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Lord Linga Sahasranama Homam - Bless Truth, Knowledge, Infinity, Bestow High Attributes, Supreme Self, Remove Distraction, Grant Mental Stability, Growth, Prosperity

The unique form of Lord Linga is combination of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva. Worshiping of Linga is worshiping Lord Brahma who forms the lower part of Linga, Lord Vishnu the middle part, Lord Shiva the upper and most prominent part who represents the iconic form is a symbol of firmness is phallus in nature. Worshiping on this day by devotees performing auspicious Lord Linga Sahasranama Homam and Chanting 1008 Names of Lord Linga bless devotees with realization of super consciousness, supreme soul, positive vibration of peace, harmony, unity, gain supreme doctrine of inconceivable oneness, pure state of liberation, relieve from delusion, ignorance, desire, attachment, sufferings, rebirth and bondages.

Performing auspicious Lord Linga Sahasranama Homam, is worshiping an invisible sign-less formless existent creator, who communicates in depth with devotees in a language of Silence, remains ever without a second, is very pure, soulful and sincere but unlikely to be fulfilling, is an universal symbol and source of everything in the universe which includes a True Nature, Fundamental Essence, Transcendental Self, Unchanging Focus, Pure Concentration, Purposeful Faith, absolute Hope, Guide and Lead path to Wholesome and Complete form of Spirituality, Divinity and Endless.

Worshiping and seeking his blessings chanting 1000 Names of Lord Linga Sahasranama enshrines with balanced and tranquil cosmic energy of nature, who live very close to pure nature, pure in heart, glorifies universally all with generative power, principles of nature, connects supreme well-being, bless divine consciousness, supreme self, plane of absolute truth, attain union of knowledge, knower of everything, object of all knowledge, gain supreme bliss, supreme consciousness, supreme self, divinity, love, grace, truth and eternal bliss, clear all physical and mental ailments, attain peace to the heart, joy to the soul, fulfilling therapy for physical body and mental peace, bestows sacred material to body with positive energies, elevate pure consciousness, attain the path of Moksha.


Traits of Lord Shiva Linga

Lord Shiva Linga represents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati emits Oneness in all conceivable forms from the highest to lowest performing Lord Linga Archana with Sahasranama will gain positive vibration upon everyone in the vicinity, will cleanse all sins of the past.

From prehistoric times, the worship of Lord Linga is in the form of Jyotirlinga’s which is infused as Radiance of Light in the form of “Jyoti” is quite sacred which existed in its own mystic, spiritual and with divine principles

Pancha Bhuta Linga’s are made up of aspects of Lord Shiva, which are Earth, Sky, Water, Fire and Air.

Lord Linga has association with Lord Surya in the form of Surya Lingam and Lord Chandra in the form of Chandran Lingam brings both Sunlight and Sunset relieving darkness by infusing light enables with Leadership qualities, High caliber, Braveness, Will-power and Authority. Chandra Lingam bestows all with Wealth, Gemstones, Element of Water, Winter, Blood to Human Body, Food grains and Sativik Qualities

Lord Shiva both with Form and Qualities are called Sagunam and with Formless Qualities is called as Nirgunam, in the form of Shiva Linga. Sagunam denotes five aspects of Lord Shiva. Nirgunam denotes Highest Reality, Absolute Principles, Unknown Formless Self, Undivided Supreme Reality. Worshiping Lord Shiva in the form of Shiva Linga is the highest form of worship.

In the form of Shiva Linga, Lord Shiva represents as eternal and inseparable union with Goddess Parvati, manifest everything in the universe. Shiva Linga symbolically revere Lord Shiva in his subtle form and formless is worshiped as Eswara with Goddess Parvati, in the form of Eswari are birthless, deathless non-duality divine energies, bless all with creative and positive energy, evolution and life existence, fertility and prosperity in every creation.

Lord Shiva Linga represents a state of uniqueness of both duality and non-duality aspects of existence. The Ultimate form is non-duality, which is revered as Principles of oneness.

Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti are one who exhibits themselves in their purest and highest aspects of cosmic energy but also owns a unique approach in lower planes of creation and continuity of life of both death and rebirth. But ultimately, they are non-dualistic in existence in form of Shiva Linga in purest form offer their blessings to those who seek in unified form, which happens at the same time worshiping both in this form of Shiva Linga and earn their grace and blessings, too.

Lord Shiva Linga contains in itself the Sky and Earth. The upper part is the sky and lower part is the earth and it is quite difficult to worship Earth and Sky for a mankind, which can be fulfilled worshiping Lord Linga who is in the form of Earth and Sky.

Lord Linga is worshiped in 12 forms as Dwadasa Jyotirlinga as Somanatha, Mallikarjuna, Mahalkala, Omkareshwar, Vaidhyanatha, Bhimashankara, Ramanathaswamy, Nageswara, Visweswara, Trayambakeshwara, Kedarnath, Ghushmesha blessings universe with protection from evil energy, clear fear of untimely death, bestow purity and prosperity.

Moola Mantra

Sthavaram Jangamam Chaiva Lingam Dvividham
Ishyathe-Sthavaram Sthapitham Lingam
Jangamam Dikshitam Viduhu
Jangamasyavamavena Sthavaram nishphalam Bhavet

Combined Title
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  • Dispel Enemies, Demonic Forces, Death and Danger, Bless Peace and Joy
  • Bless self-consciousness, Remove Evil Eye, malefic effects, Black magic
  • Bless Healthy Life, Self-Realization, Remove Ignorance, Gain Confidence, Will-power
  • Liberation from downtrend, remove hurdles, troubles, Attain the Path of Salvation
  • Resolve financial indebtedness, Bless Wealth, Material Abundance and Prosperity
  • Remove instability, painful circumstances, Bless Trouble-free and disease-free life
  • Remove Failures and Losses, Bless Wisdom, Free from Stress, Distress