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Sri Sarva Shakti Homam - Attain Power, Eradicate Obstacles, Grants Intellect, Bliss & Success


What does Sri Sarva Shakti Ganapati denote?


Sri Sarva Shakti Ganapati is made from the divine energies of various shaktis. He is the ultimate God as he caters protection to humans in all areas of life. He is one of the strongest aspects of mighty Lord Ganesha.


Significance of Sri Sarva Shakti Ganapati Homam


Sri Sarva Shakti Ganapati is a mighty Lord. His homam helps devotees attain a good number of strengths. He helps in shredding the obstacles and inviting positivity in life. This Homam will integrate a beam of happiness into your life. It will assist you in gaining more prosperity and wealth. This Homam is also powerful in eliminating karmic doshas and wrong horoscopic placement.


Sri Sarva Shakti Ganapati Homam Moola mantra


Om Hreem Gum Hreem Mahaganapathaye Swaha


Chant this pious mantra to bring great blessings of mighty Sri Sarva Shakti Ganapati.


Sri Sarva Shakti Ganapati Homam


The first step in Homam is Anujnaa, in which permissions are taken from Great Lord Sri Sarva Shakti Ganapati and rishis to perform Homa. Then, Aachamanam takes place and Sri Sarva Shakti Ganapati puja proceeds. The next Homam steps include Pranayama. Then, Sankalpa is taken to invoke the motive of puja. Afterwards, Kalasa Suddhi and Agni pratishthapana or fire installation take place. Prayers to Agni are devoted. Prana pratishthaapan is the next step. Then, the Sri Sarva Shakti Ganapati mool mantra is chanted. Uttarangaam and poornahuti are performed. Meditation is performed in the glory of God. Udvaasana is the last step to culminate Homam.


Sri Sarva Shakti Ganapati Homam Benefits


  • Sri Sarva Shakti  helps in becoming more smart and intellectual.
  • This Homam will bring more prosperity and financial peace in life.
  • Sri Sarva Shakti shreds negative energies and finishes major complications from life.
  • It grants immense succession in new endeavours.
  • This Homam will enlighten your life with more accomplishment and peace.


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