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Brahmastra Homam

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Celestial Brahma Weapon Brahmastra Bless Universe Peace, Leadership Qualities, Restore Dharma, Bestow Harmony

Lord Brahma and Brahmastra Weapon

Brahmastra is also called as "Brahmashirsha" and "Brahmanda Astra", the supernatural weapons used in the battle of Mahabharata is said to have enormous powers. Brahmastra possess a masterpiece force is an immortal and immutable creation of universal force, which can even destroy the entire universe. These weapons is collectively called as "Lord Brahma Weapons". Except "Brahmanda Astra", "Brahmashirsha" and its variants, were created by Lord Brahma and termed as Fiery Weapon, made by the energy of fireball.


Brahmashira Astra is also termed as Lord Brahama's head weapon, is incarnated with 4 heads of Brahma at the front and four times stronger than the normal Brahmastra. Brahmashira Astra is not a complete weapon, but a category of weapon. It is termed, as any weapons, which is capable of destroying all creations which falls under the category of Brahmasira weapons. Brahmanda Astra is a weapon, that is incarnated with the fifth head of Lord Brahma at the front, capable of destroying the whole universe.


Power of Brahmastra Weapon

Brahmastra is created entirely upholding Dharma and Truth. Once the Brahmastra is discharged from the hands of the user, there would be neither a counterattack nor a defense, that could ever stop the attack, will end up only in ultimate destruction. The discharge of this weapon is the most feared one in all existence, having the power to destroy any part of the universe, entirely. Lord Brahma who gave the spark that gave life to the Universe, also have the power of flame using Brahmastra that will ultimately destroy it. Though there were powerful weapons during that time, Brahmastra was the most sought weapon of that age, as it is quite powerful in discharging, have greater pride in using Brahmastra and also dangerous and cannot be withdrawn from the target, once decided.


How and When the Brahmastra Weapon was Used in Epic War?

1. Used by Maharaja Kaushika, later he was called as Brahmarshi Vishvamitra against Maharishi Vasishta. But Vashista's Brahmadanda Astra has swallowed the powers of Brahmastra, during their battle.


2. King Indrajit, son of Demon King Lanka Ravana, used Nagasthira another variant of Brahmastra in the battle of Ramayana, against the army of Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana was terribly hurt very badly, very close to losing his life. It is Lord Hanuman who quickly acted upon bringing the entire "Sanjeevani Malai" with medicinal herbs to save Lord Lakshmana and their army from the death.


3. King Indrajit also used Brahmastra against Lord Hanuman, but Lord Hanuman was very clever in saving himself, as he had been blessed with a boon by Lord Brahma.


4. In Ramayana, several times Lord Rama has used Brahmastra. Once to save Goddess Sita from Jayanta, the son of King Indra. Once against Demon Mareecha, an ally of Demon King Ravana, to destroy him in the last encounter.


5. Also it was used in the last battle with Demon King Ravana, in Ramayana by Lord Rama.


6. Once it was aimed by Lord Rama at Lord Varuna when he did not assist in carving a path in the sea to reach Lanka with his army, to save Goddess Sita. As Lord Rama preparing him to discharge the Brahmastra, Lord Varuna appeared before Lord Rama and assisted to cross the ocean.


7. In the battle field of Mahabharata when Drona's started losing, he was ambitious with anger to use Brahmastra against Yudhishthira but all the weapons of Drona was destroyed by another Brahmastra of King Yudhishthira.


8. Also Dhrishtadyumna invoked Brahmastra against Dronacharya but Dronacharya destroyed all the weapons of Dhrishtadyumna and Dronacharya used only normal arrows as it was enough to counter the attack of Dhrishtadyumna.


9. Also the ancient texts say that Arjuna used Brahma weapon against Dronacharya and Dronacharya used his Brahmastra and wounded Arjuna in the battle. At that time mountain, waters and trees sensed a shock. But there were different versions too, saying the weapon was only targeted by Dronacharya against Arjuna but was not launched.


Brahmastra Homam  - Destroy Enemies, Harmful Energy, Bless Immense Strength, Attain Life Desires

Brahmastra Homam is a powerful homam worship the weapon of ages with highest honor venerating through powerful "Brahmastra Mantra" has the capability of invoking the power of thousand Suns when it is recited with Gayatri Mantra. It is also invoking the divine presence of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva who technically represent in the form of Proton, Electron and Neutron, which is nothing but accelerating the weapon through power of Mantra and embedded with mystical force of Lord Brahma which has the power of millions of missile released with great fires and destructive potent. Worship Celestial Weapon is very significant and Brahmastra cannot harm in anyway the five principle gods and goddess, namely Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Shakti as they are the supreme incarnations of the divine. Also Brahmastra cannot harm Lord Hanuman, the son of Lord Vayu, as he has earned a boon from Lord Brahma and other gods too. Brahmastra weapon is worshiped to overcome all hurdles in life, gain the key characteristics of life and bless with forbearance, determination, and mending to life situations and also invoke all celestial blessings to obtain knowledge and wisdom mastering Physics solution, Chemical profession and Mechanical Motors, nuclear weapons, builds ability to create new inventions, save and prevent from environmental damages, bless fertility, increase rainfall, wealth opulence, create harmony, peace and dharma.


  • Reverse adversities, stay stronger, courageous
  • Materialize inventions, conquer losses in business ventures
  • Master technology, scientific inventions, Remove Deficiency
  • Ability to master Nuclear Science, Guided Missiles, Remove Conservatism
  • Annihilate Enemies, Safety from danger, protection from evil spirits
  • Bestow with good things in life, clear hurdles, delays and frustration
  • Gain good health, hassle free life, relief from misfortunes, bless prosperity


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