Vasanth Purnima / Lakshmi Jayanthi Rituals to Maha Lakshmi Forms Ensure You Achieve all types of Prosperity in Life

Ashta Lakshmi Homam

Ultimate Worship of Goddess of Wealth Maha Lakshmi
Provides Wealth in Plenitude, Assures Success,
Courage & Increase of Assets


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Goddess Maha Lakshmi Embodies Fortune, Fertility, Power & Auspiciousness

Goddess Maha Lakshmi brings luck to her devotees in the form of wealth and prosperity. She is draped in a red sari that denotes prosperity, adorned with finest ornaments, seated on a lotus symbolising divine truth, a pot of wealth in her hand, flanked by white elephants, a striking image of name and fame associated with abundance. She is famous for her wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility and auspiciousness.

Her four hands represent dharma (righteousness), kama (genuine desires), artha (wealth) and moksha (liberation from cycle of life and death). The golden coins falling from her right palm means she is the giver of wealth and prosperity. It signifies that a true devotee should not earn wealth just to earn name and fame but must be generous so that others can be happy too. The lotus bud held in the hand signifies beauty, purity, spirituality and fertility.

Her forms are eight in number – Ashta Lakshmi — signifying that wealth is just not material but also other fundamental necessities of life food grains, progeny, knowledge, success, etc. Ashta Lakshmi Homam will be performed on the day of Vasanth Purnima or Phalguna Purnima, a full moon day that also coincides with Holi and Lakshmi Jayanthi, the day the wealth goddess appeared from the ocean to wipe out poverty and sufferings and spread prosperity everywhere.

Ashta Lakshmi Mantra

Om Shreem Mahalakshmi Namah
Ashta-Aishwaryam Samridhim Mey Dehi Tapaya Swaha
Shreem Mahalakshmi Namah ||

Significance of Ashta Lakshmi in your life

Adi Lakshmi – The goddess is the primordial form that helps a devotee attain the foremost aim in life – freedom from cycle of birth and death. She therefore is known as moksha pradayani, the one who bestows liberation. She is the embodiment of compassion and supports those who strive towards ultimate spiritual aim of life.


Dhana Lakshmi – While Dhanam means wealth in terms of gold, money, property and any form of tangible monetary utility, Dhana also means qualities like willpower, strength, perseverance and determination. The goddess favours those who strive hard by blessing them with wealth and prosperity that’s needed to improve themselves. She’s also the storehouse of all universe’s wealth. She also helps to fulfill the potential of those who resolve to conquer the mind and persevere despite all difficulties.


Dhanya Lakshmi – Dhanya means grains and life without food is impossible. Dhanya Lakshmi blesses you with great fortune of agricultureal wealth. Devotees show their gratitude by honoring her before means, and also donating food for others in need. The goddess gives nourishment with no discrimination and highlights the significance of showing gratitude for Mother Nature’s miracles. Rich or poor, everyone one needs nourishment.


Gaja Lakshmi – The giver of animal wealth, Gaja Lakshmi the goddess is adored by farmers whose cows and bulls provide blessings of dairy and tilling the land. Gaja means elephant which signifies royalty and power as elephants were used regularly for warfare. Gajalakshmi’s blessings remind one of the great value such animals add to society and how we should not show cruelty to them and treat them with love, care and respect.


Santana Lakshmi – She symbolizes fertility. Couples desiring children worship this goddess to expand their progeny. She bestows warmth and care that are important for raising healthy and happy children. She also signifies the intensity of a protective mother. She offers blessings for a vibrant and long-living offspring. The goddess’ grace falls upon those who honor parenthood as sacred duty, and who treat children as the greatest treasures of life.


Dhairya Lakshmi – Dhairya lakshmi symbolizes bravery and valour and the goddess grants strength to the devotee to overcome obstacles on the path of material and spiritual life. She appears with a medley of weapons and is also called Veera Lakshmi (Veeram means courage). She bestows fearlessness that’s needed to persevere through life’s ups and downs which favours those who resolve to remain optimistic and determined in all circumstances.


Vidya Lakshmi – As Vidya means knowledge, this form is responsible for a person’s intellectual development. The goddess enhances the inherent qualities residing in one’s inner self, encourages their potential and allows to achieve both material and spiritual success. She is a mother who comes to the rescue of those troubled by lack of confidence and insecurity. She ushers in knowledge to foster mental resilience, fortitude and strong will. She also blesses with divine wisdom to those who are sincerely want a spiritual transformation in their life.


Vijaya Lakshmi – Translated as victory, Goddess Vijaya Lakshmi is a signifactor of success, infusing devotees with hope, inspiration and determination. She administers tenacity and grit so that people can overcome life’s impediments. She favors those who maintain a positive attitude in times of adversities. She grants success in all ventures and also guides people on the path of spirituality. She encourages to work hard to ensure her followers get what they need. Her wealth is boundless and so is her kindness.

Ultimate Worship of Goddess of Wealth Maha Lakshmi Provides Wealth, Assures Success,
Courage & Increase of Assets

Ashta Lakshmi Homam invokes the eight goddess forms that denote the eight different facets of wealth that fulfill the various necessities and desires of the people. Her blessing are plenty that and she caters to our daily essentials of life like wealth, learning, fertility, courage, power, progeny and victory. The homam provides all types of prosperity to you so that there’s no dearth of material comforts and fortune. When worshipped with devotion and trust, give abundance of everything and helps to achieve goals successfully. The ritual helps to wipe away negative emotions and ensures positivity of thoughts and actions.

Benefits of Ashta Lakshmi Homam

       Eradicate health issues related to uterus and other reproductive organs.
       Clear debt burdens and repay loans with ease.
       Remove poverty and hunger and see your agriculture flourish.
       Get success in business and career even in creative fields such as movies, music and dance, etc.
       Buy assets and enjoy a luxurious life.
       Achieve patience, courage, valour and strength.
       Grant spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

Ashta Lakshmi Temple Pooja - A Perfect Solution to Financial Setbacks, Provides Ashta Siddhi & Ashta Aishwaryam

The Ashta Lakshmi Temple that’s adjacent to the Besant Nagar beach in Chennai is symbolic of Goddess Maha Lakshmi’s manifestation from sea. The distinct feature of the temple is that it resembles the letter ‘Om’ in Sanskrit. The temple has four levels and goddess Maha Lakshmi and her consort Maha Vishnu are the first to be worshipped. From this main sanctum, the other smaller shrines of Ashta Lakshmi forms are seen on different tiers of the temple. Goddess Maha Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu fulfill the wishes of the devotees. She grants eight-fold achievements in the form of Ashta Siddhis (eight accomplishments) and also eight-fold wealth called Ashta Aishwaryam (eight types of prosperity). She protects from evil and eliminates your financial issues and blesses you with luck and success.


Maha Lakshmi Idol Ensures Blessings of Wealth, All Types of Prosperity, Fulfillment,
Success and Auspiciousness

Goddess Maha Lakshmi is a significator of immense wealth. She’s a powerhouse of fortune, riches and affluence. She helps overcome problems of all types including health and bestows you with prosperity and grants well-being to you and family. She ensures blessings of all forms of prosperity like progeny, courage, success, education, food grain, etc. She fulfils all wishes and provides generously so that you don’t want more. The devotees experience a sense of fulfilment in their homes. The idol of Maha Lakshmi in your home ensures that there’s no dearth of prosperity in your home. Perform puja or abhsihekam to the idol for auspicious blessings of the wealth Goddess Maha Lakshmi.


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