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Lord Medha Dakshinamoorthy Sahasranama Homam – Elements of nature bless intelligence, reasoning power, self-love, remove hatred, bestow consciousness, happy mind, joyful life existence

Lord Dakshinamurthy is a cosmic matter or a form of delineation of Lord Shiva who is the supreme energy, depicts as Adi Guru in a spiritual form, one who illuminates knowledge of light, the jnana, which paves the way to invoke auspicious energy to progress, emanate, elevate, lifts and advances of mind, body and soul to a broader sense of reality through panchabhuta, the space element of life and internal sense organs and external sense objects, which are the space element, of consciousness.

Lord Medha Dakshinamurthy Sahasranama Homam is a powerful ritual, venerating the cosmic energy of Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Medha Dakshinamurthy and on this auspicious occasion, chanting Medha Dakshinamurthy Sahasranamavali, the auspicious 1000 names of Lord Shiva in the form of Dakshina, boost higher consciousness, gives powerful divine bliss to understand Lord Dakshina in a full-fledged manner by deep spiritual sense of self-ideas, self-feeling and self-initialization with whom we meditate upon to seek his divine blessings, who is said to be the supreme blissful teacher of yoga, a supreme cosmic teacher revered in the form of Adi Guru blesses all with self-knowledge, divine music, teaches universe peacefully, powerlessly, quietly, enlightens one’s knowledge in the form of combinations of rich treasures of Vedic hymns and Sashtras which elevates and enriches supreme-consciousness, of life existence.


Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Dakshinamurthy praises him as supreme power of yogic, a superior guru for learning and a superior master for music and arts. Attaining the blessings of Guru of universal knowledge in the form as Lord Dakshinamurthy is said to be a supreme fulfillment of rich fortune in life, one who follows the principles and practices of instruction and teachings through an sacred celestial energy of “para-vak”, is said to be a unique celestial discourse depiction, a very rare phenomena not visible ordinarily, is leading a cosmic life in the abode of Silence, which is non-visionary, a formless guru with a golden teachings in silence blesses all with meditation and there after liberation, boosting the energy of mind and body, energize positive vibration, boosting blood circulation, nourishing nerve endings with balanced-diet, intake of ample source of vitamins, remove impurities, complex sensory structures, cure nerve weakness and permanent damage, supplement with nerve regeneration, makes body tissues relax and soften, stimulating internal organs, ability to flush out properties of toxins, healthy weight management, increase bodily stamina and energy of life, boost mental alertness, physical activity, empower knowledge, wisdom, learnings of universal matters, bestow all wealth in life, good health and prosperity.


1. Lord of Eternal Bliss: Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Dakshinamurthy meditates under a cosmic banyan tree in silence, is sacredly called as Lord Sambhu, where “Sam” literally means an “Eternal Bliss”, is the source of joy, in which state the eyes are closed, mouth with no whispers, body is immobile, is said to be a state of samadhi of meditative consciousness, where great sages and yogis at this state have obtained several learnings and teachings from Lord Dakshinamurthy, is said to be a source of eternal bliss, blesses all with supreme consciousness, physical detachments, mind at peace, deep devotion, attain the path of self-attainment, self-awareness, self-indulgence, self-fulfillment.

2. Lord of Education and Career: Lord Dakshinamurthy in the form of Lord Shiva is the Lord of Education and Career. No doubt, he is a destroyer of evil spirits and at the same time teaches the dedicated devotees with ultimate knowledge, deep understanding and universal awareness, is also worshiped as lord of wisdom and lord of patience. He is called as lord of enlightenment of knowledge, one who seated facing south, is also known as “Dakshin”, symbolizing the highest form of Vedantic teachings, who is facing in the direction of the abode of Lord of Death, Lord Yama to rule out death fear, untimely deaths, dispelling sins and karmas and doshas of pitru lokas. According to Bhagavata Purana Lord Dakshinamurthy has bestowed the knowledge of mind power to the four sons of Lord Brahma, the manasaputra’s who are called as Lord Sanak, Lord Sanat Kumar, Lord Sanandan, Lord Sanatan in a highly secluded place of abode in Himalayas, in a silence state, blessing devotees to excel in education, mastering arts and crafts, best of health, aspiring wealth, abundance of prosperity.

3. Silent Guru Lord Dakshinamurthy: Lord Dakshinamurthy is Lord of Silence, Patience, an eternal bliss, practice succinctly, a compact precise expression without using many words of speech, is a gesture in silence, blesses all with meticulous adherence of personal appearance, adherence of preciseness, keep things short and up to the point while teachings and instruction, keep extreme attention to details, short and crisp, easy learning, removing complexities, emotion of trepidation, terminal illness, uplifts traits of a very careful, quick and precise presentation, deliverance of short and sweet, succinct style and response, little pause, shortening rolls, make good framework of conversation, build energy of self-sufficiency.

Remover of Impurities, Attain Jivatma: Lord Dakshinamurthy uses his cin mudra which conveys more than a word. He is the invoker of Jivatma-Paramatma cosmic connection while bringing the thumb and index finger together. Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Dakshinamurthy points out the absolute truth through his cin mudra where the thumb indicates Paramatma and forefinger indicates Jivatma, is brought together in cin mudra, touching together only with the tip of the fingers. Out of five fingers, the thumb and forefinger are said to be cin mudra, the other three are malams representing impurities which causes all hindrances to attain the path of liberation. The three malams of impurities are said to be the ego, ill-effects of our deeds and the illusion of maya world. Attainment of Jivatma is possible only when we conquer the three impure malams, which are the key factors which connects the material world. Once the malams are detached, Jivatma reaches Paramatma, in its natural form.

Power of Knowledge, the Jnana: Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Dakshinamurthy, is said to be the teacher of knowledge, bestows Jnana to fulfill universal requirement of life existence. He blesses light of knowledge, in showing you the differences of physical body and nature of actual body itself and make you to realize the truth of liberation in attaining the supreme goal and relieving the bondages of material nature.

Lord of Jupiter: Lord Dakshinamurthy is the adhidevata of Jupiter, the ruling deity, and the devotees attain the highest benefit from daily worship of Lord Dakshinamurthy and who is called the first Guru Lord of worship, blesses all with fame and power, high ranking in profession, authority, gain higher concentration in education, higher studies, win competitive examination, success in endeavors, attain good health, comfortable well-being, remove complications, assures victory, superior wealth forms, prosperity.

Lord of Adi Nath, Adi Yogi: Lord Dakshinamurthy is another form of Lord Shiva who is the supreme teacher of ethical practices of life is said to be the energy of “superiorly advanced teacher”, where god himself depicts in human form as a teacher, is the aspect of Lord Shiva, a personification as Lord of Supreme who is the master of intelligence, spirituality, yogic practice and intellect. Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Dakshinamurthy is the real Adi Nathan and Adi Yogi, blesses all with fulfilling wishes, limitless qualities, removing fear, bestow light of meditation, brilliance and wealth.

Medha Suktam: A rich set of hymns in Vedas is devoted to Medha the Goddess of Intelligence, Wisdom and Memory, in the form of Goddess Saraswathi, is a prayer seeking the blessings for attaining high intelligence, ability to perform, capability to understand and learn, relates to worship of knowledge, in the form of Goddess Medha is said to be worshiping the feminine form of Goddess Saraswathi. Medha is also another form of Lord Dakshinamurthy, the epitome of knowledge is worshiped through Vedic hymns and sacrifices, in the presence of Lord Agni, is a combination of collective prayers seeking the blessings of benevolent nature of Goddess Saraswathi in the form of Medha and with this blessings one could attain the path of Rishi, who would also be blessed with the energies of Lord Indra the lord of heaven, Lord Agni the god of fire, Lord Ashwini kumaras, the lord of medicine, dawn and science, is popularly known for aiding the devotees rescuing from all troubles in life.

Goddess Medha personifies as Goddess Lakshmi: Goddess Medha is goddess of mental vigor, intelligence is also worshiped as Goddess Shakti, Goddess Devi. According to Agamas worshiping murtis and devatas at the time of ritualistic worship is considered auspicious. In this ritual, invoking the energies of Goddess Medha takes place in the form Goddess Devi after worshiping the energies of Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Dakshinamurthy, the lord of eight directions and invoking the energies of Shakti in the form of Goddess Lakshmi, with her consort Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Narayana, blesses all with creative energies, mastering dramatic arts, dance, music and craft, composing dramatic play, poetry works, bestows enriched wealth, good health and prosperity.

Lord of Formless, Shapelessness: Lord Dakshinamurthy is the lord one who face the south, is called as Dakshina. He is also termed as lord of kindness, teaches how to be calm, quiet, silent with patience. He is also holding a key position being a benevolent teacher, blesses all with wisdom to those who seeks his blessing to attain the righteous path of Salvation. He faces south direction which is the direction of Lord Yama and he is the only god who faces the south, is said to be the lord of kala, the time, and lord of death. He is also called as lord of efficiency, one who abodes in one’s body at the right side in a Formless, Shapeless form, blesses all with favorable cosmic time, removes poisonous energy, dispels sins, fulfill life desires, continuous flow of blissfulness, supreme joy and yogic state, abstract meditation where matter is self, has no brand, no thought, an action through in-action and being, which is an art of untapped skills of healing which resides within all human-beings.

Moola Mantra

Om Namo Bhagavathe
Dakshinaa-murthaye Mahyam Medhaam
Pragyaam Prayach-cha Swaahaa

Combined Benefits
  • Fulfillment of life desires, gain the guidance of guru of strength, wisdom, compassion
  • Remove obstacles in education, increases intelligence, mental sharpness, active mind
  • Remove sufferance of Navagraha Doshas, Guru Doshas, Shani Doshas, Dasa Bhukti
  • Dispel sins, karmas, sufferings of Pitru Doshas, remove ignorance, bless creativity
  • Remove complexities in life, eases debt burdens, bestow happiness, prosperity
  • Intellectual abilities, skills and arts, brings plenty of wealth, incomes and gains
  • Attain path of meditation, yoga, divine time management skills, leadership traits
  • Remove all Vastu defects, bestow assets, properties, successful business ventures


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