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Ashtadasha Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

Brings Power, Courage, Stability & Immense Peace


Significance of Ashtadasha Bhuja avatar of Hanuman

Ashtadasha Bhuja Hanuman is one of the most revered and prominent incarnations of supreme Lord Hanuman. In this aspect, Lord Hanuman has eighteen hands, and in each hand, he carries a powerful weapon. All the eighteen arms and the weapons in them symbolize power, courage and vitality. They imply the power and vigour which can crush all the terrible forces from the world.

A prominent legend linked with the Lord Hanuman’s manifestation as Ashtadasha Bhuja Hanuman Avatar includes the great Rishi Durvasa. Maharishi Durvasa was unhappy with his powers and felt incomplete and unsatisfactory. To end all his issues, he worshipped Lord Hanuman in his Ashtadasha Bhuja aspect to attain satisfaction, peace and prosperity. Mighty Ashtadasha Bhuja Hanuman granted him solace and liberation from all the bondages. Ashtadasha Bhuja, the incarnation of Lord Hanuman, assists in attaining peace, bliss and liberation from all destructive forces.

About Ashtadasha Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

In Ashtadasa Bhuja Hanuman Homam, a fire lab is lit to worship the mighty Ashtadasha Bhuja Hanuman. Mantras and shlokas are chanted in admiration of Hanuman.

Ashtadasa Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

Following Dhyana Shloka is prominently chanted during Ashtadasha Bhuja Hanuman Homam:

“Sakthim Pasam Cha Kuntam Parasu Mapi Halam Tovamaram Khetakam Sankham|
Chakram Trisulam Musala Map Ghadaam Pattisam Mudgaram Ghandivam Charma||
Padmam Dvinava Bhujawaraihi Khadga Ma Pyadadhaniam Vandeeham Vaayu Suna |
Suraripu Madhanam Bhakta Raksha Sudhaksham!”|| 

Boons of Ashtadasa Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam

Here are a few significant windfalls of Ashtadasha Bhuja Hanuman Avatar Homam:

  • Ashtadasha Bhuja Hanuman Homam brings peace and glory to life.
  • This fire ritual embellishes life with harmony and rejuvenation.
  • It brings courage and vitality to tackle any catastrophic situation and fulfil life with immense zeal and enthusiasm.
  • The Homam safeguards from evil energies and adverse influences.
  • The Homam assists in fighting and swaying all the negative instances.
  • By accomplishing this Homam, one can ascertain consciousness and self-awakening powers in life.
  • The ritual embellishes life with serenity and holds elements that sway tranquillity and peace from life.
  • The Homam grants satisfaction and peace of mind curbing all the alarming forces from life.
  • The Homam integrates life with bliss, stability and safeguards from all the obstacles.

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