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Matsya Varahi Homam

Receive Glory, Peace, Happiness & Absolute Stability

About mighty Goddess Matsya Varahi

Matsya Varahi is another form of the goddess Varahi. She is the goddess of aquatic animals and violent storms. She is the sister of Pranava, or the first sound and Moon. Being the sister of Moon, she is also related to Shani Dev's family.

The supreme goddess Matsya Varahi and her great significance

One day, Lord Vishnu went underwater to meditate and take a bath. Matsya Avatar was formed to protect his soul. Goddess Varahi was having a relaxing bath in the sea when she suddenly came across a giant snake, and her tail got bitten by it. She started yelling for help, and Lord Vishnu came to her rescue. At first, he didn’t listen to her view and started scolding her, but he finally took pity on her and granted her a boon that she could help anyone who lost his way in the ocean while taking a bath.Lord Vishnu asked her to follow him where he was going to meditate. After traveling through the ocean for some time, they stopped at an island and remained there for some time. The place included many species of animals, like crocodiles and snakes. Seeing this, “Matsya Varahi” feared for the safety of Vishnu. She then requested him to kindly move out from this place as she is afraid he might get hurt from all these creatures here in abundance. But he didn’t listen to her request, instead telling her to go ahead and try out what she could do about them. You are the Goddess of power, so try it out on them” with those words, Lord Vishnu ignored her pleading.

Deeply saddened by Lord Vishnu's reply, she ransacked all living beings, including him, Lord Vishnu, to whom she had just now revealed herself at his request. She tried attacking him with her trident, but Lord didn't care about these attacks. Finally, after trying so many times, they both became exhausted, coming over near each other Lord Vishnu, not knowing who exactly was sitting next today, asked, "who are you? And after hearing that it's Jagruti Devi, the Lord said," oh so you are Devi my sister "then they became connected finally after finding out their existence they both started laughing merrily together no one can ever scare them off. It's the creation of Matsya Varahi. After creation, Devi used to stay under the lord's feet as she thought she was safer here than anywhere else.

Importance of Matsya Varahi Homam

Matsya Varahi Homam attracts the glorious blessings of goddess Varahi in her Matsya incarnation. The Homam draws positive energies towards the doer. The fire ritual includes lightening a fire kund to attract the auspicious blessings and aura of Matsya Varahi. Various ways in Homam include taking Sankalpa, chanting mantras, and presenting devotional offerings.

Benefits of Matsya Varahi Homam

Here are a few incredible benefits of Matsya Varahi Homam:

  • Matsya Varahi Homam brings the supreme blessings of goddess Varahi.
  • It nurtures devotees' lives with peace and power.
  • It ends streams of financial abundance and stability.
  • It draws harmful energies and blesses worshippers with optimistic energies.
  • The Homa ritual ends sufferings, longings, and all sorts of devotees' pains.

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3 Hours Package
USD 575.00
  • No of Priest - 2
  • Up to 1008 Ahurthis
Maha Yagya Package (2 Days)
USD 2,820.00
  • No of Priest - 07 to 10 Priest
  • Up to 125000 Ahurthis