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Chaturvimshatihi Avatara Series of Homam – 2/ 24

Four Sanakadika Rishis/ Sanat Kumaras Homam

Removes Negative Qualities, Sorrows, Gives Vast Knowledge, Youthful Charm, Devotion and Siddhis


Scheduled Live Stream on April 1, 2023 @ 6:00 PM IST / 4:30 AM PST / 7:30 AM EST


Four Kumaras Taught to Realize the Absolute Truth

When cosmic harmony is imbalanced, Lord Vishnu appears in various avatars to correct the wrong and fight evil to protect his devotees. After the Adi Purush avatar Lord Vishnu, created by Lord Brahma, manifested as Kumaras (young lads) that are four in number, namely, Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanat Kumara. They are the ‘Manasaputras’ of Lord Brahma which means mind-born sons. Also called Sidheswaras or gods of siddhi, the Kumaras requested their father to remain as five-year-olds forever, and undertook lifelong vows to remain in the state of Brahmacharya or celibate. Lord Krishna has mentioned in Bhagavata Purana about the Sanat Kumaras who He described as important disciples.

Said to be highly knowledgeable, the Kumaras preached the right path to realize the Absolute Truth. The Kumaras have their own religious system or tradition called Sanakadi Sampradaya.

Sanaka Kumara taught that there’s no great teacher like one’s own mother, no deity like lord Vishnu, and there’s no river like the Ganges. A man who doesn’t chant the holy verses is like a dead person. Wealth if not used for charity gets destroyed.

Sanandana Kumara revealed that lord Krishna is full of splendors, virtuousness, religiousness, fame and knowledge. He is all the fame, knowledge, and wealth, who knows the cause of creation and destruction.

Sanatana Kumara preached that one must adhere to the rules described in the sacred texts while observing Dashami, Ekadashi and Dwadashi such as avoiding certain kinds of food, avoid gambling, sleeping, physical relationships, chewing betel leaves, etc.

Sanat Kumara said that a person who has realized the real self is the soul or Atma, neither sees the death of the body, diseases, or sorrows. Self-realization also helps to conquer fear and death. For such a person, the material environment becomes friendly and serves the devotee with folded hands.

Significance of Four Sanakadika Rishis Homam

The Sanakadika Rishi Homam is performed to the four Kumaras that are the avatars of Lord Maha Vishnu. Performing rituals to these child forms removes ignorance and bad traits of a person. It also purifies the soul and gives blessings of enlightenment and self-realization.

Four Sanakadika Rishis/ Sanat Kumaras Homam

Removes Negative Qualities, Sorrows, Gives Vast Knowledge, Youthful Charm, Devotion and Siddhis

Sanakadika Rishis Homam is a unique ritual that involves the invocation of the four child avatar of Lord Vishnu – Sanka Kumara, Sanatana Kumara, Sanandana Kumara and Sanat Kumara. The ritual bestows many rare gifts to the devotee like gaining siddhis and realisation of the true self. The homam also overcomes dangers and negativity. It helps people who are sluggish and dull people who are unable to face life’s challenges. The ritual overcomes fear and bestows vast wisdom and knowledge. Performing the four Sanakadika Rishis homam grants good virtues, devotion and religious zeal. Invoking the child gods who are great rishis gives siddhis or great accomplishments that are only derived through tough religious practices.

Benefits of Four Sanakadika Rishis/ Sanat Kumaras Homam

  • Bestows relief from dangers and negative effects of evil.
  • Remove sufferings caused due to ill-effects of planets, health and other defects.
  • Remove negative qualities like laziness, lethargy, procrastination, etc.
  • Overcome fear and deception by gaining vast wisdom.
  • Achieve purity by destroying ignorance and attachment.
  • Receive supreme knowledge through enlightenment.
  • Get blessings of virtuousness, piety and devotion to the lord.
  • Gain siddhis or perfect achievements.
  • Attain divine blessings of Lord Maha Vishnu.
  • Bestows blessings of youthful charm and personal excellence.
  • Paves way for the realization of the true self.

Lord Sundara Varadaraja Perumal Temple Puja
Removes Fear of Enemies, Provides Education, Career Excellence and Aishwaryam

The Sundara Varadaraja Perumal temple situated at Virugambakkam in Chennai, South India, is nearly one thousand years old. The lord appears with a conch and discus with the other two hands showing abhaya hasta and varada hasta for protection and wish fulfillment. Before entering the main sanctum, a shrine for Lord Hanuman is seen. Also, on the two sides of the main temple, there are shrines of Goddess Perundevi (a Lakshmi form) and Goddess Andal. The lord when worshipped removes fear of enemies and all types of dosha, endows with career success, excellence in education, prosperity and good health. A puja in this ancient temple is a powerful remedy for removing all horoscope defects and other difficulties of life.


Energized Vishnu Idol Worship
Removes Negativity, Grants Ceaseless Growth, Financial Success, Fortune and Salvation

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Lord Vishnu is also known as Narayana or Hari. The lord’s prime duty is to preserve or protect and uphold dharma. His ten forms Dasavataram is a unique saga of his manifestation in different form to save the earth and his devotees. This exquisite brass idol of Lord Vishnu is a compact one that you can keep in your puja alter or can be used for any other purpose that involves divine presence. He’s the most benevolent god who is ready to serve his devotees in times of need. Lord Narayana removes sins of the past, negativity, protects you and grants blessings of knowledge and respect in society. He is also the lord that gives ceaseless growth in fortune and uplifts your financial status. He also bestows moksha or salvation.