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Lord Bheema Rudra Homam

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Bless Attraction, Strong Foundation, Remove Enemies, Evil Spirits, Bestows Expressive Ideas, High Earnings, Abundance of Wealth



Who is Lord Bheema?

Known as the Lord of Strength, Bhima is not only the endower of physical strength, but also mental strength.
Traits of Lord Bheema Rudra or Lord Ahirbudhanya and his Symbolic Cosmic Energy

Lord Abirbudhanya is an incarnation of Lord Rudra is an atmospheric cosmic serpent is a lord of Storm Clouds, whose mobility is through sky, which brings rainfall which dilutes our earnest perception into absolute form of pure absorption. The word Abirbudhanya is expressed as "Ahi" which denotes serpent and Budhna denotes basic foundation of the universe. In other words the serpent which is Sesa or Ananta, is a large thousand-hooded Sesa Nag, is supporting the universe on its head, is another form of Lord Shiva, who is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and in this depiction Lord Vishnu is identified with Lord Shiva, blesses all with attraction, mild smile, stability in life, permanent foundation, building strong structure for development, growth, sustaining power with high wisdom, knowledge, attractive speech, communication, high traits, eliminating the enemies, evil spirits, bestows high earning capacity, wealth, prosperity.

Lord Bheema Rudra Moola Mantra

OM Hram Hrim Hum Samasta Graha Dosha Vinashaya OM
Why Lord Bheema Homam? 

When you and your life are only being visited by hassles and obstacles and that has made you weak physically and mentally, then is when you have to realize the importance of Lord Bhima in your life. Ask him not only for granting you the physical resistance and endurance to encounter issues, but also the mental stability and self confidence for handling such issues. Accessing him through his Homan ad praying sincerely, will grant you with physical and mental endurance towards blockages in your life.


Benefits and Significance


You will possess both the physical and mental strength to face your life and the issues it contains on praying to Lord Bhima.


Assistance from Vedic Folks

We at Vedic Folks are proud to possess the most authoritative experts who have the knowledge and ease to invoke these powerful radiations of Lord Bheema, who can grace you down with immeasurable energy and endurance.


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Even though there are fixed timings to conduct such Homas, your horoscope will be analyzed by our Vedic Astrologers, according to which the time slots are arranged.


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