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Narasimha Homam

Get Protection from Evil Forces and Enemies


Narasimha homam ensures happiness and peace 

Lord Narasimha is the fourth avatar of Maha Vishnu. He manifested on Narasimha Jayanthi day that falls in the month of Vaishaka, on shukla paksha chaturdasi, after Akshaya Tritiya favoured by Swathi nakshatra siddha yoga. Since the incarnation appeared in the evening, rituals and other ceremonies are performed during sundown. This day signifies the triumph of good over evil. Lord Narasimha is an all pervading god of spiritual knowledge, wealth, valour, strength and has great compassion towards his devotees. Lord Maha Vishnu is the protector of the Universe and bestows positive energies that shield devotees against evil and negative forces. 
Do you know the major manifestations of Lord Narasimha? Well, there are three—
Ugra Narasimha: This is the most vicious form. In this form, he is seen with a conch, chakra or spinning disc, mace, bow and bow. This is the form that annihilated the demon king Hiranyakashippu. 
Lakshmi Narasimha: In this form he is ‘santha swarupi’ meaning at peace and seen with his consort Goddess Mahalakshmi sitting on his left lap with the thousand headed serpent Adisesha forming a wide canopy over the Lord’s head. 
Yoga Narasimha: This meditative form of Narasimha appears sporting an attitude of calm and serenity. It is said that one of his greatest devotee Prahlad learnt the nuances of yoga from the Lord and attained ‘nithya ananda’ or eternal bliss.
The other forms are Jwala Narasimha, Ahobila Narasimha, Malola Narasimha, Kaaranja Narasimha, Bhargava Narasimha, Chatravata Narasimha and Pavana Narasimha.


The day is significant as it marks the victory of good over evil and helps destroy all evil forces and restores peace and happiness. Narasimha homam ensures protection in life by reducing as well as getting rid of complicated issues to a large extent. also,yagya removes financial  hurdles and relieves health issues. To keep your life safe and risk free, this ritual is the right choice.



By chanting Narasimha mantra
By involving oneself in idol worship
Performing yagyas or homas
Revering Saligrama — a stone found in the Himalayas and said to be the dwelling place of Lord Vishnu and considered very auspicious.


  • For acquiring more wealth and riches in life
  • Malefic effects of planets are removed
  • Mitigate problems related to Karmic doshas
  • Remove all sins and stay blessed and happy
  • Attain spiritual wisdom and knowledge 



Vedicfolks offers Narasimha homam to mark the day of the Narasimha Jayanthi. A live telecast of the same would be aired on 9th May, 2017 from 6pm onwards. Expert scholars and priests will perform the homam with powerful mantras and offering oblations in sacred fire in order to experience desired results. 24/7 online service is available for those who want to book the homam in advance.