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Karuppasamy Homam
Finds Quick Solution To Problems 
Karuppasamy - The God of Dravidian Community
The people in villages of Tamil Nadu have high regard for ‘Veerargal’ or warriors who laid down their lives and in their honour a veera kal or stone symbolising their valour was erected and worshipped as deity. This, the people did so to the warriors who sacrificed their lives for a good cause such as protection of the welfare of a community or society and therefore were considered as gods. 
Dravidians, a predominant race of South India, are dark in their appearance and henceforth the so called departed warriors regarded as gods were dark too. Hence the name Karuppasamy came into being where ‘Karuppu’ means dark and ‘samy’ means God.
There’s another version to the story. It’s also said that when Lord Rama sent Mother Sita to the forest she was carrying twins. Sita delivered Luv and Kusha in the wild. One day, she left Kusha under the care of Sage Valmiki and took Luv with her. When she returned after some time, she noticed the sage was deep in meditation and so quietly took Kusha away. When he opened his eyes, he realised that the child was missing and not knowing the real facts he plucked a blade of glass and breathed life into it. A new child came into being and when Sita explained the facts to the Sage, he asked her to take care of the third child as well. 
Karuppasamy Rides On a White Horse And Establishes Justice 
When the divine Mother returned to Lord Rama, the children were asked to cross fire to find out the true heir. Luv and Kush escaped the fire but the third child, the one born out of the grass, got burnt and turned dark in colour. When Sita explained to the Lord who he really was, Lord Rama blessed him to be his escort or Kaval Deivam or Karuppasamy.
Also addressed as Sangili Karuppu or Ayyanar, Karuppasamy protects the poor and ensure self discipline and justice among his believers. The people believe that when cruelty or evil surfaces, Karuppasamy comes riding on a white horse to save the poor and downtrodden and establish justice. 
Karuppasamy Keeps Evil Spirits Away
Karuppasamy is a fierce warrior who never forgives criminals who commits sins. He stands guard at the entrance of villages never allowing evil or evil spirits from entering the village. 
The temple for Karuppasamy is an open space or yard with huge statues of Gods having weapons like bow and arrow, trident, swords, knives and other weapons. One can find animals that are considered pets, dogs, lion and white horse. 

Significance of Karuppasamy Homam

It is a very ancient form of worship without the use of mantras and japas. Karuppasamy homam ensures peaceful and happy life. He solves problems quickly and removes all hardships of his devotees. He takes to task and punishes severely even if the crime is small. He is a divine guardian and protects from all types of evil. Folk songs and folklore are sung in praise of the God.
Benefits of Karuppasamy Homam
Get protection from evil eye, black magic and jealousy
Find quick solutions to problems
Eradicate all hardships
Helps guard wealth, health 
Find happiness and peace

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