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Ashvini Nakshatra

and Ashwini Kumaras Devata Homam


Significance of Ashvini Nakshatra

Ashvini Nakshatra is considered the first Nakshatra in Vedic astronomy; the word ‘Ashvini’ originates from the Sanskrit language. The Head of a Horse symbolises Ashvini, and the nakshatra is represented as a small constellation in space. Ashwini Kumars is the deity that safeguards the people born under this nakshatra’s influence. This Nakshatra helps devotees in fulfilling their needs and wishes in life. Ashvini Nakshatra acts as the remover of barriers that distracts the devotees from attaining success.

Ashvini Nakshatra helps the devotees resolve their various issues related to marriage, business, studies, etc. This Nakshatra increases the spiritual knowledge and skills of the devotees. It makes the devotees stronger physically and mentally and gives them the courage and strength to fight their problems. It helps devotees improve their weaknesses and allows them to perform well in their respective fields. The nakshatra prevents them from suffering significant losses or demotion in their work-life. Devotees experience less burden on them with the Ashvini Nakshatra. This Nakshatra will bring positive and desired results in your life. This Nakshatra is suitable for gaining victory over many evil forces.

Nakshatra Shakthi Homam

Ashwini Devatas Mantra

Om Ashwina tejsa chakshu pranenan saraswati viryyam |
vachandro balnendraye dhdhuriindryam om ashwani kumarabhyam namah || 

Boons of Ashvini Nakshatra

  • Ashvini Nakshatra’s impact boosts the health and wealth of devotees.
  • This Nakshatra removes specific doshas from the horoscope of devotees.
  • People can experience positive vibes around them and lead joyful and optimistic lives under this nakshatra's significance.
  • This Nakshatra’s effect blesses the devotees with an excellent physical appearance and intelligence.
  • This Nakshatra safeguards devotees from black magic and other adverse implications.

Banes of Ashvini Nakshatra

  • People under the influence of this nakshatra are stubborn and have very anxious attitudes, which often creates trouble.
  • People born with Ashvini Nakshatra are short-tempered and have little or almost no control over emotions.

Contact us to get Ashvini Nakshatras Homam performed from our end. By completing this Homam, we will worship Ashvini Nakshatra devata in your name and make sure all the positive aspects of the nakshatras reach you.

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2 Hours Package
USD 275.00
  • No of Priest - 2
  • Up to 501 Ahurthis
5 Hours Package
USD 1,299.00
  • No of Priest - 5
  • Up to 10008 Ahurthis
Maha Yagya Package (2 Days)
USD 2,820.00
  • No of Priest - 07 to 10 Priest
  • Up to 125000 Ahurthis