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Chandi Homam – Eradication of hostile elements

Why Chandi Homam?

The importance of feminine energy is highlighted through Chandi Homam .  It is a full process of Chandi as described in the Devi Mahatmyam or the celebrated Sapta Sati.

Who is Chandi ?

The sum total of the energies of all beings of this universe is Chandi - A very fierce and powerful deity responsible for the creation, sustenance and destruction of this entire universe.  She is a unique wholesome goddess falling under the Gamut of Shakteya.

Benefits and Significance?

By performing Chandi  Homam, one is bestowed with a lasting health, wealth and prosperity. It wards off ill effects of evil forces and removes the malefic effects of all planets, especially Rahu & Ketu. This ritual would also grant salvation (Moksha) to  the devotee performing it.

When to perform?

Chandi Homam should be performed on auspicious days like Ashtami,Navami,Chaturdasi,Amavasya,Pournami.



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