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Kukuta Homam
Destroy Enemies And Obtain Success
Lord Muruga subdues ego and uplifts virtues
Once, three devilish brothers, Soorapadman, Simhamukha and Tarakasura created havoc in the three worlds—heaven, hell and earth. They not only captured the worlds, but also tortured Devas and other heavenly mortals and exploited them.
The distressed Devas complained to Lord Shiva, who opened His third eye and created Karthikeya.  The ‘son of Shiva’ readied himself for war and fought vigorously for six days. And in the first few days, Simhamukha and Tarakasura along with other demons were killed. 
But Soorapadman owing to a boon that he received from Lord Shiva, could not be defeated. But he realised that his end was near and that the power to annihilate him has arrived. He fled the scene and hid inside the trunk of a mango tree and Lord Karthikeya with his transcendental powers spotted him. With His mighty lance, He split the tree into two and the broken halves transformed into a rooster and peacock.  The cock adored the flag of the God while the peacock became His mount. By reducing the physical dimensions of the demon, the Lord has actually reduced the ego of a mighty fiend. 

Significance of Kukuta Homam

This ritual destroys the negative aspects like laziness, lack of motivation, mental agony due to debt traps, bad relationships and poor health. The homam removes darkness from one’s life and provides strength to face any type of adversaries. It also educates the people about the higher echelons of life. It’s a very powerful yagya and should be carried out by only highly qualified priests. 

Benefits of Kukuta Homam

Brings all round success
Provides motivation and energy to carry out tasks
Alleviates problems of debt and finance
Improves relationships 
Cures diseases and perks up health 
Achieve all desires
Get rid of negative vibrations and elements 

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