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Maha Meru Puja

Bestows Overall Growth, Grants Lavishness, Washes Off Sins & Negative Emotions Within

The Maha Meru

The Maha Meru is the source of the cosmos, it creates and nourishes the entire cosmos and is a powerhouse of intelligence that maintains the world. The goddesses that reside in the Sri Meru emit powerful radiations with Goddess Lalitha in the centre. They absorb her power for blessing humanity at large. This device is very attractive and its wholesomeness and divine nature can be found in its geometry and symmetry. 
According to Vedic scriptures such as Shakti Upanishads, the Brahmananda Purana or Sri Chakra Yoga Samhita, the mere sighting of this grand yantra washes off all sins and grants auspiciousness to the individual. If one keeps it at home or any other place, it attracts all good fortunes and when it’s worshipped with utmost devotion the Maha Meru fulfills all desires besides experiencing bliss and ecstasy.  By regular worship, the Meru grants blessings of Ashta Siddhis. With the Meru in hand, one can be assured that they possess a symbol to overcome evil, to create unlimited wealth, health, good karma and happiness.

Maha Meru Vedicfire Ritual Bestows Success And Abundance 

Maha Meru HomamGoddess Shakti is personified or represents the Maha Meru. It is believed all deities manifested from this great seat of power and the Mother herself resides in the form of Shri Vidya at the top of the Meru. It blesses the devotee with popularity, power, authority, peace, a lavish life, abundance and success. It is very useful to the Kali yuga as the yantra spreads positivity and good fortune. 
The universe is contained in three states – creation, maintenance and destruction, and are represented by three circles in the Maha Meru. When it is elevated it looks like the Sumeru Mountain that balances the whole universe.
The Navarna is a powerful mantra dedicated to Goddess Durga who rules the Maha Meru. Chanting these powerful notes during the ritual gives you good health, abundance, fame and protection.

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