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Nadi Astrology  

Nadi Predictions For Mother, Assets and Fortune

 A mother is an embodiment of true love, faith and understanding. It cannot be corrupted or harmful. She loves with total sincerity and gives away everything she possesses without restrictions. She takes care of her children and has no strings attached as far as sharing of her affection is concerned. She is a source of strength and courage and her progeny look up to her for moral strength and support.  She is also a great source of influence and helps shape her child’s future. In the memorabilia of life, one would stop to wonder how true her sayings were, how effective her deeds were and how important here teachings were. You could just go on... a mother is a person no one can replace.

So, this chapter has details of the mother, her role and her influence in the person’s life, its benefits and problems. It also has predictions based on materialistic comforts such as house, vehicles, luxuries, treasures and achievements.