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Maha Rudram Maha Yagya

Dissolve Lifetime Karma Easily & Find Relief from Gnawing Problems


Lord Shiva - The Most Benevolent Of All that Bestows Good Fortune

Rudra, as mentioned in the Rig Vedas is the most ancient form of Lord Shiva. Rudra has been conceptualised as someone who is wild, roars and howls. He is a hunter by profession and in Sanskrit language this name signifies wild. He has a dreadful manifestation and therefore his devotees fear his wrath. Much later, Rudra has been descriptively evolved and the Upanishads refer him as Shiva, the most benevolent of all. Rudra is personified as a short tempered one who is quick to release his weapons against those who infuriate him. He provides good luck and heals devotees in times of need. In ancient literature, He is said to exude youthful vibrancy, is malevolent and scary. His complexion is tawny (yellowish brown), radiant and glowing like the sun. He has very strong limbs and beautiful features with striking lips. He wears attractive jewellery and his braided locks, knotted in a pile on top of the head like a crown, are bedecked with rudraksh (sacred beads) and crescent moon. He is equipped with a powerful bow from which a steady flow of arrows are emitted to destroy the enemy.

Maha Rudram Maha YagyaSignificance of Maha Rudra Maha Yagya

Sage Satapatha in his treatise ‘Maharnava Karma Vipaka’ listed four types of abhisheka procedures compatible with Vedic and scriptural lore and abhisheka is the Lord’s favourite form of worship. These are Rudram, Ekadasa Rudram, Maha Rudram and Athi Rudram – each being more powerful than the preceding one.

Namaka recited once along with recital of Chamaka once constitutes one Rudram.

11 recitations of Namakam + 1 Anuvaka of Chamakam is called Ekadasa Rudram i.e. after chanting the Namakam, the first anuvaka of Chamakam is chanted afterwards, then another round of Namakam is chanted followed by the second Anuvaka of Chamakam, and so on until the 11th chanting of Namakam is followed by the 11th Anuvaka of Chamakam.

·      11 rounds of Ekadasa Rudram chanting is one Laghu Rudram

·      11 rounds of Laghu Rudram chanting is one Maha Rudram (1,331 times of chanting)


Maha Rudram Maha Homam: Dissolves Life-Time Load of Karma

Mere words cannot express the powers and benefit of this great ritual and one is blessed a million times to just see and participate in this divine procedure. The Maha Rudram Maha Yagya is performed for ‘Loka Kalyana’, general prosperity as well as to ensure universal peace and harmony. The Maha Rudram purifies us of all negative energies, relieves us from Karma, and protects from natural calamities.

Every step of the Maha Rudra Maha Yagya involves Rudrabisheka for Shiva lingam that immensely pleases the lord. The linga personifies the entire universe, therefore ablutions that cool it actually relaxes the entire universe bringing about peace and tranquillity. 

It’s Vedicfolks’ endeavour to perform the grand yagya for three consecutive days with 11 priests.

Maha Rudram Maha YagyaHow This Maha Yagya Can Be Useful:-

The entire human race is benefitted as it grants peace and prosperity

Your life time karma gets dissolved quickly

True knowledge and wisdom are gained

All diseases are cured and prevented

It removes obstacles, misfortunes and solves unnecessary and gnawing problems.

Wealth and prosperity flourishes in your home

It helps acquire health and longevity

Also, ultimate goal of liberation can be achieved

It leads to realisation of the absolute supreme consciousness


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