Moola Nakshatra


In Vedic Astrology, known as ‘Jyotish' in Sanskrit, the 27 constellations (Nakshatras) determines the core of celestial influences on our planet. The term Nakshatra when dissected gets split into Naksha - Map, and Tara – Star which points out the "Star mapping" technique. The 27 Nakshatras, in a way, represents our ideal path in the passage of life right from the moment of birth and goes till death. 

Moola Nakshatra

Moola Nakshatra is the first among the last Nine asterisms, consisting of the bunch of Nine stars which were seen by the ancient seers forming a shape similar to the “Lions Tail”.  Lambda-Scorpionis, Epsilon-Scorpionis, Mu-1-Scorpionis, Iota-1-Scorpionis, Theta-Scorpionis, Eta-Scorpionis, Zeta-Scorpionis, Kappa-Scorpionis & Upsilon-Scorpionis.  

Moola Nakshatra Male Characteristics

The male native of this Nakshatra has a very pleasant behavior and prefers to stay in a peaceful and calm atmosphere. He has his own set of values and follows them strictly. He sometimes feels he can be very vulnerable, he stays strong from within and has a will power to get over obstacles, he is very Ambitious and is focused to achieve all the goals. He believes in living the present to the fullest, God-Fearing, Believes that god will take care of him in adverse situations, an Optimistic person. 

Professional Life: Careless about his financial reserves frequently leading him into debt traps; Best at giving advice but cannot follow them; Suitable for professions of Financial Advisers; Skilled in many fields, chances of frequent job changes; No stability on the professional front; He refuses to earn money in an illegal way which makes his balance sheet always to be tilted towards the left side; Preferred to stay away from the friends who are extravagant by nature or in whose company he will end up spending a lot of money than he can afford. 

Compatibility: Won't get any benefits from his parents; Self-Made man; Enjoy a good marital life; Spouse possesses all the good qualities of a good housewife.

Health: Get affected with Tuberculosis, Paralysis, or Stomach Problems; Do not care about their health so they may face problems when he is 27, 31, 44, 48, 56 and 60 years of age. 

Moola Nakshatra Female Characteristics

The female native of this Nakshatra are very pure-hearted; Very stubborn sometimes which may invite unnecessary problems for her. 

Professional Life: Generally Uneducated as they are not interested in studies; If the Jupiter is placed favorably in this Nakshatra then the Native makes rapid advances in education. 

Compatibility: Unable to enjoy Married Life; Separated from husband either by death or divorce; Will have to deal with a myriad of problems both from her husband and her children. 

Health: Suffer from Lumbago; Paralytic attacks; Stomach problems; Pain in hand and shoulders. She should be careful in the following years of age: 27, 31, 38, 56, and 60. 

Name: “The root”, “The Center”, “The Innermost Core”. 

Symbol: Tied Bunch Of Roots

Deity or God: Goddess of Dissolution & Destruction known as Nritti. 

Nature: The primary approach is to get to the Root of Things. 

Mode of Functioning: Active Nakshatra.

Caste: Butcher Nakshatra

Gender: Neutral Nakshatra

Body Parts: Feet which means the Capacity to take heavy responsibility. 

Direction: SouthWest, NorthWest, Southeast & East. 

Profession: Medicine Man; Healers; Doctors & every other person who administer poisons; Ministers; Police Officers; Preachers; Detectives & Investigators; Judges; Hitmen & Soldiers; Morticians & those who perform Autopsies; Public Speakers; Debators; Bodyguards; Wrestlers; Astrologers; Professions involving Destructive activities. 

Places: Deserts; High mountain regions; Dense rainforests; Frozen Desserts like Antartica, Bottom of oceans & Lakes; Cremation ground & Cemeteries; Places related to Death & Death rituals; Drought areas; All places connected with the above-mentioned professions.  

Guna (Essence): Tamasic Asterism

Tattwa (Element): Air Element

Gana (Type): Rakshasa or Demonic Nakshatra 

Orientation: Downward Nakshatra

Disposition: Hard, Sharp & Dreadful Nakshatra

Lunar Month: Second Half of the Lunar month of Jyeshtha (Month of June) 

Lunar Day: Prathama or Chaturthi (1st or 7th Tithi or Day)

Auspicious Activities: Activities involving getting to the root of the things; Singing; Construction work; Buying & Selling homes; Good for expressing sexuality; Favorable for Adventures, Self-Exploration & Self-Assertion; Study of Science like Astrology. 

Inauspicious Activities: Does not favor any activity including Balance, Tact, Diplomacy; Not good for Initiations related to the materialistic matters; Unsuitable for Marital ceremonies; Not favorable for money-related activities including borrowing and lending.

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter & Ketu

Vowels and Alphabets: “Ye”, “Yo”, “Bha”, “Bhe” 

Sexual Type: Dog, Howling Hound Dog. 

Esoteric: Spiritual Journey of Soul. 

Gotra (Celestial lineage): Sage Pulasthya 

Remedial: Worship the fierce deities like Kali and Rudra. 

Historical Personalities: Ravana, The Mightiest; Hanuman, the incarnation of the 11th Rudra. 

Moola Nakshatra Padas (Quarters):

1st Pada: The First Pada or the Quarter of the asterism 00”00’-3”20’ Sagittarius falls in Aries Navamsa is ruled by Mars. This Pada relates to all the Material and Spiritual aspects depending on the evolutionary state of this native. 

2nd Pada: The Second Pada or the Quarter of this asterism 3”20’-6”40’ Sagittarius falls in the Taurus Navamsa is ruled by Venus. The focus of this Pada is on occult science. The natives will be Hardworking and Achieve all their aims. 

3rd Pada: The Third Pada or the Quarter of this asterism 6”40’-10”00’ Sagittarius falls in Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury. The natives of this Pada believe in Jugglery of words making them great in communication and very convincing. 

4th Pada: The Fourth Pada or the Quarter of this asterism 10”00’-13”20’ Sagittarius falls in Cancer Navamsa ruled by Moon. The focus is on the struggle to relate with people on an emotional level.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Letters: B & Y

Lucky Colours: Brown Yellow

Lucky Stones: Cats Eye. 

Advantages of Wearing Cats Eye 

  • Unlocks innumerable channels of earning money. 
  • Great Vision to the wearer and improve the eyesight & gives good memory. 
  • Disinterest in Food or Anorexia can be resolved by wearing this stone.  
  • Wearing cat eye will mitigate the brain diseases.
  • It helps to assist a person to overcome depression and gloom.        

Remedies for Moola Nakshatra

  • The people of this nakshatra suffering from something should worship the Fierce deities especially Kali & Rudra.
  • Repetition of the root mantra Om Nam, and Om Pam & Om Pham 108 times when the Moon transits this Nakshatra and in its corresponding Lunar month is sure to reduce sufferings and bring enlightenment to a person's life.  
  • “Om Eshte Nirate Bhagastam Jushsva” can be recited on a regular basis to reduce the bad effects of associated with the first three Padas of this Nakshatra.
  • Following Mula's favorable directions, colors, numbers, letters and worshipping Serpent deities, the natives can expect significant changes and improvements in the standard of life. 
  • Wearing a mixture of Black, Red & Golden Colors or Earth tones are advised to be worn by the natives to undertake all important actions to get super amazing results and to avoid unexpected tragedies. It is helpful if these directions are followed during the Lunar month and days when the Moon transits Mula to undertake important actions.