lord Sadasiva. When the devotee repents, promise an never repeat our mistakes, Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Somadeva, forgive us from all sins.

Lord Agnideva (God Of Fire) - Lord Agnideva is the guardian of Southeast direction, is the god of fire, who is described as on earth as fire, in atmosphere as lightning, in the sky as sun. Lord Agnideva commands all the riches in earth and heaven invokes all temporal goodness of life. He also forgives ones sins committed through foolishness, silliness and out of lunacy.

Goddess Ganga (Goddess of Sacred Water) - It is so said when river Ganges were brought to the holy place Haridwar, then all gods and devas have asked a question "We wash all the sins of others, but who will was us". Lord Vishnu replied, "As many Sadhus and Saints use Goddess Ganges for bathing to wash, all your sins will be washed away, automatically".

Pavamana Mantra

Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya |

Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya |

Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya |

Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||


"O Lord Make Me Go Towards The Reality

Make Me Go Towards The Light

Make Me Go Towards The World Of Immortality

Om, Peace, Peace, Peace"


Pavamana Homam - End Sins, Bad Karmas, Bless Long Life, Desires in Life, Wealth Gains, Purity of Minds and Prosperity

Pavamana Gods and Goddesses are individually invoked and summoned in a Kalasha – a holy pot of water with sacred essence. Kalasha is basically in brass or copper or silver pot with a large base and a small mouth, large enough to hold a coconut on top of the pot, which is filled with pure water, cardamom and clove is kept in the puja ritual. Kalasha is seated on the Rice Mandala, spread on tray. Then requests all the Gods and Goddesses to be seated here. Then Homam takes place, (Agni Prathisthapana). Offerings of milk, ghee, honey and fruits in puja to Gods and Goddess are offered. Chanting sacred Mantras from Rig Veda and Pavamana Pancha Sookthas and Lord Vishnu mantras are chanted during this homam. Pavamana Homam is performed by devotees whoare suffering from bad karmas of their past and present life, affecting their growth and stability. This Homam is a good remedy for remedial measures to your birth chart planetary displacements, to achieve peace of mind. Worshipping Lord Vishnu, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Bharati (Goddess Saraswati), Lord Somadeva (Lord Shiva), Lord Agnideva (God of Fire) and Goddess Ganga (Goddess of Sacred Water), at this Pavamana Homam brings overall well-being of a person, remove negative effects of previous birth, getting rid of all sins and bad influences, usher purity in one's life. Getting rid of Sins in one's life gives peace of mind who have accumulated sins like violence, killing the cow, eating food which is not in practice, killing or insulting an ethical person, unrealistic sensual pleasures, remove all bad karmas, blesses natives with spiritual path, cleanse soul and purify mind, brings prosperity and wealth, bestow life desires, attain salvation.


  • Negate all Sins of Present and Past, Bless Peace of mind, Harmony and Calmness
  • Negate malefic effects and Doshas in Birth Chart, Cure disease, Clear Obstacles
  • Fulfill Life Desires, Purify mind and heart, destroy all bad deeds and bad forms
  • Bless Health illness, removes mental disorders, remove stress
  • Bless nutriment, fertility, joy and happiness, gain stable physical and mental abilities
  • Clear sufferings and misfortunes, bless wealth and prosperity, Remove ignorance
  • Protector and Destroyer of Evil Forces, Attain path of Salvation.


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