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DHAN YOGA: The Favourable Period To Attract Wealth

Venus, the planet of money, love, creativity and balanced attitude is transiting for 123 days - Dhan Yoga - until 1st Jan 2019 to the sign of Libra and it is going to share the sign with the prosperity lord Jupiter which is placed in the sign of Libra, it also signifies comfort, money, luxury, knowledge and wisdom. Both the (Venus + Jupiter) planets are highly auspicious to provide generous and genuine kind of results with respect to money and prosperity.

When the flaming masculine energy of Jupiter meets the feminine and airy Venus, the force that forms is balanced. It will enhance the luck portion and provides fortunate circumstances as well. In short, money would be flowing for them who will worship Venus and Jupiter form in this particular time frame. Acheive big gains with Dhana Yoga formation until January 2019.

The Effect of Dhan Yoga on Your Star Sign & Its Impact on Day To Day Life

Venus  represents abundance of money, love, relationships

Jupiter represents knowlege, wisdom, money and creativity

Venus transits from Tula to Vrischika until January 01, 2019 (Tuesday) at 20:58

Jupiter transits from Tula  to Vrischika - October 11, 2018 (Thursday) at 20:39


As the planet Venus and Jupiter is forming Dhan Yoga, so it will give you an positive aspect on the relationship aspect, business and career prospects would also get enhanced, promotion or elevation in career is highly possible, unexpected gains are foreseen, reputation would be on a high level, mainly benefits from foreign countries are also indicated.

Factually, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius people would be getting beneficial aspect. Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces sign would be operating moderately.

12-Year Rare Phenomenon Where Overlords Grant Abundant Prosperity

The Planet Jupiter transits once in 12 years to the sign of Libra and it makes the event even more phenomenal and special. Actually Jupiter overlord is Maha Vishnu and Venus overlord is Maha Lakshmi. Both are highly auspicious and would prevent the native from having relationship issues, money losses, unwanted and high expenditures. This is the right time and exact period to appease both in a single manner and get blessings for your bright future.

Goddess Maha Lakshmi is the overlord of the planet Venus and Maha Vishnu is connected with the planet Jupiter, so appeasing Goddess Maha Lakshmi would prove to be highly beneficial and the conjunction says that it will create a positive impact in all of our life.

Vedic prophecy says that if you appease Goddess Mahalakshmi, then Lord Maha Vishnu will be appeased automatically because Maha Lakshmi has a special boon that whomsoever will appease or worship her, will have necessarily worshipped the lord as well.

123 Days of Strong Venus Influence that’s Significant

In general context the planet Venus transit in a sign for 26 -28 days but this time it is going to transit for 123 days, which is really rare and it is going to create a strong phenomenon in most of their life with respect to money, relationship and work. Those who are jobless may get a potential job, relationship aspect may get enriched and work area would find expansion on its own.

Apart from all this, 123 days are really rare and important because when it’s added it gives a value of 6, which is indicator of the planet Venus, so in totality the upcoming period of one month would be more sacred and prosperous as well.

Why Dhan Yoga Rituals Should Be Performed

To get relief from financial hurdles.

Prosperity and wealth will be enriched.

Benefits from foreign countries.

Settlement from ancestor’s properties.

Debt related concerns would be over.

Promotion or elevation in career is possible.

To get a high paid job.

To find better relationship.

To clear grudge, resentment and negativity from your life.


Dhan Yoga Special Vedicfolks Services

Dhan Yoga ReportDhan Yoga Report for one year

The Dhan yoga report (from Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019) can be very useful for you to decide when to take important financial decisions in life. It can help you decide when to invest in new ventures like buying land, starting new profitable business, right time to borrow or take loans from institutions like banks, finance companies, and also investing in shares etc. The report cautions you against investing your hard-earned money in useless enterprises. Get to know about your career, profession, relationship patterns with your loved ones or friends and colleagues from this exclusive report from our experienced Vedic astrologer.