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Dhumavati Mahavidya Maha Homam

Evidence The Cosmic Dissolution

Goddess Dhumavati is one of the Mahavidyas, among the ten Tantric 'Devi', originally she was called as "Devi Sati" . Out of ten Mahavidyas, forms the seventh of 'Adi Parashakthi'. Goddess Dhumavati characteristics is chilling in appearance, outlook is scary, in a smoky form. She looks similar to death, craving, deprivation, and all sort of pessimistic and unpromising outlook called from the scripture "Pranatoshini Tantra". Once she was craving for food, was living in an mountain area with Lord Shiva, being the first wife. Lord Shiva was unable to fetch any food for her and out of hungry she swallowed Lord Shiva and became a widow. Lord Shiva through his eternal power reached her and managed to convince Goddess Dhumavati and Lord Shiva was brought back and out of anger he cursed Goddess Dhumavati to turn ugly and utter a widow appearance. She resembles Goddess Shakthi as an eternal widow, without the presence of Lord Shiva. Despite she admits this image, she has been worshipped by so many devotees praying from negativities and relieve them from the odds and events she faced and safeguard them from poverty and diseases, she underwent.

Goddess Dhumavati is also termed as "Alakshmi" a person without brightness, wealth and primordial. The unconscious curse expressions has depicted her with old age, unsightly relict (ugly widow) was aging-gracefully in her attire, with humongous opportunity and strength, passing through the darkness explicitly the beauty of love and affection reflecting from her soul, symbolically shows that she has the pleasure in sharing what is natural. Though her face are marked with the lines of good and bad, sufferings and sacrifices, but greatly accomplishing her born duties and responsibilities comfortably, in her own skin, unapologetically. She never used Frankincense to reduce the aging defects, but used this quality to stimulate cosmic cells to master anthropology, strengthening the minds of living creatures with will-power, courage, talents, creativity in life, protecting lives of people you love, defeating the aging of devotees to live longer, looking healthy, handsome and beautiful, bestow with boons.

Goddess Dhumavati Moola Mantram

Saptakshar Dhumavati Mantra (7 Syllables Mantra)
Dhum Dhumavati Svaha॥
Goddess Dhumavati our prayers to you, remove the fear of death
Ashtakshar Dhumavati Mantra (8 Syllables Mantra)
Dhum Dhum Dhumavati Svaha॥
Goddess Dhumavati our prayers to you, remove the fear of death and cherish our dreams with full of joy and happiness,
want to live our days.

Significance Of Dhumavati Homam?

Goddess Dhumavati is a promising personality who cures all Ketu affects with her conscience will, and act to prevent human miseries like preconscious black magic, prosper infertile land, remove casual curses, hate-filled attitude, sardonic circumstances, court cases, protection of wealth and protection from enemies, domestic-violence and abuses, proves to universe time never ends for good hearts, bad may come and bad may go, you will live longer. Also emphasize from her knowledge and wisdom that life and living is a challenge, so face it and life is full of opportunity, so grab it. Goddess Dhumavati is a true teacher of the cosmic world one who believes that time supersedes beauty, so knowledge and wisdom is important and stay ever to reveal the ultimate complexities in life. She is always in joyful and   encouraging state of mind, who is tender-hearted compassionate with the aged people, sympathetic with the striving widows and highly tolerant with the bachelors for good and bad. So devotees who are aged, widows and bachelors and younger generations offer their prayers for good and healthy life, which removes debt and poverty, self-regulation, will power, courage, name and fame. Instead of suggesting ways, solutions or cures, she shares the sufferings and pains, touch the open wounds with affable and affectionate. That's the beauty of cosmic dissolver.

Dhumavati Mahavidya Maha Homam 

Dhumavati Homam helps to be methodical in life, being patient, succeeding in business ventures, education and moral, fulfilling desires, freedom from bitterness and hatred, trusting yourself and consciousness. Dhumavati Homam is a symbol of enlightenment, accepting the facts of life and the dual qualities namely blissful and empty state, compassionate and sagacity, good and bad, young and old and how to handle gracefully. It removes the bad karmas of "Lunar" and improves the outlook regarding life and general nature of the native, lovable and optimistic, timely wedding bells and blessed with good family life with children's, make you buy assets, abundance of health and wealth, status of well-being in professional life, blessed with prosperity.


  • Removes black magic, heals you with positive energy, power of strength
  • Reinstate from financial crises, bless with wealth creation
  • Bless with courage and will power, motivates accomplishment and determination
  • Make you feel optimistic, liberate from bad karmas, bless with joy and healthy life


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