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Griha Pravesh or House Warming Ceremony


A house warming ceremony is performed when one enters a newly constructed house. This brings prosperity into the house. It is performed at an auspicious time and organised by the members of the household to keep off negative energies and create positive vibrations. 

Vasthu shastra prescribes guidelines for all house related rituals right from selecting the site, orientation of the rooms, positions, its directions and height. Not only homes, even instructions for building of towns, temples or cattle sheds has been mentioned in the Indian scriptures. In India, it is called Griha Pravesh (stepping into a new house). Ceremonies are performed to keep evil forces away so that the house is sanctified. There is also a ritual for land acquisition called Bhumi Puja that ensures blessings of Mother Earth and smooth completion of all future tasks. 

There are Three Types of House Warming or Griha Pravesh Ceremonies: 

Apoorva: Entering a newly constructed or a newly selected land for the first time is called Apoorva Graha Pravesh.

Sapoorva: Entering an already existing house to live in it after travelling abroad or migrating elsewhere is called Sapoorva graha pravesh.

Dwandwah: Entering a house to live in it after reconstruction/renovation of the house damaged by fire, flood waters, electricity, wind etc is termed Dwandwah Graha Pravesh.

According to ancient scriptures, failure to perform a Griha Pravesh Puja, before entering a new house or not abiding by the customs can bring severe bad luck to the family. Once the puja is completed, the family should reside there for at least three days and keep the house well lit to ensure that no evil vibrations occupy the house.

Vastu puja: It the first ceremony performed outside the house. A copper pot is used filled with water and other materials like grains and coconut that is given by the priest to the owners, of the house to place near the ceremonial pyre.

Vastu shanthi: This requires a havan or homa. This is done to keep harmful effects of planets away, remove all negativities and create a divine environment. Later, the priest is recognised for his services and offered a fee and other gifts as a token of appreciation. 

Also, two other pujas are performed on this day like Ganapathi puja, the Satyanarayan puja or the Lakshmi pooja on the recommendation of the priests.

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