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Ashta Dasa Shakthi Peetha Maha Yagya

A Powerful Yagya Bring Relief to Doshas, Inflictions, Bless Fame, Longevity, Material Abundance


Ashta Dasa Shakthi Peetha

Goddess Shakti a principal architect of cosmic energy and main deity of Shakta origin represents, the places of holy of cosmic congruence. She is affiliated with the mother of earth and fertility, "Goddess Parvati", mother of courage and strength "Goddess Durga", and mother of destruction, "Goddess Mahakali", to restore Dharma. Worshiping Ashta Dasa (18) Shakthi Peetha's on Pournami will bless the devotees defeating enemies, curing disease, acquiring abundance wealth and prosperity. She is the archetype of creation, sustenance and destruction who is a "Great Divine Mother of earth", surrounded us in all forms as divine energy indivisibly, who manifest so appropriately of how, when and where the power of energy is required for the welfare of the people, is a gift in grace, great in boon.

Do Participate and get the Divine Blessings from 18 Powerful Houses of Goddess Shakti

Legacy of King Daksha Prajapathi and Goddess Sati Devi

Once Sati Devi, a form of Goddess Shakti has self immolated herself in an Yagya carried out by her father King Daksha Prajapathi who insulted her Husband Lord Shiva as he was not happy, as his daughter Goddess Sati (is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati) have married Lord Shiva. As the understanding did not go well with her father she using the yogic powers of invocation and provocation, got self immolated, cursing the Yagya ritual to fail and go incomplete, invoking Tamas qualities and perish Sattvik.

Lord Vishnu in order to protect the Celestial Energy of divine mother, had cut Goddess Sati's body into 51 body parts with his Sudarshana Chakra which was fallen in earth at different places in India and Srilanka, marking these as holy places to pray the Goddess Sati as "Shakthi Peetha's", for which Lord Shiva has turned himself as Lord Bhairava, who in different forms protected Shakthi Peetha's, from evil forces.

In order to overcome the quality of inertia, dullness, inactive or lethargic and bestow modes of existence like philosophical and psychological concepts, being good, positive, attain truth and serenity, embrace peace and virtuousness, Sage Adi Shankaracharya, the creator of " Advaita Vedanta" has clearly depicted in his "Aadi Shankaracharya’s Astadasha Shakthi Peetha Stotram" are the 18 houses of Goddess Shakthi:

Aadi Shankaracharya’s Astadasha Shakthi Peetha Stotram


Lankayam Shankari devi, Kamakshi Kanchika pure
Pradyumne Shrinkhala devi, Chamunda Krouncha pattane || 1 ||

Goddess Shankari-devi in Sri Lanka, Goddess Kamakshi in Kanchipuram

Goddess Shrinkhala-devi in Pradymna and Goddess Chamunda in Mysore


Alambapure Jogulamba, Sri shaile Bhramarambika
Kolha pure Maha lakshmi, Mahurye Ekaveerika 
|| 2 ||

Goddess Jogulamba in Alampur, Goddess Brhamarambika in Sri Shailam

Goddess Maha Lakshmi in Kolhapur and Goddess Eka Veera in Mahur


Ujjainyam Maha kali, Peethikayam Puruhutika
Odhyane Girija devi, Manikya Daksha vatike 
|| 3  ||

Goddess Maha Kali in Ujjain, Purhuthika in Peethika

Goddess Girija in Odhyana and Manikya in the house of Daksha


Hari kshetre Kama rupi, Prayage Madhaveshwari
Jwalayam Vishnavi devi, Gaya Mangalya gourika 
|| 4 ||

Goddess Kama rupi in Varanasi, Goddess Saraswati in Kashmir

Goddess of Flame in Jwala Mukhi and Goddess Mangala Gowri in Gaya


Varanasyam Vishalakshi, Kashmire tu Saraswati
Ashtadasha Shakti peethani, Yoginamapi durlabham 
|| 5 ||

Goddess Vishalakshi in Varanasi, Goddess Saraswati in Kashmir

Are 18 houses of Goddess Shakti, which are rare even to Devas


Sayamkale pathennityam, Sarva shatri vinashanam
Sarva roga haram divyam, Sarva sampatkaram shubham 
|| 6 ||

If Chanted every evening, Destroy enemies,

Cure all Diseases, showered prosperity


18 Manifest of Goddess Shakti Brings Power of Unity, Destroy Enemies, Cure Disease, Bless Prosperity


GoGoddess Shankari - Chaitra Pournamiddess Shankari - Devi in Sri Lanka Bless Prosperity, Remove Evil Thought, Cure Heart Disease

At this place worshiping the "Heart" body part of Goddess Shakthi is quite auspicious. This is the place where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were pleased with the penance of Lord Ravana, performed palace swearing ceremony (Griha Pravesh) and Lord Ravana was blessed with a boon gifted with this palace.


GoGoddessMahalakshmi - Chaitra Pournamiddess Kamakshi in Kanchipuram - Remove Fear of Evil, Bless life Desires, Cure Osteosarcoma

This is the place Adi Shankaracharya has composed "Karuna" Stotram for the goddess, was blessed with a boon that Goddess Kamakshi will stay inside the temple as Rudra Shakti and will not come out without his permission. Body part limb of Goddess Shakthi had fallen became the worshiping place of Goddess Shakti.


GoGoddess Shrinkala - Chaitra Pournamiddess Shrinkhala - Devi in Pradymna - Remove Fearful Bonding, Bless Divine Care

Sage Rishya Shrinkhala a devotee of Goddess Shrinkhala, is pure at heart and soul of a child, attained sacred knowledge in this place and energized Srunga Parvatha to build a temple at Shringeri, Karnataka. The body part stomach of Goddess Shakthi had fallen in this place, worshipped as Goddess Shrinkhala, in Pandua, Hoogly district, West Bengal.


GoGoddess Chamunda - Chaitra Pournamiddess Chamunda in Mysore - Remove Deadly, Infectious Disease, Bless Healthy and Nutritious Life

Here the Goddess is known as Krouncha Peetham, was earlier called as Krouncha Puri. Goddess hair had fallen in this place is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, one who slayed the demons “Chanda” and “Munda” and "buffalo Demon Mahishasura”. She is called the Guardian and presiding deity, bless good health, knowledge, courage and truth. This temple is located in the                           hill top in Mysore city, Karnataka.

GodGoddess Jogulamba - Chaitra Pournamidess Jogulamba in Alampure - Remove Evil Eye, Doshas, Bless Blissful Life

Goddess of material pleasure, is known as Jogulamba Devi or Yogamba Devi. In this temple her consort Lord Shiva is called Bala Brahmeswara Swamy, is an incarnation of "Ugra Roopa" a ferocious form. Her upper jaw with tooth had fallen in this place, bless  atmosphere with coolness, lovable to worship and protect true devotion.


GoGoddess Brhamarabika - Chaitra Pournamiddess Brhamarabika in Sri Shailam - Bless Life Wishes, Attain Salvation, Remove Evil Effects

Goddess Brhamarabika is worshipped as Bhramari or Chibuka (meaning Chin), where Goddess chin has fallen here. Bhramari means bees and “Hring” sound is the Beejakshar mantra of the Goddess. Goddess is smeared with Sindoor, bless devotees with divine grace, and also slained a Demon Mahishasura, who was misusing his power. Here the Goddess is Swayambu and the temple is called "Bhadrakali Mandir of old Nasik".

GGoddess MahaKali - Chaitra Pournamioddess Maha Lakshmi in Kolhapur - Fulfill Life Desires, Attain Success, Remove Negative Thoughts

Goddess Maha Lakshmi is also called as Dakshin Kashi, bless devotees to obtain salvation from Life desires or have them fulfilled. Also believed Goddess Mahalakshmi with her consort Lord Vishu, resides in this temple, and the place is associated with Goddess Shakti, the goddess of power. This temple has become her abode, wore adornments of symbolic value and an auspicious pond, having a dip relieve troubles and hurdles in life.

GGoddess Mahakali - Chaitra Pournamioddess Eka Veera in Mahur - Cure Disease, Protect Wealth, Relieve Obsessive Fear

In this temple the Goddess is worshipped as Ekaveerika Mata, her head has fallen in this place has become her abode, on the banks of Panch Ganga River, a small village Heure in Mahur, Maharastra. Goddess Eka Veera follows Tantric worship, devotees offer sacrifices (Bali) to Goddess, are blessed with boons, peace and harmony, prosperity.


GodGoddess Mahakali - Chitra Pournamidess Maha Kali in Ujjain - Bless Divine Energy, Stamina, Remove Evil Spirit, Black Magic

Goddess Shakti right toe has fallen, has become the abode of Goddess Maha Kali. Her consort Lord Shiva is worshipped as Nakulesh in Sivalingam form, located on the banks of Adi (original) Ganga River, connecting Hoogly. The devotees are blessed with material gains, purity and prosperity. Also a self-manifested "Svayambhu Lingam of Nakuleshwar Bhairav" is found and worshipped close to Goddess Maha Kali Temple.