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Dwadasa Aditya Maha Homam (Twelve Forms Of Lord Sun)


Dwadasa Aditya is the twelve forms of Lord Sun otherwise called as Aditya. There are 12 unique names of Lord Aditya that portrays distinctive appearances of the Lord Sun and each incarnation of Lord Aditya is not same as one another and each one has its own particular importance and features.

The Lord Aditya or Sun, being no different from Lord Hari, is the one spirit of all the universes and their unique maker. He is the wellspring of all the practices related to rituals recommended in the Vedas and has been given numerous names by the Vedic sages.

The main objective of Performing Dwadasa Aditya Maha homam is to get relief from any severe health issues, mental depressions, resolves undiagnosed health problems, skin diseases, dangerous things etc.

Dwadasa Aditya Maha Homam is a very big yagya. It should be performed atleast 2 days as per standared vedic scriptures.

1st Day is full of Japas with 1,25000 Ahurties and in the 12 forms of Lord Sun

2nd day Fire Ritual/Maha Yagya

As Mentioned In The Vedic Scripture Sathapatha Brahmana 14.16

Katame Aditya Iti. Dwadasamasah Samvatsarasya

Aeta Adityah Aete Hidam Sarvamadadaanayanti Taddwididam Sarvamadadaana Yanti Tasmaditya Iti.

Dwadasa implies twelve and Masa implies the month – accordingly the Dwadasa (twelve) Aditya are the twelve months represents by the twelve signs in the zodiac.


Best Remedies

Heart Diseases, Bone fracture, Migraine, Jaundice, Poisoning, Skin Diseases, mental distress, Weak eye sight, leprosy, gonorrhea, less of appetite.

Significance Of Dwadasa Aditya Homam

The ultimate Personality of Godhead, showing his power of time as the sun-god, goes about in each of the twelve months, starting with Ashadha / Madhu, to direct planetary movement inside of the universe. Every month of the year it is a different adithya who shines.


  • Performing Dwadasa Aditya Homam, the different forms of aditya the sun god blesses you with all that is good and destroys all your sorrows.
  • Highly recommended homam for those people who are under treatment.
  • Dwadasa Aditya is responsible for nourishment and all materials needed for creation and sustenance (Dana) and motivation, happiness, inebriation and force or energy.
  • Dwadasa Aditya homam enhances a person to shape the thinking and creative skills in effective methods.
  • The Twelve Aditya’s are the providers and everything originates from them and signifies to all the material types of creation.


Mitra lives in the moon and ocean and do favor for the welfare of the universe. He shines in the month of May – June (Jyeshtha).


Aryama lives in the wind and imparts in the structure of air. He is the life of every single living being on the earth. He stays in the form of nature's spirit and shines in the month of April – May (Vaishakha).


 Bhaga lives in the body of all the living beings and signifies to the vitality, force, work power and clarity. He shines in the month of December – January (Pausha)


As the form Amshuman he is again lives in the wind and he is energy creator makes the life more vigorous and rapid. Lord Amshuman shines in the month of November – December (Margashirsha)


Lord Dhata, otherwise called Shri Vigraha. He is the maker of the universe and has significant commitment in the making of the society. His obligation is to follow with the community beliefs and standards. He is otherwise called the practitioner of the universe. Dhata shines in the month of March – April (Chaitra).


Indra represents Devadhipati Indra. The force and quality of Lord Aditya is vast. He controls all the good sense and safeguards the goddesses and devastate the adversaries. He shines in the month of July – August (Shravana).


Lord Parjanya stays in the mists and directs them and in charges of the downpours the rain by controlling the impacts of beams and mists. Parjanya shines in the month of February – March (Phalguna)


Lord Tvashtha lives in the plants and herbs. He gives glow and life to the vegetations and greenery. He shines in the month of September – October (Ashvina).


Lord Vishnu is the head of all the adityas. He is the person who annihilates all foes and evil presences and shields the earth from their fierceness. He shines in the month of October – November (Kartika).


Lord Pushya resides in the all forms of food grains.  He puts nourishment and vitality in the edibles. The taste and squeeze in the nourishment things originates from his forces. He shines in the month of January – February (Magha)


As in the form of Vivasvan, he lives in the fire that is the lord of flame and helps to cook foods. The vitality and life that we get from him is utilized to support the leafy foods that are further utilized as nourishment to sustain the living animals. He shines in the month of August – September (Bhadrapada).


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